Prove Jingdong self is not nonsense sales subject must be further clarified


technology news (Sun Hongchao) January 13th, the recent news that consumers buy goods in the Jingdong owned Jingdong mall, after a dispute of the Beijing Jingdong Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Jingdong three hundred six hundred degrees e-commerce company) sued the court, but in the lawsuit that "self" refers to the Jingdong group, the merchandise sales of the main Jingdong Hai Rong the company, non properdefendant Jingdong e-commerce company, the prosecution was dismissed.

earlier today, Jingdong aspects of the response to the official micro signal, saying that Jingdong’s proprietary Jingdong Group subsidiary is proprietary self Jingdong".

in the case before the trial, Jingdong e-commerce company to the court, said the self Jingdong group rather than Jingdong mall, the main sales of the main body of the Jingdong group according to the order to determine the situation. The court believes that the sale of the main body of the infringement of the right to know consumers, so that consumers in the conclusion of the contract of sale is relatively clear understanding of the relative party. Under the current sales model, consumers can only apply for an invoice to know the truth of the seller, the disclosure of the existence of obvious flaws. There is no information on the sale of goods on the seller’s information, only through the form of invoices to mislead consumers, in the event of a dispute prone to prosecution of the main errors, resulting in a waste of judicial resources. In addition, the Court pointed out that Jingdong e-commerce company monitoring functions are not in place.

December 2016, Chaoyang Court issued a judicial proposal to the Jingdong e-commerce company, the company proposed a significant position on the site of the page, proprietary and other proprietary concepts to make a clear explanation. At the same time, the court recommended the Jingdong to implement monitoring and inspection system, unified online training for all sellers, strengthen supervision, and establish a network trading platform dispute resolution system, rapid processing of consumer complaints, the implementation of the consumer aspects of the operators and ask the first pay a compensation system.

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