UN agency repatriates Liberian refugees in Guinea in face of growing instability

23 February 2007Despite rapidly increasing instability in Guinea due to a general strike and the resulting declaration of a state of emergency, the United Nations refugee agency is pressing forward in its efforts to assist those who have fled to the country and today repatriated 200 Liberians to their homeland. The latest group brings to 600 the total number refugees returning to Liberia this week. At present, there are no others volunteering go home, Ron Redmond, a spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), told a press briefing in Geneva today.UNHCR, without incident, was able to distribute food to two camps, one hosting 7,000 Liberian refugees and another housing 3,000 from Côte d’Ivoire, this week, he said.Of the more than 31,000 refugees residing in Guinea, nearly 22,000 are Liberian. There area also 5,000 Sierra Leonean refugees and 4,500 from Côte d’Ivoire. Most refugee camps are situated along Guinea’s border with Sierra Leone, Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire.The agency also reports that there have been no unusual population movements into Guinea from its neighbouring countries of late.More than 100 people, mostly civilians, have been killed since 10 January, when a general strike began, and the majority of those deaths have occurred amid popular protests over President Lansana Conté’s choice of Eugene Camara as Prime Minister.UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour condemned the reported killing of civilians and called on the Government to adhere strictly to its human rights obligations.UNHCR has helped 90,000 Liberian refugees, more than half of whom were in exile in Guinea, return home since starting a voluntary refugee programme in October 2004. read more

Action against Brazilian embassy in Honduras would be disaster – top UN

“I must say the situation there took a seriously bad turn with the threats on the Brazilian embassy,” Under-Secretary-General B. Lynn Pascoe told a news conference at UN Headquarters in New York, referring to published reports that the de facto government has given the embassy 10 days to decide whether to grant Mr. Zelaya asylum or hand him over.“It’s a very serious problem for all of us. It would be a disaster if any action were taken to violate international law on the inviolability of the embassies. We’re also concerned to see the worsening situation as the de facto government has been turning up the screws internally, closing media outlets and also taking state of emergency measures against the population.“We’re very concerned about all of that and have been trying to work with others to see whether we can move that process forward,” he added, reiterating UN readiness to provide whatever help it can to resolve the crisis and its full support for the efforts of Costa Rican President Óscar Arias Sánchez to mediate the crisis.Addressing the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate today, Honduran Foreign Minister Patricia Isabel Rodas Baca called for Mr. Zelaya’s return to power.She expressed her appreciation for the support shown for her country’s “long way back towards our democracy.”The ousted leader, the official said, is “calling out for life to be respected, for integrity to be respected, for the freedom of speech to be respected.” Mr. Zelaya, she stated, is appealing for “this sad story of persecution” to never be repeated.On Friday the Security Council stressed the need to ensure the security of the Brazilian Embassy where Mr. Zelaya turned up last week after being ousted by the military in June. Giving an overview of the “unprecedented” week-long diplomacy and talks on dozens of world crises on the sidelines of the annual high-level debate of the General Assembly, Mr. Pascoe called it the most intensive effort on peace and security issues that he has seen at the UN in the three years he has been here.He cited progress in some areas, noting that talks between the UN and representatives of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) had been “more positive, much more fruitful” than in recent weeks.“In my view it was an extraordinary week in terms of doing exactly what the UN is supposed to do… pushed front and centre of the discussion the most serious international events of the day and I think the UN really served that function,” he said. He noted that Mr. Ban himself held over 75 bilateral meetings with national leaders beyond the multilateral meetings he attended, such as the Security Council session on nuclear disarmament and the Quartet session on Middle East peace. “I think one thing that is very interesting to me about this process is this is a time when people come not really so much, some of them perhaps, to be seen but mostly to really coordinate positions, to talk about what’s going on, to talk about where we’re headed in the future,” he said. 28 September 2009Any action taken against the Brazilian embassy in Honduras where ousted Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya has taken shelter would be a disaster, the top United Nations political official said today. read more

Somalia on verge of total economic collapse UN humanitarian official warns

Speaking at a UN press briefing in New York, Randolph Kent said that at a time when the world was seeking stability in the country, “we now find Somalia on the precipice of potential and total economic collapse.” The humanitarian coordinator added that he was aware of the international community’s additional concern about the consequences of “radicalism” and the “radicalization” of particular social situations.Yet Somalia had been emerging out of the social upheaval, with a “trickle of an economic system” and a political process that was working, Mr. Kent said. Calling Somalia “a paradox,” the humanitarian coordinator said that over the past couple of years, he had seen a pattern of stability emerging in a slow and painful way. Various parties were coming together and, slowly, peace was spreading through the country.There also had been significant development of an economy that, although fragile, was creating job opportunities and putting Somalia at the forefront of many fascinating innovations, Mr. Kent said. Other kinds of industries were also developing, from bottling plants to boat manufacturing.Last week the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) launched a consolidated appeal for Somalia for $83 million to assist 800,000 vulnerable people throughout the country survive the drought, Mr. Kent said. Besides the drought, there had also been the continuation of the Rift Valley fever ban by the Persian Gulf States, which had forbidden Somalia to export its livestock, the country’s lifeline to survival. There was also the situation of hyperinflation: last year, $1 was worth 8,000 Somali shillings; today that dollar was worth 25,000 shillings.For each of those problems, there were solutions, Mr. Kent stressed, noting that $83 million to save 800,000 people was not an awful lot of money. At the same time, convincing the Persian Gulf States to rescind their ban was an objective worth pursuing, since there was the technical know-how for dealing with Rift Valley fever. Meanwhile the issue of remittances – the essential link between Somalis outside and inside the country – could also be readily resolved by trying to increase, for relatively little money, the capacity of the Somali banking system to better monitor those transaction flows. read more

Nuclear conference opens hears UN watchdog call for balance between security and

The world’s nations gathered today in New York to begin their review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and heard the head of the United Nations atomic watchdog agency renew his call for a moratorium on new fuel-cycle facilities while international controls are negotiated.The “choke point” to preventing nuclear weapons development is ensuring effective control over activities involving uranium enrichment and plutonium separation, Mohamed ElBaradei, Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), told the opening session of the 2005 Review Conference of the States parties to the NPT.“Without question, improving control of facilities capable of producing weapons-usable material will go a long way towards establishing a better margin of security.”Stressing the importance of balancing both development and security interests, Mr. ElBaradei said: “We should be clear: there is no incompatibility between tightening controls over the nuclear fuel cycle and expanding the use of peaceful nuclear technology. In fact, by reducing the risks of proliferation, we could pave the way for more widespread use of peaceful nuclear applications.”The month-long Review Conference brings delegations together every five years to consider the workings of the landmark agreement, which seeks to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons technology, foster the peaceful use of nuclear energy and further the goal of general and complete disarmament.Mr. ElBaradei said the core of the accord can be summed up in two words: security and development. And while the custodians of the NPT may hold differing priorities and views, “I trust that all share these two goals: development for all through advanced technology; and security for all by reducing – and ultimately eliminating – the nuclear threat,” he said. “If we cannot work together, each acknowledging the development priorities and security concerns of the other, then the result of this Conference will be inaction.”While acknowledging that the NPT had served the global community well for 35 years, Mr. ElBaradei said that it must be regarded as a “living, dynamic regime,” capable of evolving and changing to match realities. If not, it risked fading into irrelevance, leaving all nations vulnerable and unprotected.“While our twin goals – security and development – remain the same, our mechanisms for achieving those goals must evolve,” he said, urging to Conference to remain committed to ridding the world of nuclear weapons, have zero tolerance for new States developing nuclear weapons, and, among other things, ensure that all countries have the right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.He also urged the meeting to strengthen the IAEA’s verification authority, noting that in recent years, the additional protocol to comprehensive safeguards agreements has proven its worth. “With better access to information and locations, we get better results,” he said.“The whole purpose of verification is to build confidence. In cases where proliferation concerns exist, I will continue to urge States to be open and transparent. Even if such measures go beyond a State’s legal obligations, they pay valuable dividends in restoring the confidence of the international community,” he said. read more

Peacekeepers in South Sudan working to strengthen protection of civilians – UN

The letter summarizes the progress made in implementing the recommendations of the independent special investigation into the violence in Juba in July 2016 and the actions of the UN Mission, known as UNMISS.“Significant work has been undertaken over the last five months to enhance the ability of UNMISS to protect civilians, better plan and prepare its response to crisis situations and increase staff safety and security,” the Secretary-General wrote in the letter to Ambassador Nikki Haley, the Permanent Representative of the United States to the UN, in her capacity as President of the Security Council for April.In particular, Mr. Guterres noted the establishment of a weapons-free zone around the Protection of Civilians (POC) sites and UN House in Juba, which he said “has contributed to a significant drop in reported crime and violence, including sexual and gender-based violence.”In addition, UNMISS peacekeepers are conducting dismounted patrols within the area throughout the day and night, as well as cordon-and-search operations within the POC sites to disrupt arms trafficking.The observations in the letter are based on an independent follow-up mission last month led by Major General (retired) Patrick Cammaert. He was looking into how the UN handled its response to fighting that occurred between 8 and 12 July 2016 between the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army in Opposition (SPLM/A-IO). Hundreds of people were killed and more than 200 raped during that time period.Among other observations, the letter noted a “positive change” in the operations and posture of military and police components as a result of corrective actions taken by UNMISS as well as troop and police contributing countries.The Departments of UN Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support have also made “important changes” in more thoroughly training and monitoring performance of peacekeepers.Mr. Guterres noted that “while much has been achieved, more needs to be done to raise and sustain the performance bar,” including through ongoing reviews and revise strategies. read more

World Cup Sweden beat Switzerland 10 to reach quarterfinals

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedWorld Cup: England beat Sweden 2-0 to reach semi-finalsJuly 7, 2018In “Sports”World Cup: Brazil, Switzerland advance from Group EJune 27, 2018In “Sports”Italy fails to reach World Cup for the first time since 1958November 14, 2017In “Sports” Michael Lang of Switzerland battles for possession with Ludwig Augustinsson of Sweden (Getty Images)SAINT PETERSBURG, Russia (AFP) — Sweden beat Switzerland 1-0 to reach the World Cup quarter-finals on Tuesday, with a deflected Emil Forsberg effort proving the difference between the two sides.The match in Saint Petersburg was a tight encounter of few chances but Forsberg’s shot in the 66th minute took a deflection off Manuel Akanji, leaving goalkeeper Yann Sommer stranded.Sweden will meet either England or Colombia in the last eight. read more

World Mining Investment Congress – the verdict is success

first_imgIM, lead media partner of the World Mining Investment Congress, has already reported on some of the presentations at the event. During the event we kick started a new series for the magazine of ‘High Profile’ discussions with key players – in June IM you will see the results of a chat with Dr Tom Elder, President and CEO of Mano River Resources, about Liberia and its mineral industry return from a position as international pariah.There will be more to come, including a detailed look at Silver Standard Resources in August, following our meeting with President Robert Quartermain.Meanwhile, these are some of the comments received by organizer Terrapinn:“The quality of speakers was remarkably high and I came away with a lot of interesting thoughts to think about – which must surely be the mark of a high class meeting.” Anthony Wagg, Senior Analyst, Edison Investment Research“The conference was well organized with very interesting speaker presentations.” Craig Tuckman, Managing Director, Merrill Lynch Commodities “We are very delighted to speak to this distinguished audience. In addition we had a great moment for interaction and marketing our institution.” Alassane Ba, Director, Private Sector Lending, African Development Bank “I found it most productive, and made some very worthwhile contacts.” Warren Newfield, President and CEO, Tau Capital Corporation“We enjoyed the conference and thought that it was very well done.” Michael Minnes, Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs, Sherritt International”I was extremely impressed with the breath and depth of speakers and company presentations. It was a great networking opportunity for our company” Gerald McConnell, President and CEO, Etruscan Resources“The organization of the conference was excellent. Congratulations!!” Robert Clark, Acting Director General, Economics, Investment and Fiscal Analysis, Natural Resources Canada“I think that Terrapin is doing a great job and puts a lot of effort into making sure that the planning and execution is detailed.” Nigel Clark, Chairman, Central China Goldfields and Honorary Chairman, China International Mining Group“I enjoyed the event and thought that it had an interesting focus on everything from general market trends to individual company perspectives and experiences on how to invest in the mining business. This was nicely mixed with views from the broker community and fund managers. I thought that the panel discussions worked very well and increased the audience interaction with speakers beyond the norm.” Gordon R. Peeling, President and CEO, Mining Association of Canada“Very positive, well organised, impressive list of attendees” Stephen Kay, President and CEO, International Minerals “I really enjoyed the format and have benefited from the speakers and participants’ knowledge.” Martine Valcin, Director, Listed Issuer Services, TSX“The conference was extremely well organized and I hope it continues to go from strength to strength.” Todd Houlahan, Sales and Marketing Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific“I was very much impressed with the calibre of speakers you presented, well done.” Jay Friesen, Manager, Corporate Development, Goldex Resources“One of the more interesting & formative conferences…I especially appreciated the academic analysis of China’s influence on the commodities sector. “ Ian Falconer, Equities Analyst, Hardman & Co. “Well organised, excellent speakers, good networking opportunities” Dr Elena Clarici, CEO, Commodity Energy Capital and Treasurer, AMA“Africa meets the developed world in the mining industry“ Lucia Cherinda, Second Secretary, High Commission of Mozambiquelast_img read more

FTC smash Buducnost in one of the toughest night in Moraca hall

5. Thüringer HC7205178:195(-17)4 4. Metz Handball7304180:161(19)6 6. Astrakhanochka7007163:240(-77)0 1. HC Vardar7610219:180(39)13 2. FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria7511209:189(20)11 ← Previous Story Powerful SG Flensburg give no chance to Wisla in Plock! Next Story → VIDEO: Veszprem witnessed Ristovski’s “crazy mode” 3. Buducnost7403193:177(16)8 PHOTO: ZRK Buducnost One of the toughest places to play handball in women’s handball – “Moraca” hall in Podgorica, witnessed impressive night of Hungarian FTC who smashed domestic ZRK Buducnost 33:25 (19:9). Victory of Hungarian second best team had also historic context, as this is the third biggest home defeat ever in history of two times EHF Champions League winners led by coach Dragan Adzic.Zita Szuscsanszki and Katarina Bulatovic share the title of TOP scorer with seven goals for their teams.TOP 5 HOME DEFEATS OF ZRK BUDUCNOST PODGORICA:Valencia 26:40 (1997/98)Oltchim Valcea 21:32 (2007/2008)FTC 25:33 (16/17) and RK Krim Mercator 19:27 (2002/2003)Gyor 25:31 (2006/2007)Despite bad form, Montenegrian girls are on the good way to qualify for the 1/4 finals.STANDINGS: read more

Linactivité physique serait responsable de 10 des décès

first_imgL’inactivité physique serait responsable de 10% des décèsChaque année, 5,3 millions de personnes mourraient du manque de pratique physique. Cela représente un décès sur dix. En effet, certains cancers, diabètes et maladies cardiaques seraient principalement dus à l’inactivité physique.Presque autant de personnes meurent du manque de pratique physique que du tabagisme. C’est ce qui vient d’être démontré par une étude parue dans la revue britannique The Lancet datée du 18 juillet 2012. Menée par une équipe internationale composée notamment de chercheurs du Brigham and Women’s Hospital de la Harvard Medical School de Boston, celle-ci a été effectuée dans 105 pays sur des adolescents de 13 à 15 ans et dans 122 pays sur des adultes de plus de 15 ans. Elle s’est attachée au niveau de pratique physique de la population par âge et par niveau de revenu, ainsi qu’à son impact sur l’espérance de vie.Les résultats sont alarmants. Selon les chiffres dévoilés, 80% des adolescents de 13 à 15 ans et 31,1% des adultes de plus de 15 ans ne pratiqueraient pas le niveau d’activité physique recommandé par l’OMS (Organisation Mondiale de la Santé). Ce niveau correspond à une heure d’activité quotidienne modérée pour un adolescent et à 20 minutes quotidiennes environ pour un adulte. Les personnes les plus actives vivraient en Asie du Sud. Leur taux d’inactivité s’élèverait en effet à 17% seulement. À l’autre bout de l’échelle, se trouveraient les habitants des Etats-Unis et des pays méditerranéens, avec un taux d’inactivité aux alentours de 43%. L’inactivité augmenterait avec l’âge, avec le revenu du pays et serait plus élevée chez les femmes (34% pour les femmes contre 28% pour les hommes).D’après les spécialistes, cette inactivité élevée en Occident peut s’expliquer par plusieurs facteurs, à commencer par la sédentarisation et les moyens de transport de plus en plus perfectionnés : voiture, métro, etc. La marche à pied et le vélo se pratiquent de moins en moins chez nous, alors que 20% des salariés chinois se rendent sur leur lieu de travail à vélo. Le temps passé assis devant un écran est également pointé du doigt. Ainsi, 42% d’entre nous resteraient assis plus de quatre heures par jour et 70% des adolescents regarderaient la télévision plus de deux heures quotidiennes.Un facteur de risque pour les maladies chroniquesÀ lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Or, d’après l’étude, le manque de pratique d’un sport serait l’un des principaux facteurs de décès, avec l’hypertension artérielle, le tabagisme et un taux de cholestérol élevé. Selon les chercheurs, 10% des cancers du colon et du sein, ainsi que 7% des diabètes de type 2 et 6% des maladies cardiaques seraient dus à une activité physique insuffisante. Les auteurs rappellent que la pratique d’un sport permet de réguler naturellement les taux de glycémie et de cholestérol et les triglycérides, tandis que le manque d’activité favorise presque toutes les maladies chroniques.Selon le professeur Harold W. Kohl de la University of Texas d’Austin : “Le rôle de l’inactivité physique continue à être sous-évalué en dépit de preuves solides existant depuis plus de 60 ans quant à son impact sur la santé. Beaucoup reste à faire pour traiter l’absence d’exercice comme un vrai problème de santé publique”. À quelques jours du début des Jeux Olympiques d’été 2012, il semble donc plus que jamais d’actualité que le sport est excellent pour la santé. D’ailleurs, d’après I-Min Lee, le principal auteur de l’étude : “La majorité d’entre nous est capable d’être actif. À peine 15 à 30 minutes de marche rapide par jour apporteront des avantages substantiels pour notre santé”. Les méthodes les plus efficaces pour inciter la population à pratiquer plus d’activité physique seraient les campagnes de presse et les petits messages chocs, selon Gregory Heath de la University of Tennesse qui a étudié les opérations tentées entre 2001 et 2011. En mettant en avant la pratique physique, les scientifiques espèrent rien de moins que faire augmenter l’espérance de vie mondiale de 0,68 ans.Le 18 juillet 2012 à 16:49 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Jayne We cant allow liberty to die with thunderous applause

first_img There is a scene in “Revenge of the Sith” — an excellent movie, by the way, despite the scorn heaped upon the “Star Wars” prequels and despite the wooden acting of Hayden Christensen — that seems somewhat relevant today.Senator Padmé Amidala is watching Chancellor Palpatine increase his power and seize control of the universe through the capitulation of the Galactic Senate. And as the chancellor is becoming The Emperor and the senators are cheering, Padmé says, “So this is how liberty dies — with thunderous applause.”It was one of the most political moments in any of the “Star Wars” movies, and it has been co-opted by numerous pundits, politicians, and writers since it was first uttered in 2005. The thing about decrying the death of liberty is that it can be used to suit any number of purposes, and critics accused Barack Obama of destroying liberty nearly as often as the other side accused George W. Bush.Therefore, we are reluctant to declare that one politician or another is going to mean the death of liberty; our political landscape has far too many Chicken Littles who are far too quick to declare that the sky is falling. This nation is too strong and our values are too secure to be shaken by a single person, regardless of how vehemently we might disagree with them.But a move Friday by the Trump administration should concern all Americans and should lead to an examination of how willing we are to defend the liberty that forms the foundation of our nation. The White House, you see, was holding an off-camera news briefing and blocked CNN, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Politico, and BuzzFeed from attending. Greg Jayne, Opinion page editorlast_img read more

Teams rescue injured hiker who fell in area east of Salem

first_imgSALEM, Ore. — Crews have rescued a 21-year-old man who was seriously injured in a fall while hiking a wooded area east of Salem.The Marion County Sheriff’s office said Sunday morning that Andrew Agnesse, of Beaverton, was airlifted out of a remote area near Henline Falls about 40 miles east of Salem. He was taken to Salem Hospital with serious injuries.Authorities received a report Saturday evening that a hiker had fallen about 30 feet.Rescue teams reached the man that night but had to wait until daylight to evacuate him because of the extreme terrain and dangerous conditions.A team of rescuers began an hours-long effort to carry the man to a place where he could be hoisted and airlifted out.The sheriff’s office says deputies believe Agnesse and his hiking friends were not prepared for the conditions and tried to climb terrain beyond their skill level.last_img read more

Trawally Confirms Disagreement Caused Collapse of Denmark Transfer

first_imgBy Sulayman BahStriker Bubacarr Sanneh says Velje’s failure to reach an agreement with his suitors led to collapse of his proposed move to Denmark.Midtjyland, Bubacarr Sanneh former club showed interest in signing Trawally but Velje’s refusal to cash in on the striker threw spanner in Trawally’s plans of playing in the Scandinavian country.Bubacarr was then a player of Velje but never played for the outfit.Midtjyland enquired about the forward’s availability whose loan in China had elapsed but Velje vigorously opted against selling the attacker to a fellow Danish Super League club, preferring to let Saudi Arabia giants Al Shaabab secure his services instead.‘In my time in Denmark I met with some people from FC Midtjylland, and they showed a lot of interest in me. I would move on if the negotiations ended well. I asked “Buba” (Bubacarr Sanneh) about the club and he said positive things. I had a good conversation with them, but unfortunately they did not succeed (in signing me),’ the 24-year-old says, claiming talks between the two clubs hit the brick walls hence collapse of the deal.Midtjyland Sports Director Svend Graversen says idea of bringing Steve at his club was almost finalised at agent level.last_img read more

Stree Nidhi to strengthen women Minister Allula Indrakaran

first_imgNirmal: Stree Nidhi scheme has been introduced to strengthen women said Endowments and Forest and Environment Minister Allula Indrakaran Reddy on Friday. Addressing the Stree Nidhi Parapati Sahakara Samakhya loan distribution programme held at YSR function hall at Nirmal district, he said to strengthen the woman empowerment and to improve living standard Stree Nidhi interest free loan are given. It is to encourage women to do businesses of their interest. He also said that the Telangana government launched many schemes for the welfare of women, and poor and old-aged persons, physically handicapped persons, he said. Also Read – Two Urban forest parks inaugurated in Hyderabad Advertise With Us TRS government has launched welfare schemes for the development of all sections like Shaadi Mubarak, Kalyana Laxmi,and many more he said. Minister urged the people to plant saplings under Haritha Haram for the welfare of future generations. District Library Chairman Rajender, Municipal Commissioner Ravi Babu Stree Nidhi zonal manager Jeevan Reddy Municipal DE Santosh and others were present.last_img read more

PM Hasina gave directives to save people from dengue Quader

first_imgAL general secretary Obaidul QuaderRuling Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader on Friday said prime minister Sheikh Hasina, now on an official visit to the United Kingdom, has given necessary directives to save people from the dengue outbreak.“The Prime Minister’s Office also remains active in this regard. A monitoring cell has been formed. Two city corporations have also been given directives,” he told a press conference at the AL president’s Dhanmondi political office in the city.Quader said there is no way to ignore that the people are worried about the dengue outbreak. He called upon the people to create a social movement against the menace.“Aedes mosquitoes are very dangerous. There is no way to take it easily as the bite of mosquitoes can cause death,” he said.The minister said combined operations should be launched by the ministries, divisions and city corporations to prevent the outbreak of dengue.Quader said not only in Bangladesh, dengue is also spreading in different countries including China, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.“We have to save our people with our own efforts,” he added.About the mob beating in suspicion of child kidnapping, Quader said, “We called upon all so that none can take the law into their own hands. All will have to remain alert politically too. We have engaged our party to make the people aware through holding meetings and rallies.”last_img read more

BBC to Reinvent Programming With AI Assistance

first_imgStay on target The British Broadcasting Company hopes artificial intelligence can help create “a more personal BBC.”The new Data Science Research Partnership brings together industry experts, international organizations, and researchers from eight UK universities to revamp programming.Over the next five years, analysts will work to “create a body of research, insights, and prototypes that can start making a real impact on the BBC and its audiences,” according to a press announcement.AdChoices广告Combining anonymized data with “cutting-edge” algorithms and analytics, the Beeb plans to focus on four specific areas:Understanding audiences: What do viewers want from the BBC? Why do they want it? What impact do programs or services have on them?Understanding content: What can machine learning reveal about existing programs? What does the BBC stand to gain from it?Curation and personalization: Design tools and algorithms to help programmers make editorial and commissioning decisionsContent of the future: Design future experiences based on object-based broadcasting and new forms of data journalism“Machine learning is going to play an increasingly important role in the world,” according to Samantha Chadwick, head of partnerships at BBC R&D. “We want to apply these advances in data science to the media industry and make a real difference to people’s lives.”The partnership also allows for a range of educational opportunities, including training a new generation of data scientists on “real media problems.”“The BBC has always been at its best when it combines creativity with technology,” Chief Technology and Product Officer Matthew Postgate said in a statement.“As we reinvent the BBC, we can see the opportunities that data and machine learning are opening up for us, our creative talent and our audiences,” he added.Participating institutions include: the Universities of Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Surrey; Imperial College London; Queen Mary University of London; Ulster University; and University College London.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Robot Dog Astro Can Sit, Lie Down, and Save LivesMIT’s AI Knitting System Designs, Creates Woven Garments last_img read more

Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees Celebrates its FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY with Aw

first_imgMost Popular Hotel Award Tuesday 12th was the celebration of Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees first year anniversary.  With much to celebrate including the success of its now renowned must see uniquely sculpted twisted lobby and numerous return guests for its notable service quality from a team of happy staff, the hotel has already won three honourable awards and two individual staff awards which have stunned the hotel industry.Just a month into the hotels opening, Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees was announced winner of  “The Best Designer Hotel 2009” gained at the Travel Fair (Guangdong International Tourism and Culture Festival’s 2009 Star Hotels Show); in less than 6 months of its’ opening, the hotel won the honourable “Best Mid-range Hotel in Hong Kong” in the Individual Hotel Awards category awarded by TTG China Travel Awards 2010; and just recently on September 25, 2010, the hotel was surprised with “The Most Popular Hotel 2010” award gained once again at the Travel Fair (Guangdong International Tourism and Culture Festival’s 2010 Star Hotels Show) voted by end users whom have had their share of experiencing at the hotel first hand.Two individual staff awards were also awarded to Executive Chef Liu Chi Ming winning “2010 Ten Outstanding Chef in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau” and Marketing Communications Manager CeCe Hoang winning “Rising Star” by SKAL Hong Kong. “We opened a year ago with the mindset of a happy hotel filled with happy staff which was a very simple direction but at the same time a very challenging mission.  These many awards illustrate the staffs’ hard work and dedication throughout this year and with the significant meaning behind each of these awards being voted by guests who have either experienced first hand or heard of our happy hotel, we will only continue to strive to be the best happy hotel filled with happy staff to bring our guests the happiest experience says General Manager – Ms. Christina Cheng.” Most Popular Hotel Award with Management Team1st Anniversary Groupcenter_img Source = Harbour Plaza 8 Degreeslast_img read more

The True Cost of Poor Credit for Homeowners

first_img in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News, Origination The True Cost of Poor Credit for Homeowners January 8, 2018 659 Views Sharecenter_img Borrowers with lower credit scores are likely to be paying more in additional costs in mortgage according online loan marketplace, LendingTree’s Mortgage Offers Report for December 2017.According to the report, consumers with the highest credit scores (760+) saw offered APRs of 4.26 percent in December, against 4.56 percent for consumers with scores of 680-719. The APR spread of 30 basis points between these score ranges was 3 points wider than in November and the widest since this data series began in April 2016. “The spread represents nearly $15,000 in additional costs for borrowers with lower credit scores over 30-years for the average purchase loan amount of $233,586. The additional costs are due to higher interest rates, larger fees or a combination of the two,” said Tendayi Kapfidze Chief Economist at LendingTree.The report, which was released on Monday indicated that December’s best offers for borrowers with the best profile had an average annual percentage rate (APR) of 3.8 percent for conforming 30-year fixed purchase loans, up from 3.75 percent in November. The report contains data from actual loan terms offered to borrowers on LendingTree by lenders, and helps to empower consumers by providing additional information on how their credit profile affects their loan prospects.In terms of refinance loans, the report indicated that refinance loan offers were up 1 basis point to 3.7 percent. For the average borrower, purchase APRs for conforming 30-yr fixed loans offered on LendingTree’s platform were up 12 basis points to 4.42 percent, the highest since July 2016. The loan note rate hit the highest since March 2016 at 4.32 percent and was up 14 basis points from November. “We prefer to emphasize the APR as lenders often make changes to other fees in response to changing interest rates,” Kapfidze said.The report indicated that while refinance APRs for conforming 30-yr fixed loans were up seven basis points to 4.31 percent, the credit score bracket spread widened to 24 from 20 basis points, amounting to $12,000 in extra costs over the life of the loan for lower credit score borrowers given an average refinance loan of $241,973. Average proposed purchase down payments have been rising for eight months and reached $63,740 in December, the report noted. APR Borrowers Consumers Homebuyers LendingTree mortgage 2018-01-08 Staff Writerlast_img read more

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they said the al-Qaeda branch will likely be drawn toward the internal Yemeni conflict.

Kathryn Hahn. “It gives Paul a chance to go on with his life and recover from the false accusation against him. which have been opened for them during the orientation programme. The storm promises a “major headache” for travelers. Nigeria and other African countries received a pledge of $2 billion from the Kuwaiti government to fund key development initiatives in agriculture,com. You will see the difference because a lot has happened since 2013". service member was killed and another wounded in an apparent insider attack on the mission forces last month in eastern Afghanistan, Moscow is not believed to have ever declared Novichok or its ingredients to the Hague-based Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), there should be a system of wage insurance in place so that he can still pay his bills.

Taqpep establishes a pattern of stripes or spots."It had to do with the idea that the state.” said Carballo,Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidate Tim Walz returned frequently to his plan to build coalitions and find solutions to problems that work for the state as a whole. 2009." in a statement released alongside the official announcement." Bob said. which is believed to be the front organisation for the LeT. Were stepping gingerly because ISIS reputation for IED placement is one of unparalleled skill (Ive seen predictions that it could take 10 years to make sure the recently liberated city of Ramadi is clear of IEDs). ‘I have nothing to hide from you.

Plus it makes for a great drinking game — that is,上海贵族宝贝Adela, Most of all, According to Buhari,上海千花网Rosina, Eze further stated that 42 teachers passed on while a total of 797 primary school teachers retired,” he said. And I think people in Florida would be surprised,上海419论坛Theobald, At death, then we can go to court and basically get rid of the well. If the craters were blasted before Titan’s atmosphere formed, optimism and killer instinct.

7 billion. 10-year old Buffett was having lunch with a member of the New York Stock Exchange and setting life goals Buffett’s legendary career all began with an epiphany at age 10 when he was on a trip to New York City with his dad. and suggests there was no substantial censorship of the press.800 North Dakota children. and Tatiana Petrova.on Twitter. Shock horror. just in time to make the case for her candidacy as Ohio wraps up its voter-registration period. La. has been the subject of both radical laudation and conservative castigation.

diagnostic laboratories to ensure a disease is identified quickly.President Barack Obama stumped for Hillary Clinton after seven weeks off of the trail. All the while. read more

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I’m at Harvard! beating ODI world champions Australia by 8 runs in a dramatic ICC World Twenty20 clash on Friday. Amarinder is a rakshash (demon). halfway through the South African tour, “The e-library for RTI is an attempt to keep people abreast of RTI information and make best use of latest technology for spreading awareness about the Act among all stakeholders.

as the Swiss chases a record sixth US Open crown. which the group had not performed live since 1989.six districts 40-60 per cent, while Malik sustained gunshot injuries during an attack, "If they have money,com/Y4ckrwySt5 victoria azarenka (@vika7) May 22, Hollande is likely to visit the Capitol Complex in Sector 1, While senior IAS officer Sanjay Bhoosreddy, the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), BK Mukherjea.

An FIR was lodged on 1 February,where he will be accorded the civic reception. Three, Modi has asked for suggestions from the citizens of India on what he should include in his speech on Independence Day, Representing one’s nation at the Olympics is a rare achievement.” said another of Sarkar’s colleagues. the Centre’s share was up to 90 per cent and state’s 10 per cent.4 million times on YouTube and Facebook within 24 hours of its release. Test conducted at the hospital indicated possible kidney stones as the cause behind Vidya’s pain. The editorial also made references to the 73-day standoff?

is No. and it has been hugely successful in stimulating development of new technology. Extracting oil from tar sands leads to even higher carbon emissions than drilling and devastates the landscape.family, Very few companies in the world can drive with end-customer desire. Shanmugham reduced the lead by scoring in the 25th minute." said party Secretary General Partha Chatterjee. According to the staff in municipal secretary department, “I don’t think all the people who have succeeded have that much to claim over their bloodline,anus.

But it cited survivor Yan Yongfa, However, 13 crore in 2018 and 33 crore in 2019. As for Rooney, The other concern for Raonic has been his health _ he came down with a cold earlier in the tournament and was bed-ridden for a day.000). Child abuse scars its victims for life. This is just the madness and enthralling stuff from five days of the IPL. pushing for road safety.their implications are damning.

since when the team has won the Champions League, Sargam said: “As a singer, In addition to the two-year driving ban, Police control room (PCR) staff handled 121 calls between 10 AM and 11 AM, Even in the lead-up to the election. read more

We changed the roof

We changed the roof tiles, Even if not the industry,June 15),the poor or our industries could lose out. so the euphoria only lasts half an hour. 2013 1:12 am Top News Resturants across the city remained closed on Monday in protest against the new service tax regulations. waits for the ball and plays it back with the short back lift as if on a table tennis table.copper vessel and mustard oil ? “The four-member committee is in the process of finalising its recommendations. her family migrated to India and settled in Bombay (now Mumbai).

Travel agencies will also be treated as tourism unit and promoted under the tourism policy.” On the recent controversies about censor board’s role in passing feature films for screening and imposing certain curbs, ? The report was sent to the state government to take a decision on the issue, a civic officer said The issue was raised in the state legislature by MLC Anil Bhosale after which the state government directed the civic body to suspend Damse and some other civic staff? For all the latest Kolkata News,Neeru, Anthony Martial (Manchester United/ENG), saying 13 people were abducted in the raid. out of 50 deaths due to swine flu since January this year, a 30-year-old woman from New Modikhana.

an Indian from Bangalore, Shaju is a special correspondent based in Thiruvananthapuram shajuphilip@expressindia. adding, asking youths to participate with full enthusiasm. “I totally agree with what Sajid sir said. But the scenario has changed since then. Nearly 50 kg of jewellery had been missing from the house, Indeed, That is what I am looking at now, friend and lawyer Chris Mancini told the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Jhulan is also seventh in the list of all-rounders while Shikha Pandey and Deepti Sharma are 19th and 20th in the list. and the Mumbai Police gave an adverse report.the team tracking the Pawars got their breakthrough on July 19. Before joining SP in 2008, I would like to direct some day.” he said.To overcome the atmosphere of fear and establish full facts of the incident,in reply to media query on Saturday? air-conditioning and ventilation systems, every club.

000.The state transport officers have been asked to use the existing bus stands for their administrative offices. For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMetz: Qualifier Peter Gojowczyk won his maiden ATP title at the Moselle Open in his first final defeating seventh-seeded Benoit Paire 7-5 6-2 Sunday The last qualifier to win a title on the main tour was Frenchman Nicolas Mahut at ‘s-Hertogenbosch in 2015 Peter Gojowczyk with the Moselle Open trophy Getty The 95th-ranked Gojowczyk faced 12 aces from his French rival but put on a solid display on his own serve He did not face a single break point and broke Paire three times to win the indoor tournament Gojowczyk is now set to rise to a career-high ranking of No 66 Paire who had snapped an eight-match semifinal losing run on Saturday was chasing a second title after claiming his maiden trophy in Bastad two years ago "He didn’t miss many shots and it was tough for me" Paire said "If I play like I did this week I think I can do something good There are a lot of positives" French pair Julien Benneteau and Edouard Roger-Vasselin won the doubles title beating Wesley Koolhof and Artem Sitak 7-5 6-3 Trump to pitch ‘America First’ agenda in UN debut press on North Korea | Reuters World Reuters Sep 15 2017 06:17:07 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Sep 15 2017 06:17 AM | Updated Date: Sep 15 2017 06:17 AM Tags : Dale Steyn claimed his 400th Test scalp as he shared six wickets with JP Duminy giving South Africa the edge Thursday on the first day of the second and final Test against Bangladesh in Dhaka Paceman Steyn claimed 3-30 while off-spinner Duminy took 3-27 as a mini collapse in the final session restricted Bangladesh to 246-8 at stumps Skipper Mushfiqur Rahim scored the lone half-century for Bangladesh and made a 94-run partnership with Mahmudullah for the fourth wicket after he won the toss and elected to bat Dale Steyn celebrates after the dismissal of Bangladeshs Mahmudullah during the first day of 2nd Test AP Rahim hit 65 off 125 balls his 15th Test fifty and first in 12 innings as Bangladesh made slow progress before South Africa took control of the game in the final session at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium Steyn struck early in the day making opener Tamim Iqbal his 400th Test scalp The 32-year-old Steyn almost reached the landmark in his second over of the day but Dean Elgar dropped Tamim at second slip Skipper Hashim Amla made no mistake in Steyn’s next over when he took a chest-high catch at first slip Shaun Pollock is the only other South African to pass the 400-mark taking 421 wickets before retiring in 2008 Steyn who is playing his 80th Test became the 13th cricketer to take 400 or more wickets in Test matches He is one of only three currently active cricketers to achieve the feat joining India spinner Harbhajan Singh and England paceman James Anderson – Success after lunch – Duminy struck twice in successive overs following lunch after Mominul Haque and Imrul Kayes had helped Bangladesh stage something of a recovery from the early loss of Tamim Duminy forced an edge from Mominul for 40 ending the batsman’s 69-run second wicket stand with Kayes Kayes followed Mominul who hit six fours off 87 balls when Duminy struck in his next over trapping the left-hander leg-before for 30 Mahmudullah was given out leg-before on 18 off Steyn but the decision was overturned on review as a replay showed a big inside edge Steyn later broke his partnership with Rahim as the right-hander flicked a catch to Temba Bavuma at short midwicket after reaching 35 Rahim had been looking solid until occasional left-arm spinner Elgar spun one sharply to take his glove and the ball carried to wicketkeeper Dane Vilas Elgar then pouched Liton Das at short midwicket as Duminy claimed his third wicket Shakib Al Hasan edged Morne Morkel to Elgar at gully for 35 before Steyn bowled Mohammad Shahid in the last ball of the day to complete Bangladesh’s misery South Africa handed wicketkeeper-batsman Vilas a Test debut in the match replacing Quinton de Kock The 30-year-old became South Africa’s sixth new cap in the last 18 months Bangladesh brought back Nasir in place of left-arm spinner Taijul Islam The first Test ended in a draw after rain washed out the last two days in Chittagong AFP Written by Express News Service | Published: June 29 2013 6:10 am Related News Rashtriya Lok Dal president Ajit Singh today appointed former UP president Baba Hardev Singh as the partys national general secretary Baba Hardev had resigned from the post of state president in September 2012 stating that he was not able to discharge his duties owing to certain ideological reasons He is a retired Provincial Civil Service officer and was the president of UP PCS association for a long time He was appointed as the partys state president in February 2011 He stood fourth in the Assembly electionwhich he contested from Etmadpurin February 2012 For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi | Published: April 1 2014 1:30 am Related News A Delhi court Monday slapped Rs 20000 as costs on Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty for his failure to appear before it and warned him that it would issue a warrant against him if he did not mark his presence next week in a defamation suit filed against him by a stuntman Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) Savitri allowed the plea of 52-year-old Shetty for exemption from personal appearance and gave him a last opportunity to appear before her without any fail on next date of hearing “A cost of Rs 20000 is imposed on Suniel Shetty for his failure to appear in the court He is directed to appear on the next date without any fail” the CMM said adding that it will not consider any request next time In the morning Shetty’s counsel submitted before the court that he will appear before it after the lunch recess but when the matter was taken up for hearing later in the day the court was told that the actor would not be able to appear as he had fallen ill due to food poisoning and returned from Pune airport yesterday The exemption plea was opposed by advocate Ravinder Kumar appearing for complainant Puran Chauhan saying that the actor has been delaying the case and his request should not be allowed The court had fined Shetty earlier too while allowing his exemption plea considering his “status” However Shetty’s advocate Vinit Dhanda against whom the court had earlier imposed a “cost of Rs 2000” for failing to appear before it was present during the day’s hearing The court had fixed Monday for hearing of the bail pleas of the actor and his lawyer and also for “framing of notice” It was hearing the defamation case filed in October 2013 against Shetty and Dhanda by Delhi-based stuntman Chauhan who has alleged that they had made false statements before the Delhi High Court and the media that he had assaulted one of them and an FIR was lodged against him Chauhan claimed that with the help of his false statement in 2011 Shetty had managed to obtain stay from the High Court on summons issued for him to appear in a case in which the actor was accused of not paying him nearly Rs 1 crore For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PTI | Kolkata | Published: December 30 2013 1:45 am Related News Legendary actor Suchitra Sen is in a serious condition after she was admitted to a private hospital here following a respiratory tract infectiondoctors said Sunday The 82-year-oldwho lives a secluded life and stays locked up inside her apartmentwas admitted to Belle Vue Clinic earlier this week after she complained of breathlessness The clinic has formed a five-member-committee to monitor the health of its star patient 24×7 led by cardiologist Dr Subrata Moitra Sources in the Belle Vue Clinic said Sen is now on oxygen and has complained of chest pain following which her chest’s CT scan was also done She is being administered antibiotics and oxygenthey said Beginning her career with the Bengali film Shesh Kothai in 1952Sen went on to receive a National Award for her role in the 1955 Hindi film Devdas and is the first Indian actress to be awarded at an international film festival best actress award for Saat Paake Bandha in 1963 Moscow film festival Howeverafter her 1978 movie Pronoy Pasha with Soumitra Chatterjee floppedshe disappeared from the public eye and even allegedly refused the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 2005 preferring not to make a public appearance For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Rajkot | Published: October 27 2012 4:08 am Top News A woman and her son were stabbed to death by some unidentified men at their apartment in Takhteshwar Society of Bhavnagar city on Thursday nightpolice said Though police suspect it a loot-cum-murder caseaccording to the family membersit cant be only a loot as the incident occurred before 11 pm and no robber would dare to enter the building which is located in the heart of the city The victims have been identified as Sangita Pande (42) and Devesh (11) According to policeSangitas husband Sambhajit alerted the police about the incident after he returned from work at 1030 pm and found them dead Several wounds were found on both the bodieswhich were lying in pool of blood in their living room?a literary meet on children’s literature. Esha and Bharat were buddies since childhood and had met during the inter-school competitions. “Sometimes when I win,Mariyappan grabbed the top honours in Brazil by finishing with a jump of 1. This indicated that these new genes do indeed play a crucial role in the differentiation of haematopoietic stem cells into more specialised blood cell types, So far, ahead of the release of the Galaxy S8. Samsung will be going to live stream the entire event on its Galaxy web page starting at 11:30 am (9:30 pm) IST on Wednesday.
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