The 4 step to teach you to create a good reputation QQ group

estimates that each of the five QQ owners have a QQ group, but the less as QQ group operating mode to the maintenance of the proportion of poor, so powerful resources, but did not get good use, what a pity! How to set up an interactive group? A quiet like water, don’t play the role. As a group! The following are my QQ group to maintain some methods and experience, provide reference for


1, how to promote the group to enhance the popularity of the group?

correlation, high popularity of the group after the group to do the promotion, don’t rush to promote themselves, others sites, low profile, reduce the chance to play in by! At first to learn to dive, they will know that a group of about 2 days in conversation among the masses. The visible machine cut in, solve the problem for the group, to enhance the visibility, to get a good impression. The road is paved, but also can not be urgent, group rules or to comply with the naked advertising, after all, is not suitable for the taste of the public, but not the effect of bad kick. Mass advertising, in addition to the right time, is the focus of advertising positioning and advertising techniques, when advertising to make others feel like advertising but temptation, is the highest level. For example: when we discuss the relevant issues, how to seize the opportunity to cleverly into the ad. If the group is very quiet, or the topic is not suitable to cut, it is necessary to create opportunities. I’ll discuss the topic like this to do the promotion, to attract people with interest, do a very good bedding for the stability of days after the group.

2, how to retain the masses?

is attracted by the demand, verify the importance of this advertisement positioning, paving the way for the smooth development of the operation, after keep group member. The operation group how to keep people? For example: the study group can do the discussion, training form, product group can provide regular activities to promote products and services can provide information services group, group of friends is the need to create a good atmosphere of friendship…… The methods used should be based on the characteristics of the group.

3, how to promote group interaction?

the best way is to organize related topics, carry out the topic at first will have bad days, but a long time to go, let people formed a habit, the situation is not the same, but people tend to ask a topic! Carry out discussion to opportune. Everyone is free time is the day when the QQ group is Austria, and will need to see the host organizers of the topic, organizers have ink, easy-going neutral, host besides knowing drive popularity to regulate mood, control the living condition, what time to change the subject, what time to ascend the topic what time must be driven, topic, how to deal with everything! No one answered the scene? Can privately invited your secret weapon — a friend, but the general master low-key, how to mobilize the master to speak, then need to use psychology! On the topic of discussion is a time limit, how to continue a good topic. To keep the longer persistence and play a bigger role? My secret weapon – Reds forum.


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