Accurate positioning clothing market allows you to expand the road network marketing

with the improvement of living standards, as the traditional apparel industry competition is increasingly fierce, many businesses have begun to clothing network marketing from the entity, so the network marketing occupation clothing market, with their own opinion, and share the following:

first, seize the targeted population

1, fashion trends: most of the 8090 generation has the characteristics of fashion, so from this point, a lot of the 8090 generation is often valued clothing style, color collocation and trend effect, if you want to seize this market, we need to analyze the 8090 personality characteristics, through the market survey (or the network market survey) feedback results to make corresponding countermeasures, generally 8090 generation mainly concentrated in the 20-30 age, from an economic point of view and occupation is normal about 3 clothing replacement time, or even a month, mainly to the novelty or characteristics, from the price as long as they love most will not hesitate to buy, can be said that most of the "Moonlight clan". So clothing businesses can choose the characteristics of the crowd and career, the introduction of new types of promotional clothing, from the market share, the price and style still dominate the market.

, 2 elderly people: in fact, now many are caught in the clothing market of young people, older people tend to ignore the market, but with the improvement of living standards, aging is gradually reduced, 40-60 groups or fashion pursuit, this market can not be ignored. From the economic perspective and the consumer perspective, retired people is a bigger market, they not only have high economic ability has extraordinary life experience, so no matter how they still want to wear clothes, most of the aging population needs to be healthy and happy mood, so you can go to the choice of clothing design from care for perspective, fat crowd should design some loose, shaping and movement style, the competent crowd from occupation or leisure style design.

3, baby baby is the crowd: is the relationship between the generations of things, often a family the most willing to invest is the baby, so the baby’s clothing from the point of view, according to the education point of view to design, such as comic style, cartoon style, even in the English control style, if you observe carefully, national characteristics it is also a very good point, 56 ethnic groups and each nation has a national characteristics, but Chinese is a multi-ethnic country, especially in different ethnic populations may be curious, adults would not choose this feature (in others joke), but the baby is not the same, not only can cultivate new features the baby’s curiosity is more can promote children’s intellectual development, we all know that babies born after the observation of love is red, then green, and finally integrated color. So the national characteristics is not a bright spot?

two, seize the professional match (color, professional features)

With the continuous development of culture,

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