U S COM domain name shrunk by 150 thousand a week

      the impact of the U.S. economic crisis on American Internet domain name industry. According to foreign statistics agency Webb House Dean data show that in November the United States at the beginning of the COM domain in a week Neijin minus 150 thousand. And on a global scale, the number of people in the United States on the acceptance of the U.S. COM domain name has continued to decline, in South Korea COM has been going on for more than six weeks in a negative growth in Australia also has a negative growth of five weeks. In China, the growth rate of COM has slowed significantly, the number of national growth in the last week was only more than 3 thousand. Analysts pointed out that with the rise of the Internet power, the United States COM domain name is being abandoned by a large number of Internet users.

          "this shows that the impact of the economic situation on the Internet is quite obvious." Pay attention to the Internet domain name market analyst Hong Bo told reporters: "in the economic environment in cold environment, start site will reduce, took over the new domain name will reduce." As to whether the domain name market transactions freeze will affect the domain name trading price, Hong Bo said, generally low common domain name transaction price, difficult to affect.

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