Watercress most worried about the 4 issues


not long ago with a few Internet circle of friends for dinner, talking to several known watercress employees have left things, speaking of the bean in this company, I did not expect more and more excited to finally say, everyone began to hurry to bean penhold table, probably because turn iron into steel, everyone in the Internet the pursuit of the era of fast, easy to have a slow products to impress people, you want it to be slowly getting better, but I see, is slowly become commonplace.

Deletion of

mobile terminal

we are all users of watercress, and they are heavy users. I began to use 08 years, and some others, from 05 years ago, watercress is established, is members, is looking at watercress, all the way to today. Watercress is not just a website for us, but a part of our past 6 or 7 years’ experiences. As discussed in the record, search, in addition to the content in reading, movies, music, the direct personal inner, emotional and even spiritual content, it brings us not only the content itself, but also the feelings and restrain.

but strange to say, in the past year, we watercress slowly become less frequency in the past how they have to brush a dozen times a day may now only a few weeks, so they try to find out why.

we found that the main reason is that we are sitting in front of the PC less time, a whole day with mobile phone. But watercress launched mobile applications quite late, and the level is also very close with watercress web terminal. At the same time, before the need to open watercress to meet the needs of the mobile terminal has a better way to meet. As far as listening to music was concerned, one of the friends moved almost all of them to the shrimps. He sets up a collection of recommended albums every week on shrimp, and his discoveries, sharing and listening to music are finished with dried shrimps. I also early from watercress FM turned to the shrimp, but also interspersed with the use of Bod, 8tracks this application. Shrimp can search, and song library than watercress FM big, and Bod, 8tracks and so on, is a new form of music, really can let me find many new taste of my music.

later, I also find some data, and found that watercress in the mobile terminal in fact a lot of action, count, in the past 3 years, launched a total of 10 mobile App, but from the amount of users, each is not brisk. Watercress FM is the best performance, because in the peer count as early as possible, but the amount of downloads but also tens of millions of grade.


watercress these years is not immutable and frozen, can not remember how many times broadcast specific revision, every period of time has also launched new products, such as the recent push darrow. Speaking of this product, I am a little bit not clear, watercress do its logic, watercress is in addition to watercress

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