The tourism ministry plans to introduce three-day vignettes for nautical tourism

first_imgThe Ministry of Tourism significantly raised the sojourn tax for boaters in August last year. The mentioned decision to raise prices, without any added service or value, proved to be negative and we can hear from the marinas that guests are complaining and announcing their departure from Croatian safe ports.Namely, the drastic increase in the sojourn tax for owners or users of vessels has brought five to six times higher prices of taxes compared to the previous ones, depending on the category of the vessel and the time period for which the tax is paid. For example, the owner of a yacht 9 to 12 meters long has so far had to pay an annual fee of about 150 euros, and according to the new Decree on determining the amount of sojourn tax for 2018, the price will be about 775 euros, and for yachts 12 to 15 meters annual the fee jumped from 176 euros to 1.024 euros. Also, the Office abolished the payment of an annual lump sum for the use of marinas, which has been the normal practice so far.However, after protests from the profession, boaters and negative reactions from the moment, the Ministry of Tourism, as I unofficially find out, is considering reducing sojourn taxes next year, while this year a decision would be made to introduce a three-day vignette, targeting sailors sailing over the weekend fire-fighting measure to mitigate the effects of price increases.What is certainly positive is that the Ministry of Tourism and professional associations finally sat at the same table and talked openly, which should be a normal, logical and natural practice, and not to pass laws without consulting the profession. After all, the Ministry of Tourism is not an end in itself, but quite the opposite. This is not a political issue, but exclusively a market one, and the biggest problem is that the profession is not heard or consulted. This is another proof that politics must not make decisions without consulting the profession, but quite the opposite, first the profession and then politics.Also, unofficially, the amendment to the Ordinance on the method of paying the lump sum of the sojourn tax for boaters for next year is being considered, since no changes can be made this year, where the prices of sojourn taxes would be reduced. Although negative criticisms of boaters are coming from the field, the first five months of this year saw a 25% increase in the number of arrivals and a 29% increase in overnight stays compared to last year’s record year. However, many sailors find out the unpleasant news when they arrive at the destination or have not been able to react for this year, as one of the directors of the marina on the Adriatic points out.What is certain is that vessels are movable property, and if sailors are dissatisfied, they can easily move the vessel to another country. The negative consequences are already being felt in all marinas, and will only be felt next year. At the end of the season, the line will be drawn, and I wonder if anyone will respond if there is a rapid decline?In any case, if we are going to reduce the sojourn tax next year, it would be wise to make a decision now, at least the announcement of the decision, while boaters are here, with us, so that they can communicate it better and reduce possible negative consequences.Related news: BROCHURE FOR BOATERS RELATED TO THE PAYMENT OF THE RESIDENCE TAX IN 2018 PUBLISHEDlast_img

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