Wu Longjie thinking and execution to achieve the ultimate dragon in Shanghai

A few days ago


is not writing more than a month, recently in the busy station channel that are in contact with a large number of Internet news and information every day, feel there are too many things to write, when you want to sit down and write. But do not know where to begin, the Internet change is really fast, the search engine algorithm is the same, today and then give you something to talk about the Shanghai dragon.

think oneself to understand Shanghai Longfeng a year ago, and now many have changed the concept of. Shanghai dragon really is an infinite vision of a chance for individual webmaster, but we have to put your thoughts out, rather than casually do, as I mentioned in the 5 methods of Shanghai dragon Er money by detailed analysis, almost all of the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix er by the 5 methods to make money, but a part of Shanghai dragon Er earn more, part of Shanghai dragon Er earn less, and even part of Shanghai dragon Er did not earn the money, Wu Longjie think the real reason is that there is no money to give a method to achieve the ultimate, take the first through the large flow site earn advertising fees, which is on average earn 100wip Qiushi 100W, maybe some owners do not believe advertising alliance can make so much money to see below a love of Shanghai alliance income statement.

this is a July 14, 2011 love Shanghai union revenue report, website IP on the same day at about 1.5W, the income of 282 yuan, we can get a rough estimate, if a website daily 15W IP, the daily income will reach 2820 yuan, for individual webmaster, a month income is 10W RMB so, should be regarded as a good income, this is not the website at the same time on the noble baby AdSense and other advertising alliance. And the website of PV and IP is almost the same, if the user experience.

CMS, keyword layout, within the chain chain construction, URL pseudo static, log analysis of the Shanghai dragon technical things really learn a lot of things, is dead, just do it, the key is to see you do not want to learn, when we have these things, not necessarily can do a large flow station, or a high conversion rate of the product for the station, individual owners, a successful website evaluation criteria is whether they earn money, earn money not everything is nonsense. The Shanghai Dragon technology, how to earn money, rely on Shanghai Longfeng strategy.

Qiu Shida published a well-known master article "Qiushi Shanghai Longfeng case: station from the search engine in the 100 million IP, after reading this article, I felt ashamed, rely on advertising alliance income 100W, ip100w daily, or even a 2m thief program, its operating practices just ordinary blog, blog, let oneself really realized that Shanghai is really focusing on to achieve the ultimate dragon.

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