Germán Valera will miss several months due to a shoulder injury

first_imgAtlético B faces a new long-term loss of one of its capital players. The young man German Valera, which debuted with the first team on January 4 in the match against Levante, will have to have surgery on his shoulder tomorrow. The rojiblanco squad will be subjected to a arthroscopic surgery due to instability problems in the shoulder which dragged before the concentration of Arabia and will be a few months off the pitch. Germán Valera had participated in 14 league games with Atlético B, leader of the table and where the Murcia had achieved four goals. Before Levante he became the 31st squad to debut with the red-and-white elastic under the orders of Diego Pablo Simeone at 17 years and 294 days. Valera is one of the great pearls of the lower categories of the National Team. Band player who It stands out for its dribbling, imbalance and punch and that is basic in the second rojiblanco team. The player He traveled to Saudi Arabia as a reinforcement for the first squad in the Spanish Super Cup, although he did not sit on the bench against Barcelona. He is also one of the stars of Atlético in the Youth League, who loses for the knockout before the knockout stage. Nacho Fernández has already had to face the decline for the entire course of his scorer Darío Poveda, who he had 11 goals in 11 games. The tip, debuting against Granada at the orders of Simeone, suffered a broken cruciate ligament of the knee and will be around six months off.last_img read more

Atletico trained under minimum after the debacle copera

first_imgJust four first team players, Savic, Vrsaljko, Lemar and Morata, plus goalkeepers Oblak and Adam, indicated the training at the command of Simeone, which was very high above his pupils during physical exercises. His sister and representative, Natalia Simeone, was present at Cerro del Espino.In the rain that accompanied the work session in Majadahonda, the squad was divided into several groups completed with a large number of quarry players. The footballers who completed the 120 minutes in the Kingdom of León held a regenerative session. For the match against Leganés, Simeone recovers Lemar and depending on how he evolves from his pubalgia he could also return Trippier, depending on whether you can train tomorrow with the group. Those who continue with their longer-term recovery processes are Giménez, Koke and Diego Costa. Atlético returned to work after the hard elimination lived yesterday against Cultural Leonesa, where in addition to the defeat, the rojiblanco team disputed an extension with little margin of recovery time thinking about the match against Leganés (Sunday, 12:00).last_img read more

Real Sociedad-Mirandés and Athletic-Granada in the semifinals

first_imgThe Cup of emotions is coming to an end. But not before delivering two semifinals of great emotion. The Royal Society will receive the ‘matagigantes’ of the Copa del Rey, the Mirandés. In the other tie he will be among the second most successful team in the competition, Athletic, and Granada. The Luis Aragonés Hall of the City of Soccer hosted the semi-final draw of the KO tournament. A raffle in whose hype there were very notable absences, such as the last champion of the tournament (Valencia), the Spanish Super Champion (Real Madrid) or the club with the most Cups of the King in their showcases (Barcelona). The three were out in quarters and will be their executioners, along with a team of Second Division (Mirandés) who will fight for the wound. The draw provided a Real Sociedad-Mirandés and an Athletic-Granada. But it will be with a novelty with respect to all previous rounds. The one-game eliminations that so many joys and surprises have given in this edition are over. To get a place in the final it will have to be the old way: round trip (February 11 and 12) and back (March 3 and 4). The Real Sociedad, which only has one Cup in their medal winners, dreams of reaching the final. More, after eliminating Real Madrid de Zidane in the quarter. Donostiarras will receive a Mirandés who wants to continue making history. He has matched the deed of 2012, when he managed to get into the semifinals, but fell before the lions. Now try again being the most modest club alive in the KO tournament (it is the only one of the four that plays in Second) and with the renewed ‘matagigantes’ card. Since to reach the semifinals, despite being a team of 7.7 million euros in budget, he has had to knock down Celta (€ 87M), Seville (€ 219M) and Villarreal (€ 134M). Athletic, one of the greats of this competition since it has 23 titles in its showcase, only surpassed by Barcelona, ​​have managed to get into the semifinals after eliminating Barcelona in the quarterfinals with a goal in the discount. But it is not the only tie that lions suffered to pass, it already happened to them in sixteenths and eighths. In both rounds they got the classification after defeating Elche and Tenerife on penalties. In front of him, he will have the Granada that had its first big fire test in the rooms in quarters, since in the previous rounds it had to be measured to teams of Second B and Third. They were paired with Valencia, the last champion of the tournament, and achieved the pass in the last breath with a goal of Soldier from eleven meters. The Nasrids seek to make history and get into the final. Precedents Athletic-GranadaUp to four times lions and Nasrids have crossed into the Copa del Rey. They were in the round-trip matches of the 1944 and 1969 editions. Athletic always managed to pass the round. He did it with a balance of two wins, a draw and another defeat. Royal Society-MirandésThere is a precedent between the Donostiarras and those of Miranda del Ebro. It was in the 2004/2005 season, when Mirandés managed to appeal to the Real of the competition in the third round in the penalty shootout.last_img read more

Chelsea will sign Ziyech in summer, according to the Dutch press

first_imgChelsea coach Frank Lampard, considers that “Ziyech is an important player and reinforcement for your template so, when the winter market ended, he told the club to immediately complete the deal for the summer “, published the most read payment newspaper in the Netherlands, “De Telegraaf”. Other clubs have shown interest during the same period, but Chelsea has been the only one that has remained in the negotiations.“Ziyech is expected to sign in the short term”, said the second most read payment newspaper in the Netherlands, the “Algemeen Dagblad”, which assumes that the player will not oppose playing at Chelsea.Moroccan, 26, trained at the Heereenveen school and went through Twente before signing in summer 2016 for Ajax, which paid 11 million euros.He was chosen as the best soccer player of the year in the Netherlands in the 2017/18 season, and shone with his own light during the Amsterdam team’s tour of the Champions League last season, when he eliminated Juventus and Real Madrid.Clubs like Sevilla or Roma tried to sign it last summer without success. In the current season he has 29 official matches, eight goals and 21 assists. Chelsea and Ajax have reached a verbal agreement for the transfer of soccer player Hakim Ziyech to the English club, next summer for about 45 million euros, published on Wednesday the two most read newspapers in the Netherlands.The British tried to close the operation in the winter market, but the Amsterdam club maintained its policy of not letting its most decisive players midway through the season.last_img read more

“I have not thought about the options we have to pass …”

first_imgOn the eve of the first leg of the round of 16 the Champions League against Liverpool English, the midfielder of Atlético de Madrid Marcos Llorente is clear: there is no “other result that is not winning” and sees the team “more than prepared “to face the current champion. The ‘red’ group is not scared of the Madrid midfielder. On the contrary: it generates “even more desire” to face an opponent whom he sees “very very well”, in a first leg in which he starts out as a starter in the midfield.A situation very different from that of his first third of the season, when despite arriving with the vitola of being a player of the pleasure of his coach, the Argentine Diego Pablo Simeone, had very few minutes. “No player understands why he doesn’t play,” Llorente admitted, in a new position for him: the right wing.How is the team almost 24 hours away from the match against Liverpool?Looking forward to tomorrow’s game, it is a very important game for us and the team is more than ready to face a great rival such as Liverpool.Facing the current champion, undefeated in his league, does it generate respect or is it a stimulus?That must be taken into account because the opponent you are going to face is that this season is like a shot. I don’t know if he hasn’t lost any games in the Premier. That means that they are very good and that they are going to make things very difficult for us.How does the wardrobe live that wave of external pessimism about the tie?It is a reality, they are very very well. It is a great team, the current champion, but to us that, at least to me, makes me even more eager to play that game and to arrive tomorrow and give everything.What worries you most about Liverpool?We are worried about everything (he laughs), it is a very complete team, the top three are very fast, very fast, behind they are very forceful too, in the midfield they are strong, they are aggressive. They are a very complete team and do not neglect anything before them.Both Diego Simeone and Jürgen Klopp are two coaches reputed to be good motivators.Yes, our coach has already seen everything he has given to this club, and the Liverpool coach has seen the great year he did and the great year he is doing this. They are two great coaches and it will be a very beautiful duel.How likely is Atlético to move to quarters?I have not thought about it. They are two games, now one is coming and it is impossible to think beyond that. We think about the next game, it is very important and we want to go out with a good result for the return to be able to go there to fight it.A good result for Atlético would be …Winning, we do not consider another result that is not winning.If you overcome this tie, do you see Atlético with possibilities to go further?We focus on this tie first, if we get through we will have left behind a great team and obviously we will have a chance to win something.Atletico chained five games without winning since the final of the Spanish Super Cup and generated many doubts, did they also feel them in the locker room?We are also aware and we must be realistic that when things do not come out we are the first to have to change something.We realized that things had to be changed, but it is true that something bigger is done from the outside than it really is, all teams go through good phases and bad phases, and in those bad phases you don’t have to go crazy, keep working as we have done and at the end of it all comes out.Personally, he has been playing five games in a row, is it his best moment since he is in Atlético? In an interview with the EFE Agency, just after completing the last training prior to the momentous European duel, Llorente (Madrid, 1995) is convinced of the rojiblanco team’s options to overcome an opponent who has only given a draw in 26 days in the English Premier League and only the Italian Naples has managed to defeat in the Champions League.center_img Yes, since I’m here it’s the best moment, of course. It is the only time I have had five titles in a row and in the end when you have minutes and they give you that confidence things go much better.How did he live it when he arrived, when it seemed he was going to be an important player but the minutes didn’t come? Did you get desperate?Well, in the end all players do not understand why not play. It is true that you come to a team to help and you have to understand your role at every moment of the season.Obviously I would have liked to play more, but they are situations, decisions that are made and in the end the players have no choice but to respect them, accept them and continue working for when the opportunity comes to be prepared.Did Simeone give you any explanation?No, in the end the coach always thinks of the best for the team, and at that moment he believed or thought he was not the best and did not wear. It is something respectable and must be accepted.Now he’s playing a little more towards the right wing, how do you feel in that position?Well, in order to go out on the field and play we will not complain about the position. Yes, it is true that it is not mine, that I am not used to it, but little by little I am adapting, I am very happy, it allows me to reach the area more, run more, and I am delighted.What does Simeone ask you on the right?What he asks another player when I do not leave. It is true that we have a lot of talk about pressure and defensive positions and that is what I had to learn the most when I was not used to playing there.Were you surprised by Simeone’s insistence on pressure training and the team moving together?Yes, I have already lived it and I think it is something fundamental, that the team knows at all times how to press, when, if we have to stay behind, I think it is something essential, that it is okay to work it and that it is very good for us.Despite that work, Atlético does not dominate the matches, why?I wish we knew why. We these last games have started squeezing up very well, but it is true that it is difficult to maintain that intensity and aggressiveness so high for a long time. We have to learn to that, to prolong more in time and try to have control of the parties.Tomorrow will Atlético start like this, pressing Liverpool?Yes, well, tonight we will talk about that, but I think that when we push up all together and aggressive, we feel good, we steal the ball in their field and we don’t have 50 meters to go to attack like when you steal it back. In that sense we are comfortable and that there is no doubt that we will go for the game.He trained in the Real Madrid quarry, and now plays for Atlético. Both your grandfather (Ramón Grosso) and your father (Paco Llorente) played in both clubs. What does Atlético mean to you?To start this team, I assumed that last year in summer they gave me the confidence, they bet on me, and it is something that I will always be grateful for.Once you come here you realize the football that is breathed here, that there is a lot of passion, a lot of heart, both the club, the workers, the coaching staff, and the fans. It is a pleasure to belong to this club and I am very happy to be here.Did you feel misgivings from fans for coming from Real Madrid?No, the truth is that all the fans have treated me very well, they have behaved ten times with me and at no time have there been such situations. It’s something to be thankful for and that makes us players feel more comfortable. Juanfran Torres, who played in both clubs, said after leaving Atlético that he came “like a Viking” and left “like an Indian”, would you like something like this to happen to him?In the end we are soccer players, we are workers, and it doesn’t matter in the club that you are that you have to give everything, regardless of where you come from or where you are going, it is here where you are and where you have to leave everything on the grass. Having teammates who have played in both locker rooms, such as Alvaro Morata, Mario Hermoso or Antonio Adán, dramatizes this situation?Well, in the end, if I’m honest, you or people think more than me. I take it naturally, I have come to this club because they have bet on me, they have trusted me, I will give everything for them and it is something that I do not think about and that does not come into my day to day.How important is it for you to play the first game against Liverpool at home? What role can the fans play?They can play a very important role for us, we always say it: when we play at home it is something incredible.They push you, support you from the beginning of the match until it ends. Even when it ends and the result has not been good they are still there and I think it is a hobby of ten, with which we are very comfortable and delighted that every game here is incredible.last_img read more

Garitano: “We know it is a special match for the fans”

first_imgOn possibility to play with 5 back as Athletic, commented that “We always observe all these options. We have to think only of ourselves. “About him Braithwaite case admitted that “The option that Lucas has not left for Barcelona is good for Alavés. Now he has touched the Leganés. I think the market has to end on January 31 and then for something there is the rest of the workforce or the subsidiary team. “On availability of troopsassured that “They are all good, Roberto already trains with us and Pina must be left alone because there is still enough time for us to count on him. ” The manchego is recovering from a fractured fibula. Countdown to the clash between babazorros and lions this weekend. The “no places available” sign will surely be hung up. In that sense, Asier Garitano said “We know it is a special match for the fans. Surely there is a good atmosphere. It is a derby but we will try to make a good meeting to give the fans a joy. Athletic is having a great season and they are just a few games away from finishing with honors. It is a well-worked team that competes very well despite the latest league results. Many days have not added but have deserved much more. “Garitano affected that “They are very powerful in the air game, they hurt between the lines with people like Iker Muniain. They are going to demand a lot from us but we also want to demand from them”added the Guipuzcoan. The bands and the state of form of Williams also worry in the capital of Alava two days away. The coach analyzed the classification in First. “The possibility of reaching 30 points can give us peace of mind. We come from a defeat in Mallorca and now we will seek to break that dynamic, “Garitano observed.last_img read more

“I hope this match of my debut is remembered”

first_imgI always tell the players that we have to wait for the best version of the opponent. And in these games, all teams tend to do their best. The match will be complicated for both teams, surely with alternatives and disputed. I wait for the best Naples. We have already seen what they are capable of doing in the Champions League qualifiers. They surpassed major rivals and will give us an extraordinary version of their team.-The last two years, Barça has suffered painful eliminations. Have you noticed pressure in the locker room?-the reality is that little has been said about what happened. Surely everyone has them in mind, but we have a positive dynamic. Perhaps we have lived tremendously hard matches in our League that we have overcome well. We are in a good moment and they too. I trust that we follow this dynamic.-In spite of taking many years in football, tomorrow will be his debut in Champions, do you live it differently?– There is no doubt that it is my first Champions League game, it has a special motivation. It is emotional for me to start this tour in Champions in a stadium like this one full of passion and history. A game that is going to be exciting and I hope that the game is remembered.-What do you think of Gattuso?I have received the words of Gattuso. I feel very flattered by its manifestation. For me it is a pride that this great footballer has said these words about my work. I had a good memory of the game against Betis. Fabian and Lo Celso had a splendid afternoon there. I would like the same to happen tomorrow. I appreciate those words.-Gattuso has said that his club takes six seconds to recover the ball. Can you recover faster? Quique Setién has appeared at a press conference to discuss the meeting against Naples (Tuesday, 9:00 pm), corresponding to the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League, and deal with the convulsive news of the Blaugrana club, despite the fact that the team has regained the leadership of LaLiga Santander.-What rival do you expect? -I don’t know if we recover the ball in six or eight seconds. I had not valued it. But it is an important part of our growth. Recover the ball soon and it is better that we have it instead of the rival.– Are you worried about the coronavirus issue?I am worried about the possible affected. From here I send my solidarity. This can happen to anyone.-What is your opinion of Fabian?-It is a player that I love and that this hobby has also taken. It has had spectacular growth. I am happy for him and I hope he does not put his virtues in the field. But I’m glad your growth. Not only is he a great footballer and a humble guy but he is a beautiful person.-Morning is prioritized more the center of the field or attack.-In one way or another, it will always be with the intention of seeking the rival goal. With one more tip or one less tip, we are indifferent.-How important is the result of tomorrow compared to Sunday.We can say that we are in a good moment. First we face this match because it is immediate. Get a good result here, even win the game … It does not influence. All matches are important.-What is the virtue of Naples?I give more value to the players, they are the ones who make the differences. If they are in a high moment of inspiration, they solve the things on the board. He always has a plan. It is clear that most will try to leave from behind. Then, if they connect well with that start of the game they can hurt you. They have technical and quality resources that can harm you. We have very good players that can hurt.-Messi will play in the field of Maradona. In the 80s could I do even more?-Surely. As if we put Maradona now. Leo is a great soccer player who has been fourteen or fifteen years old in all the games and that is the difference with the rest of the players that are at his level. The difference has made it that we have not seen a player with as much continuity as Messi, who after so many years has been like that. I enjoyed Maradona, with Cruyff, with huge soccer players who have attracted us to love this sport.– Who plays Lenglet or Umtiti, does it influence the opponent or his fitness?The two are in great shape. I will surely make the decision at three in the morning, but it will depend on some nuances that will always influence. The two are very similar but have different things. I have not decided and it is a commitment that I will have until the end of the seasoncenter_img Champions League* Data updated as of February 24, 2020last_img read more

The owner of the Hoffenheim completes the vaccine ‘anticoronavirus’: “It should be for autumn”

first_imgBillionaire Dietmar Hopp, owner of the Hoffenheim, may play a leading role in the fight against the coronavirus. The tycoon, highly criticized a few weeks ago in Germany by the ultras of several clubs, is finishing developing a vaccine that could alleviate the effects of the virus, according to Der Spiegel. A Tübingen-based company CureVac is already working on the virus remedy and may face the latest phase. Hopp is also a shareholder in the Bill and Melinda-Gates Foundation, which, together with CureVac, develops vaccines against all kinds of infectious diseases.In recent days, there was a strong rumor that the United States would be behind their company in order to gain control of it and, therefore, of the vaccine they are working with. Precisely for this reason, Hopp indirectly accused the American president, Donald Trump, of little solidarity. “If we want to develop an effective coronavirus vaccine, this person must not only reach and protect people but also have more solidarity with them”Hopp said.The vaccine will not be sold to the United States, said Federal Economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) at ARD. “It was a great decision by the company’s management. With his decision to offer a possible vaccine to everyone, he made it clear what the meaning would be in the face of such a crisis. Germany is not for sale “Altmaier said.Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer announced the US government’s attempt to lure CureVac researchers to his country with a lot of money. The Federal Ministry of Health had previously confirmed a “Welt am Sonntag” report in which the US government was trying to buy the Tübingen company. President Donald Trump wanted to bring German scientists to his country in exchange for high financial donations and thus ensure the vaccine for his country. For autumnDietmar Hopp, owner of the Hoffenheim, hopes that the coronavirus vaccine will be available in the fall. This was explained by the billionaire and maximum shareholder of CureVac, a pharmaceutical company that is finalizing the vaccine to combat the pandemic, in statements to the German sports website Sport1. “Much depends on the Paul Ehrlich institute (Federal Institute of Vaccines). It must first be tested on animals and then on humans. Of course, I think it should be available in the fall, when a new wave of infections is likely to come “Hopp noted.The Hoffenheim boss, who was recently harshly criticized by ultas in the Bundesliga for his peculiar investment model in the Badense club, also admitted to denying US President Donald Trump the exclusive right to the vaccine in exchange for around $ 1 billion. “It is evident from my point of view. It cannot be that a German company develops the vaccine so that it can later be used exclusively in the US “, he sentenced, explaining at the same time that it was not he himself who had contact with Trump: “I did not speak personally with him. She went directly to the company and it was she who came to me to know my point of view. I knew immediately that it was not an option. ”As for the success of the vaccine’s development, Hopp wanted to praise the work done by CureVac. “I don’t care what it might mean to me. What really matters to me is that the company get the reward for 15 years working in research. We also had to suffer the odd setback, but I never doubted the team, I continued to finance it and that fills me with joy “, he concluded, appealing at the same time to the conscience of all: “It will only get better if the Germans, as long as possible, stay at home. I, for my part, have canceled all my appointments. If people do their part, we will beat the virus, “he concluded.last_img read more

Alli, Walker and Mahrez, partying in the middle of the coronavirus crisis

first_imgThe Premier League decided to stop initially until April 4 after Arteta’s positives and Hudson-Odoi, both have improved their state of health. The Spanish Arsenal coach said on Sunday that “it took him three or four days to feel energized.” While the Chelsea player is asymptomatic and returns to training at home. The Premier reconsidered its decision and extended the deadline to April 30, with the FA agreeing to extend the limit for the end of the 2019/20 season. June 1 is the last date that is studied to resume competition and start the 2020/21 season on August 8 so that it would meet the minimum to carry out television contracts that represent more than 3,200 million euros in three years. The postponement of the Premier League by the coronavirus and the advice to stay home have not stopped Give Alli, Kyle Walker, Riyad Mahrez, James Maddison and Ben Chilwell to party in London. The Sun ensures that in recent days the players of Tottenham, Manchester City Y Leicester in various pubs in the English capital. These players have skipped the order to stay home to fight the coronavirus at a time when cases are increasing in England.The name of There It came to light on Monday after Tottenham spied on the player’s two nightly outings. The Englishman has not taken the example of his coach, José Mourinho, who did not hesitate to put on his mask and gloves to help in a senior center in London.last_img read more