Capital FM stops Ghetto Radio reggae in 17-8 friendly victory

first_imgPlaying the seven-aside match, the Capital FM team started with a bang, demolishing the hosts Ghetto Radio 10-3 in the first half, with speedy attacking midfielder Kristian Malumbe grabbing a hat-trick as Vincent ‘Vinno’ Otieno hit the target twice while Atrash, Keysha Shagava, Ali Athman also found the back of the net.The sweet victory ensured Capital FM continue holding their bragging rights and stretching domination over the Ghetto boys, making it two out of two wins since the they met. Photo/CAPITAL FMOn resumption for the final half, Capital FM got even better ruining Ghetto Radio’s captain Paul Polosa’s birthday by adding seven more goals with Ghetto only managing to find the back of the net five times.The sweet victory ensured Capital FM continue holding their bragging rights and stretching dominance over the Ghetto boys, making it two out of two wins, having met only twice.“It has been a good outing we really enjoyed playing against Ghetto, and as promised, we had intended to just hit them five, but we have shown them that we are the champions. The interaction was amazing and its good that we have bonded, this is one of many we will organise more, next time we will host them,” Atrash said after the match.On his part, Polosa was grateful for the friendly, acknowledging the defeat but vowed to come back stronger.“I have enjoyed every bit, though we lost heavily its part of football. We had a great evening and the interaction with Capital FM was one of a kind, the two media stations do have totally different audience but today we learnt from each other,” Polosa, a former Nairobi City Stars defender said.Capital FM shot-stopper Alex Isaboke reacting after the huge win. Photo/CAPITAL FMThe Capital FM team also comprised of Alex Isaboke who was the shot-stopper, Shuyab, David Muba, Solomon Okeyo, Jeff Ooko, Shaffi Soud, Joe Kisila, Anita Nderu, Ivy Mang’eli, Ashley Ali, DJ Shwaz and Team Manager Duncan Kikata.Banter between the two sides began on the eve and on the day of the match with both sides taking to social media to flex their muscles on who is the king of football using the hashtag #GhettoRadioVsCapitalFMCapital FM was the first to hit the ground running, by seeing their Sports Presenter Davis Ayega read the Sports Bulletin in ‘sheng’ before Ghetto Radio rebattled.Ma lion na ma lioness, leo kanatamba, tutajua kati ya capirro na @GhettoRadio895 ni nani Simba Marara na ni nani Simba ameparara! 😅 ⚽️ #GhettoRadioVsCapitalFM— Capital FM Kenya (@CapitalFMKenya) March 22, 2019Tushadunga suti @CapitalFMKenya karibuni wedo #GhettoRadioVsCapitalFM— Ghetto Radio (@GhettoRadio895) March 22, 2019Mko? #GhettoRadioVsCapitalFM— Capital FM Kenya (@CapitalFMKenya) March 22, 2019Oya @GhettoRadio895.. we’ll beat you and throw a party for you! #GhettoRadioVsCapitalFM— Capital FM Kenya (@CapitalFMKenya) March 22, 2019 After the match the banter was taken to even a higher level with Ghetto Radio who were boasting of knowing the beautiful game of football facing the mockery from fans.Was it a netball match?— aleckie ronald (@SirAlexas) March 22, 2019#GhettoRadioVsCapitalFM Wacha niulize… Mnacheza football ama rugby… Ni scores ama Tries? @CapitalFMKenya @GhettoRadio895— DJ Joe Mfalme (@DjJoeMfalme) March 22, 2019It was all love after the game @GhettoRadio895 👊🏽 #GhettoRadioVsCapitalFM— Capital FM Kenya (@CapitalFMKenya) March 22, 2019The friendly dubbed ‘the battle of the city’ was to build a strong relationship between the two Radio Stations that rock the airwaves in the capital city.This is the huge win that Capital FM football team has ever recorded.0Shares0000(Visited 4 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Capital FM football team demolished Ghetto Radio in a Cricket score of 17-8 in a friendly match played at Grogon turf on Friday night. Photo/CAPITAL FMNAIROBI, Kenya, March 22 – In what was a one-sided affair, Capital FM football team ripped apart Ghetto Radio, handing them a cricket score of 17-8 thrashing in the eagerly awaited friendly match hosted at Nairobi’s Grogon artificial turf on Friday night to leave the Ngara based side singing the tune of ‘Babylon’.Ghetto had no choice but to learn from the Best Mix of Music and as promised in the pre-match, the Capital FM football team led by skipper Lassie Atrash did not disappoint the fans who turned up in large numbers to cheer the 2016 World Champions.last_img read more

Geocaching by the Light of the Super Duper Moon

first_img SharePrint RelatedBy the light of the silvery moon (GC1BT32) — Geocache of the WeekAugust 13, 2015In “Geocache of the Week”Watch out for Wampas* — Big Four Ice Caves (GC1575A) — Geocache of the WeekNovember 27, 2013In “Community”Behind the Scenes of the PodCacher PodcastApril 3, 2013In “ Videos” By Annie StuderMoonrise by KrückstockLast night, Geocachers around the world ventured out via the light of the  “Super Duper Moon” when the full moon was at its closest orbital point (perigee) to the Earth. It will be 20 years before we’ll see another full moon this close to Earth, so whether you’re a new to geocaching or have over 10,000 finds, this was an excellent opportunity to find a geocache at night. View from GC15D5C by JamarajaSome may be familiar with NightCaching, OwlCaching, or SuperMoonCaching, but this was SuperDuperMoonCaching. Since the moon was at the nearest proximity to Earth, it appeared larger and brighter (due to an optical illusion), especially while rising on the horizon. Thus, moonrise often is the ideal time to photograph a lunar event. The extra bright moon (basically the brightest nightlight ever) can also illuminate night-time only geocaches.Geocaching at night can mean finding geocaches after dark and traditional NightCaching often means finding the way to a geocache by shining a light source (like a headlamp) on reflective trail markers (FireTacks).Can you spot the FireTack at GC41CCZ? by kari9999Whatever your style is for geocaching at night, here are three tips to help you become a SuperDuperNightCacher: 1. Read the geocache description before you head out in the night. It’s helpful to know the details about if you need tools, container size, and other hints.2. Bring the right gear. With all geocaching you’ll want your writing utensil and  GPS or smartphone, in addition to these handy tools, for NightCaching you’ll want a LED headlamp, flashlight, a UV light is also helpful and extra batteries.3. Check in before you check out on your geocaching night excursion. As a precaution (which is a good habit for all geocaching adventures), tell a friend or family member where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone.If MoonCaching isn’t your style, perhaps geocaching under a meteor shower is more to your liking. Keep your eyes out for the Perseid meteor shower each night before the moon rises and after it sets through August 13th.And don’t worry if you missed this SuperDuperMoon, there’s a SuperMoon in September to look forward to for more NightCaching by moonlight. And if you’ do like to geocache tonight, the moon only still pretty super. It’s about 93% as bright as last night.While out NightCaching, did you nab any amazing SuperDuperMoon shots or a pic at your favorite NightCache spot? Share it with us in comments below!Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

Apple Still U.S. Smartphone Market Share Leader…Barely

first_imgRelated Posts However, as noted above, the margin of error is too close to really give the winning title to any of the three.The stats are remarkably different when looked at in terms of recent acquirers (as defined by Nielsen, “recent” means within the past 6 months). Here, you can more clearly visualize Android’s dramatic rise over the course of 2010, from June to November, the months which Nielsen analyzed. Clearly, more new smartphone users are choosing Android (40.8%), instead of BlackBerry (19.2%) or Apple (26.9%). The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Nielsen doesn’t go so far as to speculate on why Android is gaining, but it could very well be the lower price points for Android devices that seal the deal for many consumers. Some Android phones are priced so low – for example the $179 Huawei Ascend on MetroPCS or the $99 (with rebate) Samsung Intercept on Sprint – that they’re almost comparable to feature phone prices. Considering that, up until recently, roughly two-thirds of the market consisted of feature phone users, pricing has been a critical component in mobile phone choice. But now, thanks to the availability of more low-cost phones combined with the new, lower-priced data plans offered by many carriers, smartphones are becoming more affordable for price-sensitive consumers.So Who’s Winning? You Are.Although much of the focus of today’s news is on who’s winning the smartphone race, the real answer is simple: it’s the consumer, of course.Smartphone adoption is increasing in the U.S. In November 2010, 45% of recent acquirers chose a smartphone, said Nielsen, compared with 34% back in June. It’s obvious that the demand for smartphones is growing as the race between the different platforms heats up, with each trend fueling the other. For consumers, this means the manufacturers and operating system makers will battle for their attention – a battle that will bring new and better hardware, more features and functions and even more price drops. Sounds like a good time to buy a smartphone, if you haven’t already. sarah perez Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagementcenter_img Tags:#Apple#Google#mobile#Trends#web Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Apple is still the U.S. market share leader when in comes to smartphone operating systems, according to new data revealed today by Nielsen, but just barely. In fact, its lead is so tenuous, that the margin of error on Nielsen’s report places second-place platform RIM BlackBerry in a statistical tie for both Apple’s top spot and the third place spot now occupied by Google’s Android.Says Nielsen, “this race might still be too close to call.”According to Nielsen’s report, Apple has a 28.6% share, RIM a 26.1% share and Android, despite its recent surges, remains in third place with a 25.8% share.last_img read more

The Barriers Remaining Are Internal

first_imgFor most of history, there were enormous external barriers to a person’s ability to do what they were most passionate about, and to follow where their heart and dreams would take them.In the old days if you wanted to publish your thoughts and ideas, you needed a publisher who would hire you and help you with access to an audience. Now you can write and distribute without a book publisher, or without a job writing for a newspaper, magazine, or journal.There are no more external barriers for writers when it comes to publishing.If you wanted to make music, you used to need a record company to pay for your recording and to distribute your work.Barriers? Gone.If you wanted to make a television show, to comment on the day’s events on video, or to entertain others, you needed all sorts of things, like agents, casting people, producers, directors, writers. Television and movies were a real insider’s game. There used to be enormous barriers to entry.Now? Very little. Talent is worth more than cameras.Regardless of what kind of endeavor you want to pursue, including starting a business, at no time in history has it ever been easier to chase your dream. The external barriers are all gone.But there are still a few remaining barriers left to conquer.The Inner Critic That Is Fear and DoubtInside each of us lives an inner critic. This little voice that only you can hear is often a holy terror. It stirs up fear and doubt, creating the internal barriers that are the only real obstacles to you pursuing your dream.The little voice drives your fears with an unrelenting barrage of negativity: “You will suffer an embarrassing failure,” and “You’re not good enough,” or “People will think this is a joke!” It causes you to doubt yourself.You have to shut down your inner critic by taking action in spite of your fear. Taking action builds momentum and builds the small victories and the progress that eventually silences the inner critic.Taking massive action is like kryptonite to your inner critic; it’ll put him down for the count. But then there is this . . .Apathy: Hitting the Snooze Button on Your LifeThere is always tomorrow. Until one day, there isn’t.Your apathy—and its progeny, procrastination—are internal barriers that do even more to prevent your success than any of the external barriers of days gone by.You were going to write today, but you had writer’s block. You were going to record today, but you decided to watch some television instead. You have this great business idea, and as soon as you find time you are going to change the world.This is hitting the snooze button on your life.The same as with your fears and doubts, you have to overcome the internal barrier that is your apathy by relentlessly taking action. Your dreams and your vision are too important to wait, and the clock relentlessly ticks away, sparing nothing and no one (not even the best of ideas or the best of intentions).Stop hitting the snooze button. You don’t want to sleep through this. Wake up early, stay up late, and make it count.There has never been an easier time with fewer external obstacles to your dream. What are you doing to overcome the internal barriers? Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Nowlast_img read more

Gisele Bundchen leads pack as world’s highest paid model: Forbes

first_imgWith estimated earnings of $47 million during the past year from lucrative contracts and other business ventures, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen is the world’s highest paid model for the eighth consecutive year, said on Monday.The 34-year-old wife of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and mother of two young children easily outpaced her closest competition, Dutch Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes, 29, with earnings of $8 million before taxes and fees, and fellow Brazilian Victoria’s Secret ‘angel’ Adriana Lima, 33, with the same amount.”The Brazilian icon pocketed $47 million in the last 12 months before taxes and fees,” said about Bundchen, adding that she made $16 million more than her football player husband.Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen is the world’s highest paid model for the eighth consecutive year.The model has contracts with fashion retailer H&M, the French fashion house Chanel and designer Carolina Herrera, among others, and has design deals for lingerie and sandals.”Bundchen, who boasts 2.7 million Instagram followers, has earned $386 million from modeling since 2001,” according to calculated the earnings from June 2013 to June 2014 for the models and looked at income from cosmetics, endorsements, advertising and fragrance deals.British model Kate Moss, 40, the face of luxury jeweler David Yurman, was also among the top earners, bringing in $7 million, as did American model and Sports Illustrated magazine covergirl Kate Upton, 22, who is a newcomer to the list and rounded out the top five models.Other newcomers to the list of the 21 highest paid models who earned a combined total of $142 million include English model Cara Delevingne, 22, and American Karlie Kloss, 22.advertisementlast_img read more


first_imgNew Zealand women?s skipper Suzie Bates also termed New Zealand women?s skipper Suzie Bates also termed Devine?s run out as a crucial moment of the game. “Sophie?s run out was pretty crucial, Dottin fielded exceptionally well and threw it on the stumps and Sophie, the way she was going could have taken the game away from the West Indies, so there are few turning points, the way (Britney) Cooper batted, that high in the innings and bat pretty deep and make 140 a good total for them,” Bates added. The skipper also attributed losing top order batsmen early led to the loss. ?We just lost wickets at the top order and put pressure on the lower order and in the whole tournament the top order has done the job,? she added. ?I don?t think we played poorly today, the West Indies came out and hit their plan. They were better than us,? she added. PTI NRB BS CMlast_img read more

China tests two new airports in disputed SCS islands

first_imgFrom K J M VarmaBeijing, Jul 12 (PTI) Defying the international tribunal verdict on the South China Sea, China today tested two new airports in the reclaimed islands in the disputed areas.China tested two airports on the Nansha (Spratly) islands, adding more landing choices for flights across the South China Sea, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.A Cessna CE-680 airplane from the Flight Inspection Centre of the Civil Aviation Administration of China flew between the new airports on the Meiji and Zhubi reefs, it said.The two airports are capable of handling civil aviation flights and will facilitate transportation, emergency rescue and medical services for people on the island, it said.China has been reclaiming islands and reefs in the SCS which came under severe criticism of the tribunal appointed by the Permanent Court of Arbitration which struck down Beijings claims over the nine dash lines in the South China Sea. PTI KJV NSAlast_img read more


first_imgThe significance of this achievement could be gauged by the fact that only two Indian football clubs — Dempo Sports Club of Goa and Kolkata giants East Bengal — had made it to the semifinals of the tournament since its inception. Earlier, the Blues constantly applied pressure but Johor took the lead first up as Shafiq nodded home after BFC goalkeeper Amrinder parried the ball in the box. The first half was a fantastic display of football by both the sides ending at 1-1, but the Blues played dominant game with majority ball possession and making regular forays into opponents defence areas. Down 0-1, the Blues raided the JDT defense constantly but without much success with one of the best chances coming in 28th minute through Chhetri as the ball flashed past the goal three times in sheer madness. The Blues also had a good chance to equalise in 18th minute as Lyngdohs cross led to mayhem in the box, not before Izham saved twice after a crazy minute. Blues were unlucky in 21st minute as referee signalled for play to continue despite of huge shout for handball by a rival player. JDTs Antonio was booked for arguing with the referee in 25th minute. The second half, however, was completely dominated by the hosts, hardly giving any chance to the rivals by completely outplaying them. In 48th minute of the match, the Blues made another move with Vineeth dodged past Antonio, found Chhetri unmarked at the edge of the area but he kicked wide. In 55th minute, Eugene weaved past Antonio with ease but the JDT man recovered well and the hosts had a corner. The rivals managed to clear their lines after Alwyn Georges ill-directed shot. PTI BDN AT ATadvertisementlast_img read more

Infineon: OPTIGA Trust X provides robust protection for the IoT

first_imgThe Internet of Things is changing the world as we know it – in industry and in the home. Smart industrial robots, refrigerators and washing machines already communicate with each other. Yet devices that are online can be attacked. That’s why Infineon Technologies is adding the OPTIGA Trust X to its OPTIGA Trust family. This hardware-based security solution provides robust security to the diverse applications in the Internet of Things, ranging from smart homes to drones.The OPTIGA Trust X offers secured communication and software updates, mutual authentication and much more. Device manufacturers save time and costs thanks to the plug-and-play concept enabling even companies without specialist know-how in the field of security.The developers of intelligent streetlights at eluminocity also rely on OPTIGA Trust X from Infineon. They use it to protect the streetlights against unauthorized access – from the cloud down to device level. In cooperation with Infineon and Intel, eluminocity has transformed a simple streetlight into a versatile hub.Emergency service workers often only have sparse information when they reach the scene of an accident. In the “Digital Product School” conducted by UnternehmerTUM, employees from Infineon, Nokia and TÜV SÜD have together with students jointly developed the first drone with hardware-based security. Its aim is to provide emergency services with reliable information before they arrive. Here too, sensitive data must be protected, the control unit must be authenticated reliably and attacks be repelled. The developers are using the OPTIGA Trust X to achieve that – it delivers efficient protection against attackers and serves as a trust anchor.The security solution covers a broad range of applications: mutual authentication, secured communication, data storage protection, assignment of keys, lifecycle management, power management, secured updates and integrity protection for the platform. The solution comprises the chip, the operating system, the applications, software and device drivers, and an evaluation kit. The OPTIGA Trust X can be used in temperatures from -25 to +85°C and in an extended range from -40 to +105°C. It is therefore also suitable for deployment in harsh industrial environments.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Chips & Components Continue Reading Previous ARBOR: Micro-ATX industrial motherboard with 6th gen Intel Core processorsNext Rohde & Schwarz: WLAN signaling tester to emulate all IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standardslast_img read more

Goal A-League 20: No.10 – Andy Keogh

first_imgGoal A-League 20: No.11 – Alex Brosque (Sydney FC) No.12 – Bobo (Sydney FC) No.13 – Kosta Barbarouses (Melb Victory) No.14 – Isaias Sanchez (Adelaide United) No.15 – Luke DeVere (Brisbane Roar) No.16 – Michael Jakobsen (Melb City) No.17 – Brendon Santalab (WSW) No.18 – Michael Zullo (Sydney FC) No.19 – Brandon O’Neill (Sydney FC) No.20 – Matt McKay (Brisbane Roar) No.9 in Goal’s Top 20 A-League players will be named on Tuesday. A-League Goal’s Top 20 A-League players: No.10 – Andy Keogh Kieran Francis @kieran_francis Last updated 2 years ago 20:39 25/9/2017 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Andy Keogh Perth Glory A-League Perth Glory Goal counts down the top 20 players currently playing in the A-League, as voted by its Australian journalists 10. ANDY KEOGH | Perth Glory Age: 31Nationality: IrelandPosition: StrikerA-League apps: 70 (Perth Glory)A-League goals: 34 (Perth Glory)Other clubs:  Scunthorpe (England), Wolverhampton (England), Millwall (England)Achievements:  English Championship (Wolves – 2008-09), English League One (Scunthorpe – 2006-07)WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOWKeogh moved from Ireland to Leeds United at the age of 17 but failed to break into the first team and was loaned in consecutive seasons to Scunthorpe United and Bury.He joined the former on a permanent deal in 2005 and went on to score 21 goals in 98 appearances – eventually sealing a move to Championship side Wolverhampton in 2007.Keogh spent five seasons at Wolves – including during their two-season stint in the Premier League – scoring 23 goals in 129 matches. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘I’m getting better’ – Can Man Utd flop Fred save his Old Trafford career? Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing After being phased out at Wolves and being loaned to several other Championship clubs, the Dublin-born forward spent a couple of seasons at Millwall before coming Down Under to sign at Perth Glory.His form in the A-League has been impressive, scoring 33 goals in 70 matches for the Glory over three seasons.2017-18 PROSPECTS The 31-year-old has formed a superb partnership with 2015-16 Johnny Warren Medallist Diego Castro and it’s set to continue this coming campaign.Keogh has averaged nearly a goal every two games in his time at Perth and coach Kenny Lowe will be keen to see this maintained.The Glory will be hoping his relationship with fellow centre-forward Adam Taggart will continue to develop and progress in their second season playing together as duo.last_img read more