Four thousand fresh electricity supplier only 1% high profit logistics costs



original title: four thousand fresh electricity supplier only 1% profit

Internet giant frequently involved in agriculture on the "Internet plus" express

more and more giants and capital into the fresh industry, the prospect of a good. In the "Internet plus" policy under the background of agriculture is the transformation of the Internet’s potential, may be the next outlet pig. But reporters yesterday from the Chinese agricultural fresh electricity supplier development forum learned that the country’s four thousand fresh electricity supplier, only a profit of 1%, the vast majority of losses or flat.

text / Guangzhou Daily reporter Xue Song

status: the concept of fire is difficult to break through the development of

with the rapid development of agricultural fresh, fresh agricultural mall, shop a surge in the number of major network giants have set foot in the agricultural sectors: Jingdong and Ali began in the agricultural fresh market every day, life would take cities and seize territory, orchard, I bought the network to find financing.

business to send a person in charge of the company said, but in reality, the country’s agricultural fresh electricity supplier is still accounted for a small proportion of the local agricultural fresh trading platform there is a small, weak pattern. People born with a fresh head Ding Qiang said that the field of everyone hasn’t got great breakthrough, because encountered a lot of pain points, such as non standardized products, the supply chain is difficult to improve and great loss, the distribution cost is high, the user customer price is very high and not free delivery to customers to buy these low frequency. Seriously restrict the development of agricultural fresh electricity supplier.

although the development of fresh electricity supplier for more than two years, but the statistics on the forum yesterday revealed that the more than 4 thousand fresh electricity supplier companies, only 1% profit, 7% losses, 88% slight deficit, 4% flat.

loss reason: too large loss of every single logistics cost is 40 yuan

line sources, fresh gross margin is high, a large number of reasons to attract businesses to enter the company’s gross margin is low 30%~40%, up to 80%~90%. Reporters saw some fresh website, half a catty cabbage will be around 10 yuan, the price is more than double the vegetable market.

But the business school

company who said that money is not easy, in fact, fresh electricity supplier chain is too long, including planting, selection, sorting, packaging, logistics and marketing losses of six major sectors.

industry statistics show that both the self distribution or the third party distribution, the loss rate of fresh electricity about 10% or more, some even reached 30%, while the entities under the line supermarket loss rate is generally controlled within 5%.

actual losses may be greater. Yesterday, the valley is a person in charge of family Zhang Youting for example, the national organic fresh 2013 output value of 80 billion yuan, sales of only 25 billion yuan, most of the products are lost.


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