Trees and Shrubs

first_imgAlthough most planting and transplanting occurs in the spring, fall is the best time of year to plant or transplant trees and shrubs. “Trees planted in the fall have an opportunity to establish an extensive root system while the plant is dormant,” said Frank Watson, the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension coordinator in Wilkes County. “The soil temperature in most parts of the state is warm enough to support root growth during most or all of the winter season.” First make sure the trees or shrubs are healthy enough to plant in a new environment. If you’re buying new trees or shrubs from a nursery, make sure the trunk is not damaged, said Matthew Chappell, a UGA Extension nursery production specialist. “If you see any damage to the bark, do not purchase (that tree),” Chappell said. The same goes for trees that are already on your property. You don’t want to stress an already damaged tree by transplanting. Chappell added that picking trees with straight trunks and symmetrical canopies will save you a lot of heartache in the future. They’ll be easier to prune into a desired shape and typically are more structurally sound. Also avoid purchasing pot-bound trees. Check the container for circling roots which indicate that the tree or shrub will have a poor root system after it’s been planted. If you’re working with a tree that’s already on your property, help the plant take a break from producing new branches and leaves before transplanting. The plant can then put most of its energy into adapting to its new environment, not into producing new growth above the soil. Avoid applying high nitrogen fertilizers to plants for about two months prior to moving. Another way to reduce new growth is to restrict the amount of water applied. However, severe water stress prior to transplanting can weaken the plant and decrease the survival rate, Watson said. In addition to having their growth restricted, transplanted shrubs and trees need to have their roots pruned. Pruning a tree’s roots — trimming them back until they fit inside the soil ball — maximizes the quantity of feeder roots that are moved with the plant. Ideally, plants targeted for fall transplanting would have their roots pruned the spring before they’re replanted, but they can still be pruned 30 to 60 days before transplanting in the fall. Whether you’re working with a newly purchased plant or one on your property, it’s important to pay extra attention to preparing the plant’s new home. Properly preparing the planting site will affect root growth, which determines the plant’s chances of survival and subsequent growth. The planting hole should be two to three times the diameter of the soil ball. Place the plant at the same soil depth it was grown at. If planting several small plants close together, it may be more efficient and better for the plant to prepare an entire bed. When physically planting your shrub or tree, try not to disturb the soil ball of the plant. This will ensure maximum contact between the roots and the soil, which will speed the plant’s creation of its new root system. A broken or loosened soil ball may prevent the plant from absorbing all of the water it needs. Wetting the soil around the shrub or tree can keep the soil ball together as you transplant. You may want to use wire baskets or other equipment that is available for moving plants. Don’t plant trees and shrubs so that water pools on the surface of the planting hole. But remember, the plant will need extra water for the first two years. Wait several months, maybe until the following spring, to fertilize the newly transplanted tree. This allows the root system to establish itself before spurring new growth above ground.last_img read more

Exofficio: An Ode to the Best Pair of Underwear Money Can Buy

first_imgPrepare yourself for an unsolicited update on the status of my underwear. This could get emotional.Let’s start at the beginning. The year was 2005 and I had just moved to Jackson, Wyoming, thus accelerating my quasi-active lifestyle into the stratosphere of bro-ed out, uber-sweaty, always crushing, never bonking, super lifestyle like you read about. I was stepping my game up, and to be honest, the underwear fleet I had brought along for the ride was not cutting the mustard. Cotton kills as they say, and I was dead on arrival with my drawer of Hanes ribbed cotton boxer briefs.[Sidebar: If we want to go back to the very beginning, boxer briefs entered my life in high school and I have never looked back. They are not for everyone for sure, but by God they are for me. And I would never hate on Hanes. They make a great product that served me well for many, many years. But times, and men, change and at this point in my life, they were a changin’ fast.]Back to the middle of the beginning. I’m trying to dominate the mountains, and my underwear is holding me back. This is one of those things you don’t know you don’t know. Kind of like “you don’t miss it until it’s gone,” except the opposite. Now, there are some people who can power through these types of, admittedly, first world, vanity-influenced problems and continue along with their daily lives without a care in the world for their underperforming undergarments; I am not one of those people.So there I was, soggy, bunched, and unsatisfied in Wyoming. I was desperate for a solution, but didn’t know where to turn. The usual places I bought clothes – Belk at the mall, Marshalls, Goodwill – came up empty in the performance underwear category. Patagonia had some silky boxer thingies, but I was far too deep into the boxer brief movement to go back now, no matter how nice Capaline 1 feels against my…thighs. I heard rumors that Under Armor was getting into the game, but they were smalltime back then. Then something happened that changed my life forever. I happened upon Exofficio and their brand new Give-N-Go line. This was back when they only had two colors, black and white – the white was a mistake and they don’t make those anymore for obvious reasons – and they didn’t have any logos stitched into the waistband. Made from lightweight wicking material of the finest quality, they fit like a glove and stood up to every challenge – lunges, light jogs, dancing to Shout, the works. This was the answer to all my prayers!Or was it? They cost $25 a pop.So I devised a plan – more of a scheme. I bit the bullet and bought a couple of pairs to mix in with my regular rotation, saving them for the biggest output days. I then proceeded to weird out my friends and family – mostly family – by requesting boutique underwear as gifts for Christmas and my birthday. This wasn’t a casual “I’ll make a list and this underwear will be on it,” type of deal: the underwear was the list. Like some crazed Beanie Baby collecting lunatic, I steadily amassed enough pairs of these wonder briefs that I was able to toss all my cotton and go exclusively Exofficio. I was high and dry and free to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I was living the dream.Until yesterday.Yesterday, I pulled one of the first pairs from my first round of my purchases out of the top drawer, and something felt different. True, this particular pair had been on a steady decline for some time, but had always come through when I needed them. But yesterday, they looked defeated, like they just couldn’t do it, couldn’t handle the day-to-day grind anymore. The elastic got that bacon-y look, the color had faded like the skin of your grandparents. Needless to say, I took them for one last spin but it was obvious that their best days were behind them. They were done.Like any trusty piece of gear, this moment brought a flood of memories shared. That backpacking trip to Costa Rica when I only took those first two pairs (they say you can do this an the ads and they are right, I proved it against my wife’s wishes). That first day on the mountain wearing them under my long johns and feeling like Superman. All the support over all the years. I started to blame myself. The elastic just couldn’t hold up to the extra pounds, and the extra washes. Maybe if I had sun dried more, or used organic detergent, this wouldn’t have happened. Maybe if I had gone back to cotton during the shoulder season, this pair would still be with us… er… me.When you own something for so long, and is so close to you, it can be hard to let go. Nothing lasts forever, not even the best, most well made, possibly most expensive, pair of performance underwear you can buy, and I know this. It’s also not like I’ll never see them again: they are stuffed in the back of the drawer, ready to come out of retirement for spot duty when I let the laundry go a little too long. Sure, I’ve got fresh pairs in green and grey and blue now, but those will also be relegated to the bottom of the pile eventually.This was the first pair of what would become many, The Original. They are the beginning of the thread that ties my life together, from being a ski bum in Wyoming to trying to make it work in Colorado to getting married and being a father in Virginia. They were there for all of it, for all the good times and the bad. Nostalgia is a funny thing that can originate from surprising sources. My life has come a long way from when I bought that first pair of Exofficio boxer briefs, but is no less exciting or adventurous as my 8-month-old can probably attest. The memories of that time may fade, but they will always be there in the back of the drawer to come out for spot duty when things get a little too serious, a little too heavy.Such is life; such is an underwear drawer.last_img read more

NYPD Officer Brian Moore’s Funeral Arrangements Set

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Funeral arrangements have been set for the slain NYPD officer from Massapequa who died Monday after he was shot in the head by an alleged gunman in Queens Village.A wake will be held at Chapey & Sons Funeral Home in Bethpage for Officer Brian Moore on Thursday from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The fallen officer’s funeral is scheduled for 11 a.m. at St. James Roman Catholic Church in Seaford on Friday.Police said Moore, 25, a member of the 105th Precinct’s anti-crime team, was shot in the head Saturday allegedly by 35-year-old Demetrius Blackwell while on patrol in the vicinity of 212th Street and 104th Ave.Blackwell, an ex-con who previously spent five years in prison for attempted murder, was initially charged with first-degree attempted murder, but the charges are likely to be upgraded to first-degree murder after Moore succumbed to his injuries Monday.Officer Moore and his partner were both in plainclothes and sitting inside an unmarked patrol car when they spotted Blackwell “adjusting an object in his waistband,” in the Queens Village section of South Queens at 6:15 p.m. Saturday, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said.Moore, the driver, pulled up behind Blackwell and inquired about his actions, Bratton said. That’s when police said Blackwell allegedly turned toward the officers and fired several shots, striking Officer Moore in the head.“Both officers were still seated in the vehicle and did not have an opportunity to get out or return fire,” Bratton said. Moore has been described as a dedicated officer born into a police family. Both his father and uncle are retired NYPD sergeants and he has a cousin who is also a police officer, officials said.“Officer Moore did God’s work, like his father and his uncle before him,” Bratton said Monday. “He was doing God’s work when he confronted a felon. He was doing it when he was struck down. He did it to prevent crime and disorder, and to keep the community free from fear. He did it to make New York City safer and fairer.”Nassau County police released a statement late Monday expressing “its deepest regret and sadness” over Moore’s death.Gov. Andrew Cuomo Tuesday ordered flags on all state government buildings to be flown at half-staff in memory of the slain officer and Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano ordered flags at half-staff on county buildings through June 2.“Like so many of his brothers and sisters in uniform, Officer Moore served with selflessness and courage, and he will be greatly missed,” Cuomo said.last_img read more

H1N1 FLU BREAKING NEWS: Cases top 10,000, businesses activating pandemic plans, vaccine news, military’s steps, NYC school closings

first_imgWorld’s novel H1N1 cases top 10,000The global number of novel H1N1 cases rose to 10,243 in 41 countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported today. The count includes 3,648 cases and 72 deaths from Mexico, 5,469 cases and 6 deaths in the United States as of yesterday, 496 cases and 1 death in Canada, and 9 cases and 1 death in Costa Rica. Greece was the only new country added to the list, with a report of one case.[WHO update 34]US case and fatality totals riseThe count of confirmed and probable novel H1N1 cases in the United States grew to 5,710, of which 8 were fatal, from 48 states and the District of Columbia, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported today. No new states reported confirmed cases. The newly reported deaths of a 44-year-old St Louis man and a 57-year-old Arizona woman were included in the fatality total.[Current CDC numbers]Many global companies have activated pandemic plansMore than half (55%) of global companies in a survey by a business association said they have activated pandemic response plans because of the H1N1 epidemic, according to Medical News Today. The survey covered 121 members of the Conference Board, a global nonprofit association of businesses. Almost all the companies said they were making special efforts to provide pandemic information to employees, and 81% said they have encouraged workers who feel sick to stay home.[Medical News Today report]Novel flu may lead to earlier seasonal flu vaccination campaignIf US officials decide to launch an H1N1 immunization campaign later this year, seasonal flu vaccination efforts may start earlier than usual, a CDC flu expert said at a news briefing today. Dr. Dan Jernigan said the CDC estimates that an H1N1 vaccine will become available sometime in the fall. “If possible, we do want to have earlier rollout of seasonal vaccine simply for that reason, to make it easier for an additional vaccine if that is the ultimate policy,” he said.[May 20 CDC briefing transcript]Glaxo offers 50 million vaccine doses to the WHOAt a meeting of United Nations officials yesterday, GlaxoSmithKline offered to donate 50 million doses of a pandemic vaccine to the WHO for use in poor countries if needed, a company spokesman told the Chicago Tribune. However, the offer has not been finalized by Glaxo or the WHO. Vaccine makers have voiced a commitment to providing doses to poor countries but gave few specifics at yesterday’s meeting.[May 20 Chicago Tribune article]Flu outbreak tests military pandemic plansThe novel flu outbreak, which launched from North America, wasn’t the overseas threat that the US military envisioned when it prepared its pandemic plan, according to details that surfaced in briefing documents obtained by the Associated Press. According to the closely guarded plan, in catastrophic circumstances the military would help law enforcement enforce quarantines, limit travel, and protect government buildings. The six-phase plan also calls for measures to protect the armed services.Taiwan reports first H1N1 case; Australia has 4 moreTaiwan reported its first novel H1N1 case, in a 52-year-old foreign physician who had been in the United States several months and arrived in Taiwan via Hong Kong on May 18, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP). Meanwhile, Australia reported four more cases, all in people who had recently been in the United States, raising the country’s total to five. Three cases were in young brothers from Melbourne; the fourth was in a 28-year-old Sydney woman, AFP reported.Test is negative in NYC child’s death as more schools closeNew York City health officials said a 16-month-old boy who died May 18 of suspected H1N1 flu tested negative for the virus, according to the Associated Press (AP). But samples were sent to the CDC for further testing. Meanwhile, City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden recommended closing three more schools as of today because of high rates of flu-like illness, bringing the number of closed schools in the city to 21.last_img read more

Cheval buys £125m Morley portfolio

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Marine-i talks survey and marine data technology

first_imgMarine-i, a pioneering program designed to boost the marine technology sector in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, has organized a free conference to discuss ways to improve marine data, and the latest in surveying technology.The event has been devised to respond to some key issues facing the marine industry, solving which will be vital from both an economic and environmental perspective, according to Marine-i.These include a widespread lack of understanding of the sea and its value, combined with the challenge of the mounting demands on ocean resources as the world population grows.The free-to-attend event will be held on May 23, 2018 at St Austell Conference Centre.The line-up of expert speakers will include representatives from the Met Office, the South West Coastal Monitoring Programme, University of Exeter, Oceanwise and the South West Centre of Excellence in Satellites.Matt Hodson, Marine Hub Operations Director at Cornwall Development Company, says: “This event is an opportunity to explore how technology in marine surveying and the use of data in marine applications can be applied to help meet these global issues.“We will explore the technology challenges moving forward and shine a spotlight on the Research, Development and Innovation efforts that will be needed. The event will also highlight the valuable new commercial opportunities arising for innovative marinetech businesses.”Marine-i is an initiative focused on four interconnected themes including marine energy, marine manufacturing, maritime operations and marine environmental technologies that was supported with £6.8 million of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funding in March 2017.last_img read more

Atlantis and GE to Build World’s Largest Tidal Turbine

first_imgSIMEC Atlantis Energy (Atlantis), Turbine and Engineering Services Division (ATES) will enter into a technology partnership and preferred supplier agreement with GE’s Power Conversion business (GE).Under the terms of the partnership agreement, both parties will work together and share resources for the ongoing development of utility scale tidal energy generation and associated energy storage solutions. They will also engage in joint marketing activities to promote their innovative new subsea connection technologies and the wider benefits of cleaner, predictable tidal energy.Atlantis and GE have already been working in partnership since September 2018 on the development and performance validation of Atlantis’ AR2000 tidal generation system, which is expected to be the world’s largest and most powerful single axis turbine available. This record-breaking system is expected to be deployed on future phases of Atlantis’ iconic MeyGen Project in Scotland and will also be available for sale to commercial developers.The two parties will work jointly to help achieve efficient, sustainable solutions for the delivery of low-cost tidal power, Atlantis said.The partnership will play a key role in the delivery of equipment and services to the second phase of the MeyGen Project, known as Project Stroma, which will see two additional Atlantis AR2000 turbines connected via a new subsea hub to a single power export cable which will then be connected via the MeyGen substation to the National Grid.Drew Blaxland, Director of ATES, said:”GE is a world leader in power conversion equipment development and supply. The AR2000 is expected to be the world’s largest single axis tidal turbine and it will be deployed on the world’s largest tidal power project. We want to partner with the world’s best companies; leaders in technology and innovation. This agreement with GE is a clear demonstration of our commitment to working with industry leading companies to deliver utility scale tidal power. As the sole supplier of turbine generation equipment to the second phase of the MeyGen Project in Scotland, partnering with GE unlocks enormous opportunities to build on 10 years of R&D to now deliver more cost-effective, cleaner tidal power solutions for developers around the world.“We expect that the AR2000 will become the system of choice for developers of tidal power projects around the world. Developed and built in Britain and then exported around the world.”Peter Oram, Commercial Director of GE’s Power Conversion business, stated: “We are delighted to be working together towards cleaner energy solutions – harnessing natural resources, like tidal energy, and applying GE’s efficient MV power conversion technologies allows us to turn this abundant source of energy into reliable, predictable power, for the UK and the world.”last_img read more

Legislation in UK to protect children from porn

first_imgChristianity Today Australia 2 April 2012A Bill to stop children from accessing hardcore porn was introduced to Parliament this week. The legislation requires internet service providers and mobile phone operators to block pornography at the network level unless the customer is 18 or over and asks for the block to be removed through an opt-in mechanism. Baroness Howe of Idlicote, who introduced the Bill in the House of Lords, said the change would help parents to protect their children. She criticised the “reluctance” to block or limit access to adult content on the internet. “Historically, most internet content has escaped regulation,” she said.… Some of the most popular internet pornography websites do not have age verification mechanisms in place. According to Psychologies Magazine, the single largest group of internet pornography consumers is children aged 12 to 17, while one in three 10-year-olds has seen pornography online. The same magazine said that four in every five teenagers aged 14 to 16 “regularly” accessed explicit photographs and movies on their home computers. A recent YouGov poll pointed to increasing ease of access to pornography, with two-thirds of children admitting that they had accessed explicit material on their handsets. read more

Simon Bridges: Abortion law change a ‘conscience issue’ for MPs

first_imgRadio NZ News 29 October 2018Family First Comment: Correction to Simon Bridges. You say “women’s health must be the primary focus of any policy position.” The health of the unborn child should also be a primary focus.#justincaseyouforgot www.ChooseLife.nzNational Party leader Simon Bridges says it is “important to debate” changing New Zealand’s law on abortion.Last week the Law Commission delivered a 300-page report to Justice Minister Andrew Little, which outlined abortion law reforms that would remove abortion from the Crimes Act and repeal the need for two doctors to authorise the procedure.In May this year Mr Bridges said overall the current system was working well, and he did not see a case for change.However Mr Bridges told Morning Report women’s health must be the primary focus of any policy position and the commission’s report would be discussed at the party caucus.“I’m going to sit down and read the report, as I understand it, it doesn’t in fact come to conclusions,” he said.“We’re going to discuss it at the National Party caucus. I think the almost certain position will be this is a conscience issue for individual members of parliament.”When pushed as to why he had changed his personal, publicly-expressed opinion on the matter, he said the commission’s briefing would need to be looked at before giving any further comment.“I’ve always been reasonably conservative on these things, but I accept it is important to debate them,” he said.READ MORE: up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more