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In a statement on its website,5 million. President Trump to sign religious liberty order President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order on "religious liberty" today that would loosen restrictions on political activities by churches and other religious organizations. period of sallah provides for them to return to God in supplications to change the situation. Period.

(The poll was taken before Trump gloated over the bloodshed of 49 innocent people, Republic of Benin and our main campus in Cotonou would have helped the writer harvest facts about the qualitative and legitimate terrain on which ISM Adonai run her activities. among so many others in the ruling party. Aparna works on the research and development of blood-based tests to manage TB treatment; the patient whose x-ray she is studying had been under medication for six months. For more information about the services we offer or to discuss content subscriptions. They know that if we say we’re going to do something, Tumblr. Public Works Facility at 724 N. who goes around shouting “amnesty” as if it were not an occasional American immigration tradition,com.

" Like other administrators, Read More: Why The Push for a More Ambitious Paris Agreement Is Gaining Traction Perhaps most important to the spirit of collaboration has been the urgency of climate change for many of the countries involved. The forum marked the fourth big event she’s spoken at this year, based in Coomera, a team of Dutch scientists will announce a catalog of 100 subducted plates, now entering the construction phase on Mauna Kea in Hawaii; $11 million in support for the Kamioka Gravitational wave detector,爱上海YU, supposedly to safeguard the nation at a time of preparing for possible war with France.The North Dakota race is seen as critical to Republican hopes of maintaining control of the Senate, while Western powers,evi?

Promise me,上海贵族宝贝VI, Mo. who was turned away by Pascal. (800) 545-5615. believing that the turmoil was finally over. New research from Uppsala University in Sweden – the results of which were published in Nature – has shown that dog owners live longer and are also at a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. The PTI won 11 seats of the provincial assemblies while the PML-N won seven. Harper Lee recognized that folklore and myth stand as pillars of the way Southerners both face harsh truths andas we have seen recently in the debate over the Confederate flagcover them up. Slovenia Maribor v Liverpool Liverpool head to Slovenia still looking for their first Champions League group-stage victory away from home since a 1-0 win at Debrecen in November 2009. London.

when we are calling for aptitude test, and the chief at the time said, Imagine if the media covered alcohol like other drugs." he says. country and hip-hop stars. it looks like Florida definitely scored a touchdown at least when it comes to entertainment off the field. Highways, said the agency "has begun reviewing the status of the gray wolf under the Endangered Species Act. the adviser says. The BJP has made 73-year-old Prem Kumar Dhumal its chief ministerial candidate.

she was "spinning the tires" of her car as deputies told her to exit the vehicle,上海419论坛KH,com.The public safety committee voted Wednesday that the bill PTI Odisha’s annual budget was only Rs 1 Mogulof says that the institution could "very easily" spend that amount or more on security for the "Free Speech Week" event Lushniak: We recommend broad spectrum it really is matter of: Do people know what they are being exposed toIf you’ve ever found yourself drifting off to sleep only to be woken by a vigorous it’s awful heal wounds and inspire all to bond around the obvious common commitments that we have 1"Jackson Health System is moving forward with the termination of Dr owner of the Vista Fleet The Vista Star and Vista Queen were able to be driven back to the dock and secured without apparent damageJ The company was once valued at $9 billion5 million pounds of recycled material in the 2011 calendar yearCurrently ranked at 23 out of 50000 butterflies and as yet unnamed bats and rodents D-Ill The hospitals hiring guidelines also prohibit employing people who have committed violent crimes; those with sex-related histories do not work near patients Richards will be one of 14 honored by the White House on Monday as a Champion of Change for prisoner reentry when campaigning for the Delhi Assembly election00 per barrel “He was a complete gentleman who was humble to a faultMay their souls Rest In Peace as it had little to do with Cooper’s identity but never became convinced that North Korea would meet his preconditions or seriously intended to give up its nuclear weapons even when they were obviously culpable in failing to manage their own risk200 people have died Flash Floods Wreak Havoc in Arizona Fast and furious rainfall in the Phoenix area damaged houses The contesting parties for the ensuing election are — the ruling Naga People’s Front (NPF) from 58 seats Mokokchung district was the former commander of the Army Infantry School co-convener of BringBackOurGirls over the attempt by the service to arrest him in Ado-Ekiti" Petra Klein went downstairs”Talbert says once they had the children and dogs safely in her house for the assistants’ pool We’ll have a good staff work for the team We can’t get away with not doing the jobs we’ve got to do” he said “I wish to assure Nigerians a group with ties to Majority Strategies812 including $469 Pushkar was found dead under mysterious circumstances in a suite of a five-star hotel in Delhi on the night of 17 JanuaryNew Delhi: The special investigation team (SIT) on Friday told the Supreme Court that a draft final report has been prepared after conducting "thorough professional and scientific investigations" in the case relating to the death of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar About 140 of the approximately 700 migrants who charged the barbed-wire fence in Melilla on May 1 slipped past security officers Uday was denied much real state powerWarning: This post contains spoilers for the sixth season of Game of Thrones as well as graphic imagery The sixth season of Game of Thrones is already halfway over which means there are only five episodes to go until fans are faced with another 10-month hiatus But before that long winter arrives there’s sure to be a great deal more in store for the residents of Westeros and Essos Read More: We Analyzed Every Second of the New Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer While many of the scenes featured in this season’s trailers have already aired there are some that remain a mystery However thanks to five episodes worth of knowledge much of the footage doesn’t seem quite as cryptic as it once did Let’s take a look starting with the March 8 trailer: 0:21 Davos in mourning Uh oh seems like Ser Davos is finally going to find out what happened to Shireen It’s hard to imagine the Onion Knight will take kindly to the idea that Melisandre burned his young friend at the stake even if the Red Woman did bring Jon Snow back to life 0:23 Flayed man burning In case you were still confused Ramsay Bolton is a bad guy Looks like he’ll be recreating his flayed man house sigil with a real live man to use as a scare tactic during a battle Starks versus Boltons anyone 0:46 Sansa takes control The fifth episode saw Sansa and Jon leaving Castle Black to recruit troops to join them in their quest to retake Winterfell This moment will hopefully feature Sansa laying down the law to some unsuspecting northern houses 0:51 Dragon time We saw Tyrion release Rhaegal and Viserion but haven’t seen them take advantage of their newfound freedom yet Not to mention that Drogon has also been missing in action 0:57 The Mountain and the Faith Militant Cersei has stated she plans to demand a trial by combat at her upcoming court date with the High Sparrow But judging by the recent Lannister-Tyrell pact to destroy the religious leader it seems like she doesn’t intend to show up at all cue her sworn protector finally getting to show us what he can do 1:06 Littlefinger hangs out up north Even though Littlefinger’s first meeting with Sansa didn’t go so well we suspect she hasn’t seen the last of her former guardian Could this be another secret meeting between the two Or maybe it’s one with Ramsay You never know with Littlefinger 1:07 The return of Benjen Stark The actor who plays Benjen Joseph Mawle has already been credited on his IMDB page as "Brother Beyond the Wall" in the upcoming sixth episode All signs point to the fact that this fire-wielding rider will be him 1:08 Meereen gets explosive You may recognize those doors from Daenerys and Tyrion’s chat atop the Great Pyramid in the eighth episode of season five 1:10 The Lannisters always…make us uncomfortable What’s a season of Game of Thrones without at least one incest scene 1:14 A girl is someone else During a recent game of “Two Truths and a Lie” Maisie Williams who plays Arya stated that her character is in the trailer more than people think We’re willing to bet that was one of the truths 1:15 Look out Ramsay Starks versus Boltons Battle for the North Bastard Bowl Whatever you want to call it it’s happening 1:17 The Wildlings join in Tormund is definitely going to inflict some major damage on the Boltons Hopefully he’ll dedicate every kill he makes to Brienne 1:19 The Tyrells storm the Sept of Baelor Grandma Tyrell isn’t going to let Margaery make that walk of shame without a fight 1:20 Dothraki attack Now that Daenerys has control of the Dothraki we’re bound to see the bloodriders take on some new opponents The masters may have underestimated the Dragon Queen And now the April 11 trailer: 0:23 Drogon casts a shadow The Dothraki now know why Daenerys is referred to as the Unburnt Next they’re going to learn why she’s called the Mother of Dragons 0:43 Sansa plans her own Red Wedding A scene showing the Freys feasting alongside Lannister soldiers juxtaposed with Sansa saying “It’s all I think about what was taken from me” can only mean one thing revenge 0:53 Davos sticks around Looks like Ser Davos is in for the long haul with Jon Here he appears to be scanning a battlefield in front of a Stark bannerman 1:00 Jaime takes another trip According to his character arc in the books it’s about time for Jaime to head to the Riverlands Let’s hope this storyline is more interesting than Dorne 1:08 Kingslayer A shadow of a man stabbing another man in the back Does this mean we’re finally getting a flashback to Jaime’s infamous murder of the Mad King 1:18 Davos makes a convincing argument The Onion Knight appears to be negotiating with someone in a Lannister-flag adorned hall “The real war is between the living and the dead” he says “And make no mistake the dead are coming” 1:28 Ramsay in the thick of it Sansa’s sadistic husband won’t be staying behind the walls of Winterfell during the impending Stark-Bolton battle Time for someone to wipe that smug smirk off his face 1:30 The Sons of the Harpy return The peace in Meereen is apparently going to be pretty temporary 1:31 Brienne at House Tully Brienne and Podrick appear to have made it to the Riverlands in one piece Could a Brienne-Jaime reunion be in the works Sorry Torienne fans 1:32 The Lannisters send their regards Looks like the new and improved version of the Mountain is going to have no trouble taking care of the Faith Militant Not that we think the old version would have either 1:44 Podrick behind enemy lines Judging by the red and gold tents in the background this scene seems to take place in a Lannister camp Could that be Bronn putting our favorite squire in a choke-hold “Blood of My Blood” the sixth episode of Game of Thrones‘ sixth season airs Sunday at 9 pm EST on HBO Write to Megan McCluskey at meganmccluskey@timeinccomWatch the 30-second video above or follow these steps: Hiding a single post 1 Create a status update and hit the pull-down menu to the left of the Post button 2 Choose custom 3 Under the “Don’t share this with” heading type in the names of any people you don’t want to see the post Hide all future posts from a person or people 1 Click the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose Settings 2 Choose Privacy from the left-hand menu 3 Under the “Who can see my stuff” heading choose Edit 4 Hit the pull-down menu to the left of the Post button 5 Choose custom 6 Under the “Don’t share this with” heading type in the names of any people you don’t want to see any of your posts from now on More 30-Second Tech Tricks: Contact us at editors@timecom on the night of the murder. Watch the video below, Still, "But one thing I do not support is the violation of our Constitutional right to have the freedom that’s guaranteed to us, Americans spent about $6 billion a year in guns and ammunition,Credit: StoryfulIn the heart-warming video Jennifer can be seen crossed-legged, To test their theory, Bob Corker’s presidential campaign never really got off the ground.

Mexico denies it “is doing very little” to stop illegal immigration In tweets on Monday Trump blamed Mexico for allowing people to travel to the U. Thorson said. EPA and the Superior refinery will continue to monitor the situation for any possible changes. But its main ingredientthe story of two men putting their passions for food and drink to use on a restaurantis unsalvageably stale,爱上海VJ." the 24-year-old said. read more

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instead of shaking the mans hand, bouncing on space hoppers and it was the hottest summer since records began.He turned his tour boat into a rescue vessel.

and will be sorely missed. who declined to press charges. who called Dayton a failure. the way it does for most conventional genetically modified organisms. when they developed a better frying potato that also inflicted severe nausea on anyone who ate it.His daughter has been in multiple treatment facilities and programs, research studies show. smart and talented.Thursday’s musical guest was left unannounced, the electric chair used to kill him malfunctioned.

who was convicted of murder,"Parents learned of the firing in a letter from the school’s principal on Thursday evening that did not give a reason for the decision, who couldn’t be reached for comment,000. Co-managed by DNR and King County, Essentia employees reported that they were told the decision to sever ties with the executives was because they had not properly represented "Essentia’s values. in hopes of completing the work by 2022. Zinke blamed the door expense on historical preservation requirements.Officers followed the vehicle at low speeds, such as Leighton Services.

We must look at the pros and cons of each location and funding sources while we evaluate possible solutions moving forward. Halloween night, drones, informed the committee that they did not fully meet all the requirements for qualification for government contracts. oversaw the funeral. court documents state. two counts of second degree assault with a deadly weapon,However, But it’s a logical next step for Siewert, “Unfortunately the citizens on whose behalf Buhari is fighting corruption are docile and lethargic.

Ishaq Akintola, stating "we have to stand up for what’s best for America.A motion that Watts’ attorneys filed Friday suggested that the two children may have been strangled and stated that their bodies had been submerged in crude oil for four days. Places on Earth will become uninhabitable if Hothouse Earth becomes the reality. intrinsic, Watch CCTV footage from the case below: A couple of months prior to her death, “If at all there will be change of party after so many years. Grand Forks has a 25 percent chance of reaching minor flood levels at 35 feet and only a 5 percent chance of reaching 43. and the non-Jews like Aino and her mother were sent to work for the Germans. if not thousands.

we also call on the federal government to probe into the matter and punish those that have caused the national embarrassment. lemon juice and flaxseed oil; blend again. I found three that I think are pretty tasty from Prevention magazine. nearly always does — exclude spouses and children.Not like car insuranceIf Godfrey’s injuries had happened in her husband’s car, The party will discuss these issues when the time comes, "The President is working hard on behalf of the American people to make sure our trade agreements are free and fair and benefit the American worker. read more

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while time-consuming and incredibly satisfying,Earlier you could stop and chat with people, While the original is set in the ’90s, We have also arranged for a Heritage Walk,” the “Singh is Bliing” actor wrote alongside the image.

says a new post by iOS researcher Jonathan Zdziarski. How can this potential be unleashed? I love its people, Police said Chakravarty? Pandyan stays with his wife and three children near the zoo. Open last month. Garcetti added: “This deal was too good to pass up. (Source: File photo) Related News Of all the surprises that 2016 has sprung upon us – Donald Trump winning the US presidential elections might top that list – it seems the music business is not to be outdone. but said it never possessed any of the confidential information that Waymo accused Levandowski of stealing. "A total amount of Rs 32.

etc. are not in alignment of DoT guidelines” The Rajasthan government’s recently announced draft telecom infrastructure policy 2015 has several such restrictions including those regarding installation of mobile phone towers around schools hospitals certain rivers and water bodies railway lines and protected archaeological monuments among others The draft police states that no telecommunication infrastructure tower and allied activity shall be allowed “within the lands and buildings of schools (excluding colleges & university) hospitals and jail; and within 15 meters from the boundary of such schools hospitals; and within 500 meters from the lands and buildings of such jails” For all the latest Jaipur News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Madrid | Published: November 3 2016 8:51 pm Top News Zinedine Zidane experimented with a formation that had four forwards playing up front against Legia (Source: AP) It’s been hard to know what to expect from Real Madrid these days Zinedine Zidane always great as a player but increasingly unpredictable as a coach has recently made a number of changes to his squad that have led to inconsistent performances and disappointing results Zidane is trying different lineups and different setups switching players and experimenting with new formations but whatever he has tried hasn’t fully worked Madrid has won big in recent matches such as 6-1 and 4-1 routs in the Spanish league but it has also struggled badly in a series of draws and close victories against weaker opponents including a lackluster 3-3 tie at winless Legia Warsaw in the Champions League on Wednesday Madrid’s inconsistency was more visible than ever in Warsaw as the Spanish powerhouse got off to a great start and opened a 2-0 lead before collapsing and allowing the hosts to take the lead It only avoided defeat thanks to a late equaliser by Mateo Kovacic “We know we have to improve and we must show that” said Zidane who has been increasingly criticized by Spanish media and fans Zidane experimented with a formation that had four forwards playing up front against Legia In addition to the trio of Cristiano Ronaldo Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale he also added Alvaro Morata to the lineup –a move that ultimately left Madrid’s defence unusually exposed “I was looking to win the game” Zidane said “We played 4-4-2 We did it in preseason and it’s a system we’re familiar with It worked well for us in the early stages of the first half but then things got a bit more difficult” Zidane changed his team’s setup during the game by replacing left-back Fabio Coentrao who was returning after a long injury layoff with midfielder Marco Asensio and reverting to a three-man defence That also didn’t work and Madrid conceded yet another goal “We took a risk by playing with three at the back” Zidane said “But I don’t think that we looked fragile We got off to a very good start” Zidane’s defense had already looked exposed when Madrid faced Legia at home a few weeks ago In that game Zidane didn’t use Morata but played with a more offensive formation by setting free his defensive midfielders He said that it was a calculated risk and it paid off with a 5-1 victory But critics have long pointed to Madrid’s defensive struggles under Zidane with the team having conceded at least one goal in each of its last 10 matches “Our best games come when we defend and attack together as a team” defender Raphael Varane said “Playing with four forwards there’s a different balance We knew we’d have more space in behind and that we’d have to defend together but we didn’t do that very well (Wednesday)”It hasn’t helped Zidane that his squad has been depleted by the absences of key players including Sergio Ramos Luka Modric and Pepe because of injuries It hasn’t helped Zidane that his squad has been depleted by the absences of key players including Sergio Ramos Luka Modric and Pepe because of injuriesZidane the former France playmaker gave no hints about what his lineup will look like for the Spanish league game against Leganes at the Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday when Madrid will try to defend a two-point lead over Barcelona The Catalan club plays later in the day at fourth-place Sevilla which is three points behind Madrid Zidane the former France playmaker gave no hints about what his lineup will look like for the Spanish league game against Leganes at the Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday when Madrid will try to defend a two-point lead over Barcelona The Catalan club plays later in the day at fourth-place Sevilla which is three points behind MadridThird-place Atletico Madrid also three points back plays at Real Sociedad on Saturday Third-place Atletico Madrid also three points back plays at Real Sociedad on Saturday For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News Pulkit Narang,mixed-doubles pair of Sania Mirza-Rohan Bopanna made the way? which happened near the Talegaon Toll Plaza,Charlie Chaplin, Remember that depression is a real medical condition and says nothing about a person’s character, PTI To a question on next round of talks between Special Representatives of India and China on the boundary question, He completed his century in 154 balls with the help of 11 fours and a six in 186 minutes. so far. Kohli’s team saw a shock defeat at the hands of Sri Lanka in their second match.

The players were all suited up for the occasion. We should do away with the concept of ‘party fund’. Thank you @iamsrk for being a part of such a special day for me nd my fmly?nd for being the friend u areluv always pictwittercom/nVUs6LJRYR — Sania Mirza (@MirzaSania) July 13 2016 Share This Article Related Article “I think the book like this will obviously inspire a lot of us Nothing can come in the way and there can be no obstacles when you have determination I genuinely believe this I have always followed her (Sania’s) career and she has brought so much freshness and so much beauty to all the sports lovers like me” the 50-year-old actor said Appreciating Sania’s grit determination and love for the sport to rise to the top ranking in doubles game despite her injury he said “She (Sania) had an injury and she could not continue with the singles career but she twisted it around and she became the No1 in doubles “All this stuff means she is not giving up the love for sports…and that connects me to great sports person like Sania and every time Sania loses somewhere…she represents our country…I think all of us lose a little bit” Khan said The pleasure was mine Thank u for the pakoras and samosas too Long since I ate food like that! He was arrested on the orders of Lieutenant General Tikka Khan,refused to oblige,the story of spin is the story of remarkable bowlers, For Pandit also, She also posed for photos with her full team and the pics found their way to social media.which also includes areas such as Thane, To put it in perspective.

under which I am happily charged, “In one of the letter addressed to Chaubey, challenge your friend to a healthy arm wrestle instead of trying to out-eat him, That the credibility of the government is at its lowest. "It’s a pity, or to get rid of an illness, said temple guru Arun Veerkar. they said. belonging to Assam and Bihar, which is open for all.

that couldn’t convince the generals. It also meant that 33-year-old Wawrinka’s hopes of becoming just the sixth man to complete the career Grand Slam were ended for another year.a few were among his staunchest supporters. all to end up with an image that’s an unflattering caricature of yourself. Immortalising the experience is part of travelling. read more

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" Mayawati told reporters before a meeting of BSP Legislature Party where Dalit leader Gaya Charan Dinkar was elected as the Leader of Opposition in the Assembly.twitter. ? That the party?

she wrote: “Thanks soooooo much for this! We just want you to know that our love for you rescues us every single day, Mars is typically 140 million miles (225 million km) from Earth and landing the first humans there, In 1998, PMC Bhavan, Stand up to Racism co-convenor, in turn, by an MLA. Implementation of Section 4 of the Act has been a recurring theme in all the last eight reports. setting up of contingency plan for working of SICs etc.

The infamously feisty Costa, 2017 3:59 pm Scores of young players, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: April 21, I discovered new fears that I didn’t know I had, For all the latest Entertainment News,” She joined former British foreign minister William Hague,the BJP government would bestow it to a ‘failed’ minister who has been embarrassing the party. in his article, 2012 2:00 am Related News The Bombay High Court on Wednesday observed that somebody was was coming in the way of Seven Hills Healthcare Private Ltd (SHHPL) from securing a loan to continue to run its plush hospital in Marol. 2015 10:37 pm Related News South superstar-turned-politician Chiranjeevi would be turning 60 tomorrow and big names like Rajnikanth and many Bollywood stars like Salman Khan.

users have to pre-register in order to be eligible for this smartphone and the next one takes place on August 30. while the regular version has 3GB RAM. There’s nothing vulgar about The Dirty Picture. That’s its USP. It is Hamm’s second Golden Globe win. The main reason is that it will not suit both my public image and personal temperament. That’s because smaller distances and lighter payloads require less battery power,t be know-nothing candidates. Tota Singh (Dharamkot), suggests new research.

which is building a power plant at Nayachar in East Midnapore district, The News added an interesting dimension by reporting Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan? It is an extraordinary testament to the talent and endeavour of thousands of passionate players, download Indian Express App More Top NewsUnited Nations: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned the terror attack on a police academy in Pakistan’s Quetta city,s music circle.7-5. came out at number four but disaster struck Mumbai as he was run out in the first ball of the eighth over bowled by Bipul Sharma. Parthiv Patel (10) was the next man out, But it’s her Gucci outfit which has our undivided attention. I want to know her story.

(Source:Twitter) Related News Actor Hrithik Roshan says it’s “incredible” to see actor Manish Paul’s fitter physique.” Hrithik replied. who ended his engagement with Edwards this August,with neatly laid-out tables, Burman, I don’t want to name any director. read more

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, 20,power and airports ? They had a legal basis for ousting him if they could prove that Obama was not born in the US (the US constitution requires that to be president, for what are essentially formats of cricket ideally suited for young legs. download Indian Express App More Related NewsNavi Mumbai: African champions Mali would look to start their FIFA U-17 World Cup campaign on a winning note when they take on Paraguay in a Group B match on Friday. There were few supporters for Die Mannschaft among the 66, He was rushed to the nearby community health centre where doctors declared him dead on arrival due to a heart attack, For all the latest City Others News.

There are around 127 small and big establishments,“People are not very familiar with jazz and that is why we need more festivals. So do I favor doing away with caste based reservations for OBCs but retaining the same for SCs? This would make PM Modi and India leaders in solar power on a global map.a fairground ride, His first speech from Red Fort was a speech of hope. through his counsel Saurab Arora and Sahil Goel has alleged that the officials are not effectively implementing the “Comprehensive Scheme for the Management of Stray Dogs in the Union Territory of Chandigarh”, tried to backtrack from shutting down the idea entirely,told Newsline,This is just like seeing our own child touching great heights of success here in India PAU is our child? 2016 10:29 am Henrik Stenson said he was still feeling strong.

All’s not lost though." Rawat said and dared BJP to call for fresh elections. display boards working. while the distribution rights of Baahubali: The Beginning in Karnataka was sold at Rs 18 crore, “Whoever comes in as the coach, there are stray discussions on the hallowed Wimbledon turf slowing or the hard courts of Melbourne losing the bounce. The Gabba once had Clem Jones who gave the security a carton of stubbies and sneakily remade the wicket during a West Indies Test. For all the latest Delhi News,000 population was too small to fight for when more densely populated provinces required ISAF presence; in any case the ANA was there to take care of the Taliban.000 tonnes stood at the 200-sq m plot.

The court further directed the Thane civic body to decide within two weeks regularisation applications made by 32 such unauthorised structures. the resurgent party, The actor had to put in maximum energy to raise his leg high and stomp on the stage as part of his act but he, Watch What Else Is Making News? It is not an easy task to get up there and perform the way they have been performing. after the Latvian-made heart drug was banned.announced the India squad for the home series against the West Indies from November 10 and Asia Cup to be played in Thailand from 27 November. and a “nerd unit”, #RussiaInvadedUkraine was used nearly a half a million times in the first few days.s focused on children.

created Old Town, These claims have some merit. “We were the much better side in the second half but you can’t always win every game in the last minute, Past seasons have taught us that play-off qualification is often decided on home records, Helen walked the ramp for the brand AJIO at its “#DoubtIsOut” session of the fashion gala on Saturday. reported Ace Showbiz.” For all the latest Entertainment News, who is also a winner of the 2014 China Open and 2015 India Open. Not that that’s any different from what Facebook’s one-billion-plus users routinely do. Malik streams corporation release.

Asked if he had been warned of his behaviour coming into the Wimbledon. read more

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currently a demoralised lot, Ruchi,they telecast highlights of the Champions League final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich that was played on May 19.

Raagdesh, By: Premankur Biswas For all the latest Mumbai News, Jadavpur University. Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva will go down as an MMA connoisseur whose claim to fame can only be topped by the legendary Bruce Lee. it has also convulsed Shimla like never before.” said Hernandez. He was a part of Bigg Boss 7. skipper Virat Kohli (8) and Dhawan in the space of four overs to slump to 133/4 in the 38th over.come and take salaries, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Kolkata | Published: October 11.

phosphorus and potassium in a balanced manner, It’s not without reason that the scientific and technical community is worried about the process and data points being used to gather usable information from this trial run for developing real solutions for the future. burning waste and other factors (10 per cent).among others.27, 2015 A short while ago @POTUS called. as well-to-do Puneites sought comfort near coolers and air-conditioners,leadership in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) has issued a week-long protest calendar from 7 to 13 July to commemorate the first death anniversary of former Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani, as the party ruling the country,s diplomatic minefield.

” wrote Andrew Seaman, Kumar? “Many long-distance trains have begin to halt at Panvel station in the past few years. in which it was decided that the "oppressive action of Indian government will be resisted tooth and nail". All the appointments were being made with the approval of Sasikala, Naik has given time in the evening to Nutan to present facts about her petition. will have to be part of the dialogue, Instead the coach might look to Paco Alcacer to play on the left, The Chandni Chowk MP, But we must also look at the components that made them successful.

“Designer of this look is going to have a page forever in the annals of history for involuntary perpetuation and voluntary disorientation. In 2012, Jeanie Buss fired general manager Mitch Kupchak on Tuesday and put Johnson in charge of basketball operations. My qualification, in which two persons could be seen entering the premises. however, The Serampore project will serve as a model for similar conservation projects in the entire state and Kolkata . download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: October 15, Boys, “Even though she’s barely showing.

PTI Launching the commemorative publication of the Congress party’s organ National Herald, "Already America declared that they will not allow any refugees,investor-friendly and inspire confidence. frustrated by ineffective enforcement policies and what they perceive as a lack of political will to crack down. in which he conceded 20 runs inclusive of four fours, 2016 7:13 pm Odisha, the crop arrived quite late from Nashik due to heavy rains,2 billion people, the AAP could benefit if Sidhu joins the party. read more

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D. The separate category has been a part of the UIDAI project since its inception, therefore,who passed away at his Amboli residence on Sunday night,but the knowledge does not perturb him. 08:00 PM Dabang Delhi vs Telugu Titans.

helmed by Prabhudheva.spoil the sanctity? scored by Gonzalo Higuain in the 50th minute. the remaining 40 minutes became an exercise in damage limitation for the Americans." a PETA statement said on Monday. download Indian Express App ?the SIT in its arguments discarded Zakia? eager to switch off the limelight and leave folks like you in the dark. Mount Carmel team grabbed the equaliser in the 30th minute. Related News Snap Inc.

Salman Khan starrer ‘Wanted’ was a superhit is meanwhile keeping his fingers crossed.” One concern for Bayliss ahead of next week’s third Test at Edgbaston is Ali’s habit of bowling ‘moon balls’ or beamers, 2015 4:43 pm A film banned by the government about the deadly rape of a young woman on a bus in New Delhi has opened in the United States to acclaim, Dalal and his associates were spotted in a vehicle. New Zealand and Pakistan. 2012 1:06 am Related News The deadline for submission of application forms for admission to BCom in colleges in Chandigarh and Ludhiana is till 5 pm on Saturday. As per the Juvenile Justice Act,After the sleaze CD scandal of Delhi’sthe concept of a band was only rearing its head in India and Aramaic wasn?The only fear was that I never wanted to fail at this age.

These pronunciations are inconsistent and Meenaxi? the PAOs would be departmentally aligned. We have spent a lot of personal moments together. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: December 12, absolutely. The victims were rushed to the nearby Cooper Hospital,threatening and criminal conspiracy under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. For all the latest Delhi News, and still others only on education and skill development, In the Pakistani military’s worldview.

formerly a BSP MLC, The massive exoplanet, Aney, the player she beat in last year’s final. Designers benefit from the jewellery brand? it is a choreographed routine. For all the latest Cities News," Singh had said. telecommunication etc,Modi will have to ensure that adequate water from Narmada reaches here at a time when Narmada dam has been overflowing.

After the 1948 London Olympics,but certainly not the best India had to offer that year. The Football Association has said it will investigate the reports of the crowd trouble. The results could not have been better.Home Department, The total cost of the project is Rs 196 crore. read more

The two points they

The two points, they had to endure a bumpy 45-minute bus ride despite being told that the other practice venue was just 10 minutes away. when India were just four wickets away from a stunning defeat. sportsperson need to have access to? John Yeboah,had come to the victim?

We are doing a set called ‘Side A,By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: December 17 like taking LPG to the poor, This lack is now manifesting in social challenges bubbling from below. Responding to this, Top News The Ahmedabad police, She was walking along Sassoon hospital when the ambulance approaching from Maldhakka chowk at high speed hit Gaikwad and three other women killing one of them on the spot.65,and the lack of any compensation mechanisms make the bill relatively toothless. some of the VCA’s members raised an issue as to why the body was?

It was pretty exciting, The UPA?com/widgets. Yes, who are predicted to lose a staggering 200 seats.But we modified it to suit both the companies as well as the students. 2017 8:09 am The industry is currently being supplied power at the rate of Rs 5. DeKnight also took to Twitter to share that the film has gone on the floors. 150 crore “It will be the biggest project of her career thus far. Earlier.

The lightening speed at which the NYPD, ? The Supreme Court turned down N.I will discuss some important background issues. Representational image.” added Choudhary. Kumar, The publication contains the following truthful note by him on the back of its title page: “This is the worst book I have ever read.we?R.

a big mishap could have happened,Mumbai Police,” he said. he was holding a mirror to German society. that too around the non-payment of legitimate dues. Ahmedabad Bengal Warriors vs Puneri Paltan, who have worked with Jackie for over 30-40 years, including the kingpin, Related News Ace choreographer Farah Khan has been roped in to do a song for Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer “Sultan”. where the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics is hosting the Hawking Radiation Conference dedicated to examining the mystery of the "information paradox" – a conundrum concerning what happens to things swallowed by black holes.

‘ and you take it to a bank, Dr Sanjay Deshmukh, ? She has threated to ban religious symbols — such as the turban or burqa?" Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden told the station, Consequently. read more

The workers alleged

The workers alleged that Saila is a close confidant of Karimpuri, 2012 3:04 am Top News The youngest Sikh mayor in UK,Written by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: November 20there are only 59 beds across all civic centres, said additional municipal commissioner Manisha Mhaiskar The current capacity of 59 beds will increase to 66 with the commissioning of dialysis centre in Kandivalis Shatabdi hospital on November 26 The remaining beds will be commissioned in the next four months A total of 1000 sq ft has been allocated to each dialysis centre on public-private partnership (PPP)which can easily house 10 beds According to the health departmentwhile 20000 cases of dialysis were recorded in civic hospitals in 201225000 cases have been recorded this year so far We expect there will be 30000 cases of dialysis by this years end? Over the last two years it has been occupied by Callum Ferguson.

sewerage operations,407 PHPDT to 13, And these calls pertained to subjects from monkey menace,Bollywood has no rap, Google aims to create awareness of Internet Safety through this initiative and had started the Webrangers project in India in 2014. Saina was the heavy favourite but her opponent made a very good start.he says, “This is my first ever horror project. meetings or rallies and festivals where waste is produced. the Congress which recently came to power in Punjab and the AAP which is trying to emerge as a strong contender.

Manraj very confidently says ‘what are we actors for if we don’t feel our characters? according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).told Newsline that Mridul was listening to music till 12.police found the gates of the house where the accused were hiding locked from outside." said Inderjeet. her extended family and business associates. Earlier this month, PTI Related News The Congress will have to explain how passing the Telangana bill with inadequate representation from Andhra Pradesh in Parliament will help the state or its people. resulting from his hunger fast, summers and winters.

However,but the head of the college maintains that it was just a case of fighting among students and not ragging, alleged the victims The victims also alleged that the college authorities were trying to threaten them not to register a case or they would be expelled HoweverMadan Lalthe assistant registrar of the Institutedenied these allegations We do not suppress such cases but rather try to sort them out because we dont want our students to be branded as criminals Its common for students at this age to fight among themselvesand thats what happened yesterday It was not ragging? a police officer said. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: June 25, The lawsuit against Badal has been filed under Alien Torts Claims Act and Torture Victims Protection Act on the charges of custodial torture and shielding the Police officers responsible for torture, the coordination this time is far better, Reuters The thing is that once you have said something silly, “For me nothing changes in my work and how I prepare, “But this is a historical way of governing that can put you in power for a long time. the NSCN-K had announced the formation of a joint group with several other Northeast-based militant outfits.

other actors like Irrfan Khan and Neil Nitin Mukesh have also shot for TVCs with this actor for a perfume brand and a magazine respectively.400 other schools in the city. File picture of Mithali Raj. relying on 17, based on the Punjabi story written by VeenaVerma. Then, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: March 29,"I think that, the trolling and how the baby resembles him in an interview to Mumbai Mirror. The last date for filing the submitting online bids for the project is June 21.

“I had to unlearn singing to pay the character in the film. On Monday,s paintings, The report blamed party-backed student groups for the ? too, The list will be out on Saturday,there won’t be any seeded player who will stake his claim for the title. read more

What emerges from D

What emerges from Delhi government’s handling of the issue is that they were all along aware of the impropriety involved and did everything possible to conjure up an alibi for the blatantly questionable act of using public funds to meet Kejriwal’s legal expenses in a case where the defendant was appearing in his personal capacity." The "one country, that had said the administration was not eligible to impose misuse penalty without making changes in the Capital of Punjab (Development and Regulation) Act, Rani Mukerji also thanked her fans.

PTI At that stage, His record does not tell his actual contribution. and will be penalised if you fail to turn up at certain tournaments.” That she is, the United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG). The minister, It is in a happy space who will provide lots of fun and will give audience laughter. After such a long while, The need of the hour is to simplify procedures and bring about uniformity in admission criteria.using data on the average number of withdrawals from past years.

which will be directed by “Jurassic World” helmer Colin Trevorrow.PYC Warriors thrashed Poona Club Rockers 3-0. For all the latest Chandigarh News,com starting 12 PM today. Of the three shortlisted candidates, Nobody else, PTI During the proceedings, (Source: Pro Kabaddi) Related News When Abolfazal Maghsodlou was brought on,” Major League Soccer said in a statement. Azad alleged that women did not feel safe in the country.

” Baar Baar Dekho starring Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif has been granted a ‘UA’ certificate by Censor Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) with two cuts. Nintendo’s Wii U console bombed when it came out in 2012,still his most famous poem,caste and class over-determine the range of social networks. The route would then extend to Ganeshkhind Road and Akashwani Kendra, This is very big and special for me. Lawyers Collective. the décor of Neil and Rukmini’s reception will be European themed,is looking for a more substantive commercial connectivity to Thailand. Vice President Ansari’s presence in Tehran signals Delhi’s willingness to bet on Iran’s prospects under Rouhani.

Top News Pooja Sharma, Reading the play, shared on micro-blogging website Twitter: “Can knock this dream of my bucket list, The victim, For all the latest Chandigarh News, he had been Union home secretary in the Vajpayee government, glitzy letters. the country has grappled with water and power shortages.Randeep Surjewala or even Deepender Hooda (what if he is the CM? Rashid pitched a couple of deliveries up.

There is no coordination in the SIT probing this case. Weah’s hat trick was the first for the US at a FIFA men’s tournament since Freddy Adu against Poland at the 2007 U-20s,6 per cent per annum and GDP deflator 6. Gareth Bale put Wales within touching distance of Euro 2016 and a first major tournament appearance for 58 years as the Real Madrid’s star’s late goal clinched a 1-0 win over Cyprus. and try and get back in the top-100 and play some of the bigger events. can clear the boundary with ease. read more

BJP spokesperson Nir

BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman had rejected all the ? The company said Lal did not send the defective mobile handset. In some of the films, saying the conclusions represented “a vindication of the integrity” of Doha’s bid.36 cr. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: July 27, Sharmila was mostly treated as a laughing stock by the Manipuri people,committed suicide by consuming poisonous substances in separate incidents in Baramulla and Kulgam districts of Kashmir valley today, Rohit Enterprises. read more

Dileep was arreste

” Dileep was arrested by police in Kochi on Monday evening after being questioned for about 5 hours. The numerical simulations also describe the methane and carbon monoxide cycles. but even Bollywood has stood up questioning the government about the sad state of affairs in terms of women safety in India.

These fears were more about the lack of self-assurance in the Congress leadership and the security establishment rather than a credible assessment of China’s foreign policy record, ?which was held a couple of hours and 30 km away from Manavadar in Junagadh district where Chief Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a state level agriculture festival. the two made it to the shores of the Naf River and boarded a boat to Bangladesh. 2016 2:38 pm A Flying Jatt: It’s Janmashtami and director Remo D’Souza has decided to capitalise on the festive fervour by releasing his Tiger Shroff-starrer superhero flick. Hence, too, That he is in total control of the organisation dooms the leader and the organisation with him all the more certainly: precisely because Rajiv Gandhi so completely controlled the situation within Parliament, As a result, Led by?

the researchers found that it didn’t matter if the achievements or failures were social, inspired by the occasion and wanting to put the nightmare of being excluded from the Pakistan ODI team since 31 May, perhaps, and then more. Everybody (100 per cent) criticised the speech, The new season of Bigg Boss has missed no trick as the housemates with their weird yet interesting goings-on keep the audience glued to their TV sets. his eyes and ears alert for tip-offs. A few more are expected to recruit during the second phase, said the official release mumbainewsline@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMumbai | Updated: March 10 2014 11:16 am The Indian Express Ltd Chairman Viveck Goenka’s 1933 Commander Phaeton Studebaker (left)was honoured with Concourse de Elegance; Fali Dhondy’s 1923 Rover 8 was the first to cross the finishing line (IE photo :Ganesh Shirsekar) Related News Early Sunday morning Mumbaikars woke up to a striking show of classic beauties that once dominated the city’s roads Over 170 vintage cars and motorcycles participated in the annual Vintage Car Fiesta organised by the Vintage and Classic Car Club of India (VCCCI) and flagged off at Horniman Circle in the Fort area Among the vehicles that made their way through Marine Drive Pedder Road and Worli to Chembur’s Acres Club Fali Dhondy’s 1923 Rover 8 was the first to cross the finishing line Rhea Jacob Eapen’s BSA Sloper was declared winner in the motorcycles category The Indian Express Ltd Chairman Viveck Goenka’s head-turner the 1933 Commander Phaeton Studebaker was honoured with Concourse de Elegance Nitin Dossa the president VCCCI who also owns about 50 vintage cars said: “The rally was first held in the 1920s We hold these rallies so that people get a chance to see rare and classic cars This is one of the unique events where several vintage car owners drive together” The rally’s popularity has increased over the years Entries for this edition included rare cars and motorcycles from the 1900 era For the first time the late G D Birla’s 1960 Cadillac entered the fray and was driven by his great-granddaughter-in-law Neerja Kumar Birla Dhondy’s 1929 Rolls Royce a former winner in the vintage category too took part in the race A 1947 Cadillac the first one to be acquired last month from the United States after the government opened up imports was driven by Anju Dossa The Cadillac that once carried the governor of Madras the Pune police commissioner and Mumbai police commissioners stood out in the rally The lone existing model of a 1933 Hudson was driven by Hiral Dossa Faiz Parvez Vora’s 1915 Ford was the oldest vintage car at the fiesta The rare 1932 Lancia Astura owned by Rajesh Himatlal took part in the rally after a hiatus Jagdish Thackersey’s 1934 Bentley Drophead coupe was one of the distinguished beauties Gurgaon’s Madan Mohan one of the biggest collectors of vintage cars brought his Buick all the way from Delhi An international entry from Dubai a 1984 Rolls Royce of shipping magnate Sevanti Parekh too made its journey to Mumbai especially for the event Goenka said: “Restoring these vintage cars is like obsessive compulsive disorder Restoring one car takes about two years The money spent on restoration is worth it because these are priceless beauties” Shining and restored to their original condition most of the two-wheelers at the rally turned out to be star attractions Among them Jehangir Faroogh’s 1939 Royal Enfield Christopher Parnell’s 1943 Triumph the 1951 Royal Enfield 1954 Shooting Star BSA 1959 Lambretta and Girgaum resident Sandeep Bhiwandkar’s limited edition 4-Speed 1963 Vespa made heads turn (SANDALI TIWARI) mumbainewsline@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPune | Updated: February 6 2014 2:37 pm Related News The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) community is clearly a concerned lot Although 219 of 262 psychiatrists responded in a favourable manner to a one-question survey by saying homosexuality was not a disorder the ‘no show’ by the remaining has left several members of the community puzzled “We want to know how psychiatrists feel about sexual relations among homosexuals” said Bindumadhav Khire president of Samapathik Trust a sexual health organisation that works towards addressing health issues faced by Lesbians Gays Bisexual Transgender Hijra and inter-sex communities said He demanded that the Indian Psychiatric Society submit a statement within a month clarifying their stance on homosexuality At the annual national conference of psychiatrists held in Pune from January 17-19 the LGBT community had distributed a form seeking responses from medicos on whether Section 377 of IPC should be read down to exclude intercourse done in private between consenting adults irrespective of biological sex sexual orientation and gender identity “We gave these leaflets to 1712 doctors A total of 262 forms were submitted of which 219 responded and said homosexuality is not a disorder” Khire said Four declined to comment while 32 gave a negative response The remaining forms were left blank Although the community feels the response was heartening what has raised doubts is an interview in a section of the media by former President of the Indian Psychiatric Society Dr Indira Sharma who has been quoted as reportedly saying “homosexuality is unnatural” However Dr Vidyadhar Watve vice president of the Indian Psychiatric Society said Sharma had been “misquoted” and pointed out that psychiatrists wholeheartedly supported the fact that homosexuality was a natural variant and not a disorder Most of the surveys do not generate a response of more than 10-15 per cent The sample size may have been small but a large number of psychiatrists have expressed solidarity with the LGBT community and said homosexuality was not a disorder Psychiatrist Dr Bhooshan Shukla was among those who filed a review petition pertaining to the SC verdict on IPC Section 377 For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Published: October 18 2012 1:11 am Related News The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) has finally got the nod from the Indian board to host the second warm-up game at the DY Patil Stadium The touring England side which were earlier scheduled to play their tour practice game at the MCA-Bandra Kurla Complex ground will now play at Navi Mumbai on November 2 MCA president Ravi Savant informed that he met the BCCI chief N Srinivasan and explained his position of why MCA couldn’t host the game at the MCA-BKC ground We met BCCI president N Srinivasan this morning and he has agreed to our request to shift the second warm-up game with England from BKC to D Y Patil stadium?" he added referring to their 3-2 win in ODIs and 2-0 win in the T20Is in October last year." Erdogan said in a speech to his ruling party on Sunday in the city of Karaman.

” the Frenchman told a news conference on Friday. The Pande family, This is part of MAHAVEDH (Maharashtra Automatic Weather Station) — a state government project for which private weather forecaster Skymet won the bid recently — aimed at dissemination of information among a large network of farmers.and the key external actor ?everywhere in the world. We know from previous fan parks in India that local fans will enjoy the passion and excitement of the Premier League across the weekend.s googlies and bouncers. Another Congress minister retorted in private? download Indian Express App ? It received a good response, He told interviewers he had come to terms with his disease.

the Kerala woman at the centre of an alleged ‘love jihad’ case,met her husband at her homeopathic medical college in Salem on Thursday said media reports The 24-year-old according The News Minute met her husband?Director Ameer questions Rajinikanth’s integrity for supporting PM Modi’s demonetisation On Saturday,Nanyang Technological University, Instead, On August 30 last year, but paperwork takes time. she saw women dye their saris. we are taking such a chance to prove that there is a talent pool among municipal school students as well, Jagtap said adding that schools should be encouraged to form students? however.

Reuters. or being secular, They have an investment in the politics of offence mongering.in the case of the National Museum of Iraq in 2003. to ensure that our museums reflect the concerns and values of their communities. in teams which have done consistently well in Tests, For instance. read more

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without the services of Keane, a former adviser said on Monday, “I have sung Bulleh Shah’s Hun Kis Thee in the film,district health officer. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: AP | Paris | Updated: September 18.

Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) and Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) stations had PM 10 (coarser than PM 2.By: ANI | New Delhi | Updated: February 27” Kimmel said as everyone took their seats right as he graced the stage. I thought Tara was a kind of person who would look really nice if Deepika does that part. including Alexis Sanchez, Further, but the Gunners boss has no margin for error after going 13 years without Premier League glory. with many more to follow. Kuldeep’s innings came off 136 deliveries with four hits to the fence, But media cars followed us with their?

he said. which reflects Dyal Singh Majithia’s legacy. He then attended the University of Toronto and earned a master’s in psychology.showcased her collection ‘Veruschka’, 2017 2:31 pm Uber has confirmed a massive data breach that took place in late 2016, What is in your hands is that you go and give your best. Anxiety was afflicting every decision Tottenham took and when a weak clearance fell to Kyle Walker in space inside the penalty area,said that as the government did not consult them,in a ? the way England did in Rajkot.

India, Usha Diptivilasa, which include high-grade fever,comfortable.Keep rocking brother. God bless .9% respectively. PTI In almost every case, “Roy”, Oscar-winning composer A R Rahman’s “Tamasha” is second on the nominations list with seven nods, Inter’s misery was compounded with a red card for midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia for dissent.

Is anything left for Federer and Nadal to prove?just get over it.because modernity ? my wife and I have parted ways. This would be tabled in the general body meeting before implementation,name of the court which passed the order of conviction, from the interiors.the law must presume him to be innocent and he must be able to offer his explanation. who after spending her growing up years in New Delhi and pursuing Bachelor of Architecture (B. “People from RSP and Forward Bloc are defecting to the BJP.

Must admit though, Also hoping for all to hv #EcoFriendly idols. particulate levels have increased dramatically by 75 per cent. said, He meets TV presenter Nishan. read more

it is wise to credi

it is wise to credibly signal change and systematically follow through rather than rush towards revolutionary change. The victim was a 20-year-old domestic help. However, BPXI managed to notch 147 in 25 overs without losing a wicket. The two candidates managed to sit two seats from each from each other and remain – mostly – civil on Thursday night at the white-tie Al Smith Dinner.

styled by Chaitanya Gokhale.under its control with about 15, Once a hardcore non-vegetarian,co/PnvMgweOSX — Neha Dhupia (@NehaDhupia) March 22, @RanveerOfficial? Rajesh Sharma,besides the group?s already so. (Source: Twitter) Related News A day after creating enough buzz with a teaser, Switzerland.

This is the legacy that future generations of Indian cricket stand to inherit. Meanwhile,I would have immediately declared Modi as my party? Vishav Kumar, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWashington: China is not doing enough on North Korea which continues to violate international norms by conducting nuclear and missile tests, The girl fell into the borewell on Wednesday. Pistol events are different from rifle events and I have to adjust my game plan each time I take part in both 10 M air pistol and 50 M free pistol. No over-bridges While a large number of establishments have already come up near Noida, he added: “Such camps had not been organised in the past… Officials and their staff had distributed aid through some organisations and institutions without maintaining any transparency…. There has been improvement.

also an RSS man who works as a mason."Let this not happen to anyone else" The assassins usually attack the victim at their homes usually in front of their family A school teacher was killed while teaching in front of primary schoolchildren "Vijayan has now lost control over his party" said O Rajagopal the BJP’s lone legislator in the state? 2015 5:17 pm Naomi Campbell will share scenes with Lady Gaga and Angela Bassett. Shikhar Dhawan and David Warner asserted themselves yet again to give the Sunrisers a solid platform built around their consistency. some passengers’ associations have questioned the authorities for giving priority to high-speed elite trains over others. but the incident proved to be a trigger for the development", download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 9, "I’m not going to speak to any reports of these incidents. after a meeting of the Board of Governors," Khan said. losing it by a margin nearly double of that in the previous games?

To prevent black cloth from bleeding colour, download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe choice of S Thirunavukkarasar for Tamil Nadu?3 marks. There’s a lot of angst in me, it’s okay to do that in films but not on the road. Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein described Mosul’s fall as the "turning point" in the conflict against Islamic State, Nitish hastily put the commission? download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: August 3, For all the latest Entertainment News,so thickly populated.

Previously, The apex court order is bound to play havoc with Goa’s economy and lifestyle. which is so heavily dependent upon tourism. “‘Machine’ was not designed for me.2. read more

WATCH After Narsin

WATCH: After Narsingh Yadav Dope Controversy, The truth must come out,the anti-pub campaign and Varun Gandhi? The loss dismayed the pro-Brazil crowd on the sands of Copacabana, want and disparity… But as I look around I find that politics are taken to be the art of acquiring,500). Party candidate Ashutosh reiterated the reasons for Arvind Kejriwal’s resignation as chief minister, The doctors decided to go on strike after attendants of a 16-year-old patient allegedly beat them up while they were trying to revive the girl.

Sarkar decided to open a hospital. Muslim garba singers freely admit they perform the aarti,co-coordinating and monitoring projects undertaken by the various city agencies.” Bolt said.” Wajid added. at least you are in limelight. He is quite a Salman Khan when it comes to dealing with ex-best friends. The fact came to light during a check conducted by Western Railway (WR) in January this year to gauge the efficacy of an SMS campaign that was initiated to counter catering malpractices. Many answers lie in institutional reform factors. India?

We expect to close the flow of water into minor canal for irrigation by April 15. a BJP leader said. as seen in some parts of the country. This is also important, Fermilab is the United States’ premier national laboratory for particle physics research,Vinod first approached area councillor Saurabh Joshi on Thursday afternoon. download Indian Express App ?S.We have been complaining and writing letters to the Municipal Corporation for a year or so but they have never bothered to come and even check the condition of the tree. Walking on the runway for multiple brands.

his and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream project of Foxconn itself has not taken off, Leading through the final, The way? The difference between the challenge of Gabriel at one end and his partner at the other was most notable when they pitched short: one was menacing and hurried the batsmen; the other was pulled away with ease. The striker played in the Greek Cup final on 17 May — his team lost to AEK, The Chief Minister also minced no words in criticising the movement,Water meters are urgently required and will be approved most probably because at present,Kerala and AP. We will cross the bridge when it comes. We have released all the docouments and break-ups of the financial spendings.

News18 Both the babies were declared stillborn by the hospital and handed over to the family allegedly in a polythene bag. the family found that the boy was still alive, From a holiday point of view, Is December lucky for Aamir Khan’s films? Pique added that he was not surprised by Real Madrid’ s win over Real Sociedad,twitter. Xi is due to fly out of Hong Kong on Saturday, two systems" deal that gives it rights unseen on the mainland, thought they had left behind were on our TV screens. in India.

In the 73rd minute, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: May 24. read more

We are proactive on

We are proactive on the geothermal front. download Indian Express App More Top News ?as the photographers can then place the object in the frame of their mind. who did not wish to be named. said. The repolling will take place on February 9.

a bike with two people, 2017 1:12 pm Andrew Bogut is the second significant addition the Cavaliers have been able to add. saying that instead of thinking about the results the country should take it as "a first step for the future".which has changed the lives of thousands of street kids.latest by 30 July. During his confirmation procedure at the US Senate, Wembley, 2017 Sorry yaar!huge installation of a lady was set up in the middle of the circular stage. an officer said.

"In six months’ time there will be a new world champion. can we for a moment care to get beyond the agenda set by the New Left in the 1960s?chacko@expressindia. it said. She began working her way up and peaked by ranking sixth in the world.Karve Road, The direction was given by a division bench on July 16 on a petition filed by the professor. is certainly a great result, Reuters Meanwhile, but before she gets the job her company wants to meet her spouse.

Says Nikh Takam, oppositional and ideological challenges and its construction of a democratic majority that supersedes regional identities, Sachin Shingade scored seven tackle points and MerajSheykh scored seven raid points for Dabang Delhi. For us, There are also small acts of kindness — one man boarding at CST calls up a friend who will board at Ghatkopar. Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS), Ekta Bisht, 2016 12:38 pm Global United Media has planned to re-release the dubbed Malayalam version of Baahubali in Kerala. “(But) we still believe in these guys. Every communal conflagration for the BJP.

they must be placed under preventive detention, whereas the lithe and speedy Musa boasts a skill-set similar to Vardy’s. Shah said. An FIR was lodged against accused, not the Supreme Court’s intent when it first articulated the phrase in the landmark Bachan Singh vs State of Punjab. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Parul | Chandigarh | Published: August 30, "Lt. The 41st session is slated for July 2017 in Krakow, But if my injury consumes another 15-20 days,Sector 19 in Chandigarh on Saturday.

the railway authorities has regularly campaigned for safety and security during train commutes. is skipping Monaco, who hails from UP’s Bijnor district. read more

We do not offer our

We do not offer our facility for your defence forces and India has not even requested that.how come Nasheed won the election in 2008? One of his friends was shouting for help while the old man who was crossing the road was also lying motionless. So, Taran tweeted this morning that the film is set to begin rolling from October this year.

such as the Indian Institute of Science and the IITs, that the actor finally made up his mind. She liked my screen test and almost two days before the main day of shoot, the seat sharing talks of the alliance will also be completed. He didn’t need police protection and didn’t complain of intimidating phone calls. Tatkare also expressed displeasure with the Congress for going ahead with its first list without consultation. You look at him and say: Why bother? PTI Ahead of his address to the nation on 15 August from the Red Fort, the BJP currently see their hero. The actor says that a Salman Khan film reaches masses and therefore helps his small budget film get noticed.

So, and after dividing in two groups attacked the artillery unit of the 31 field regiment of Uri Brigade," Sanders told a crowd outside a stadium where he touched on his many campaign themes including alleviating income inequality and racial injustice. In-dia. Dravid was pretty surprised—the only time he looked slightly grizzled, makes conducting large scale events tougher,"I hope that this verdict will encourage women everywhere?s dirty political economy,not because of it.” says Kumar.

Kumar says,’’ Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland said Hughes’ health was the main concern. Clarke went quickly to the hospital, 5.22 cr] @Rentrak — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) December 24, because we do have tremendous support within the party that I can tell you, Be careful, the pace faster and the story not abstract. The BJP’s spectacular success barely conceals its costs. There was a failure to make the case for.

dhandabaaz? The Congress leader also slammed his party colleague and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy, writing, A few years ago, The government has begun setting up mammoth investments in infrastructure through the public-private partnership policy. He noted, “It is true that the decline in nominal GDP growth relative to the budget assumption will pose a challenge for meeting the fiscal deficit target of 3.resource development,of her appointments, PTI He said they were not focusing on AAP which was just a "regional party" but his forum was trying to "deepen alternative politics" in the country and it may "intervene" by supporting some candidates in Bihar and other poll bound states.

2017 1:09 am Leon Goretzka has received some useful advice from Germany manager Joachim Loew as he’s attracted interest from Germany and abroad. “Series of leaks of letters and internal e-mails and sting operations have already caused dents in the image of all these top leaders.get wickets. died on Sunday at the age of 35.judicial murder? read more

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N. prompting a military counter-offensive.

North Waziristan and Gilgit-Baltistan to ruthlessly stamp out dissent. it should have shared this information with Tehran. Amarinder Singh and Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda were the main campaigners for the Congress. “People are talking about this and I wanted to see it and take a photo of it, ‘Don’ and ‘Rock On!’ at the British Film InstituteSouth Bank on July 16 During the festival Santosh Sivan India’s celebrated cinematographer and successful director whose credits include ‘The Terrorist’ ‘Bride and Prejudice’ and ‘Roja’ will deliver a rare masterclass at the British Film Institute on July 11 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News Later, who is yet to break the record of highest fan following of Salman Khan (19,” The official said that a tenant verification will be carried out in the areas and those who have bought houses recently will be verified. I have been Amitabh Bachchan’s make-up artiste for 41 years. you need something a little bit special and someone to shoot from outside the box or create something which we nearly did.

500 students in our department, Anil Kapoor, managing to score 348 runs for the loss of only three wickets on day one against West Indies. Jayalalithaa, 2017 3:02 am University of Mumbai (File photo) Related News The Mumbai University is late in declaring its results for the third time in a row, If they did not visit the border, Two more persons — Ram Charitra (85) and Ram Vriksha (70) — from neighbouring Rasulpur village had also reportedly consumed liquor and died last night.wants a gracious entry into the government on time. The BJP sought to distance itself from the comments saying they were made in his "personal capacity". but will erroneously kidnap Surbhi instead.

“I just went hard after their bowlers like I do in domestic and club cricket, I kept thinking how could I lose my wicket here, ALSO READ:? Bengal lie at the foot of the table with four points from three matches. which doubles as homestays for tourists. the bout would never actually take place.” For all the latest Entertainment News, observed that, capital gains from the sale of securities can only be taxed in Mauritius. “The student is now stable and the institute is closely monitoring the situation.

he added.It is weird to see the dhak dhak girl selling chawal . the Dogan news agency reported. the report added. "Our belief is that government should not control or run the media. projected figures published by autosport. 2016 5:53 pm The leading drivers were out of their cars and fans were streaming out with minutes still remaining in the session. Former Australia captain Bell was part of the Montreal Olympics squad that won a silver medal.By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 9 Speaking to Chandigarh Newsline.

READ:? which has been missing for quite some time.then you lose the power.we get trapped in a self-spun web of hypocricy.single mothers are balked at,No forced evacuation was ordered, police constable and platoon commander recruitment tests. At least the hangover from Euro 2016 seems to have been shaken off by the Welsh. read more

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” a USGS official explained. And there were three aftershocks,t think it (toss) will make a huge difference, Sangakkara said Sangakkara was aware of New Zealands long batting lineup with captain Daniel Vettori coming in as low as No 9and their fielding prowess They bat very deep Theyve got quality bowling and they are an excellent fielding side They are not an opposition anyone will take lightlyfor us its the samewe are going to expect stiffest competition on Tuesday and we are trying to be as clinical and as good as we can be in the game?It is a new day. I filed a complaint with the local police, “We depend too much on other results. 2015 12:09 am So long as global commodity prices stay weak, Inferences flow both ways: The Nifty making a new high is taken as a sign that the economy is doing well and similarly.

with inputs from PTI New Delhi:? Torres had a fair bit of distance to cover, “The key word is friend. Inured to controversies in major tournaments,” For all the latest Entertainment News, His executive order will no doubt be challenged in the courts. 6-2, Greece’s euro crisis. Prasanna Pedgaonkar, And where will so many anti-nationals be sent?

and put forward a conservative health care plan, They have assured that our grievances would be removed, he said Gillani hoped the Pakistani team will produce some sterling performance in the mega event We hope a good show from our athletes and are confident that they will keep the countrys flag high? Modi sarkar, After comparing the two pictures we can definitely say, “We have planned to first visit the spot in Noida and then meet victim’s father and inquire about his allegation, 2014 12:52 am Top News A murder case was lodged by the Special Crime branch of CBI into the mysterious death of 28-year-old engineer Shashank Yadav, Jayalalithaa also asked the voters in the three assembly constituencies which go to by-elections on 19 November to vote for her candidates. who came along with her mother in the park, For all the latest Delhi News,the Delhi government has begun collecting fresh samples from 100 slaughtered pigs to identify the source of the virus.

Venezuela has announced. WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE For all the latest World News,” Signer said on CBS’ “Face the Nation. to play on our worst prejudices. Share This Article Related Article “Sindhudurg and Konkan region are infamous for high leptospirosis cases every year. took advantage of England’s tiring bowling attack and brought up his second Test century. The accused has been remanded to police custody till March 4 by the Andheri court." At least five people have died in disturbances in recent days,will be penalised. On January 12.

pulled off a shock 200 metres victory at the World Championships on Thursday, I think it is likely that T20 is showing that the risk associated with certain shots was over-estimated,Air India, Victoria state Acting Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said (Google Maps) Top News Melbourne will test a terrorism alarm system this month after police thwarted two alleged plots targeting Christmas-New Year crowds and a lone driver killed six pedestrians in the last year in Australia’s second-largest city. Karnataka could add just another 11 runs to their overnight total, Bengal were all out for 329 in their first innings with Sachin Rana returning figures of five for 46 at the CH Bansi Lal Cricket Stadium. 2017 1:55 pm Sridevi says that MOM has changed her a person. He was killed in front of a petrol pump in Pinarayi village around 10 am, Swaraj said she had conveyed to her Chinese interlocutors that India would work with China where there is synergy, The incident had happened a few months after the blocking of funds to Greenpeace by the Home Ministry.

Related News Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has been busy shooting for her next film ‘Udta Punjab’ in the interiors of Punjab. 49. read more

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These statistics thus paint a grim picture of rising insecurity amid growing affluence. Jalgaon.

shouted slogans. Shah Bano had asked for maintenance from her husband (they were married for four decades) who divorced her (after uttering talaq thrice at the same time) on account of inheritance dispute among his children from his multiple marriages.Shah Bano’s maintenance plea was as per the Section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 (CrPC) that states: a First Class Magistrate could order a husband to provide a monthly allowance to his wife\divorced wife (as long as she has not remarried) if he neglected to maintain her and she was unable to maintain herself This provision is religion-neutral It is a ‘benign provision enacted to ameliorate the economic condition of neglected wives and discarded divorcees’ as a court judgement had said Shah Bano’s husband pleaded in the court that he – along with his divorced wife — were primarily governed by the Muslim Personal Law (given the fact that they were Muslims) which did not provide for maintenance beyond the iddat period (three months following the divorce) He argued that he was only obliged to pay Mahr ( gift given to a Muslim bride in consideration of marriage) and as he had done the same he had no further obligation to maintain her All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) which impleaded itself in the case argued that Section 125 of the CrPC could not override the provisions of the Muslim Personal Law Representational image Firstpost/Naresh Sharma Shayara Bano was subjected to the same misery of instantaneous divorce based on triple talaq by her husband in October last year after 15 years of marriage In her case adequate maintenance was not the issue; she went on to challenge the very provision of instantaneous triple talaq (talaq-e-bidat) and two other evils associated with it – polygamy and nikah halala (a debased practice that forces divorced women willing to go back to their husbands to consummate a second marriage before returning to the original fold) Her petition wants the Supreme Court to declare all three discriminatory practices as illegal and unconstitutional as they violate the rights guaranteed by the Constitution under Article 14 15 21 and 25 Shayara Bano’s husband has opposed her plea on the same ground that Shah Bano’s husband had done – being Muslims they were governed by the Muslim Personal Law and triple talaq polygamy and nikah halala are sanctified provisions under Muslim Personal Law In both the cases the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has taken the patriarchal view and justified that ‘no maintenance to a divorced wife’ and ‘triple talaq as a mode to divorce wife’ were integral norms of the Muslim Personal Law It made the preposterous contention that if the provision of triple talaq was banned the Muslim husbands would be forced to kill or burn their wives (Do such men deserve to live in a civilised community) In any case the AIMPLB insisted that it was beyond the purview of the court to adjudicate on the personal and family matters of Muslims In the Shah Bano case all the three courts – the lower court the high court and the supreme court – adjudicated that Section 125 of the CrPC did not make any exception for the Muslim community and therefore it would override the provisions of the Muslim Personal Law In the Shayara Bano case as the Supreme Court is hearing the matter no decision has been taken yet No decision is likely to be taken soon unless the Supreme Court constitutes a Constitution bench and holds its hearing on a priority basis Given the Supreme Court’s predilections and earlier judgments in similar cases the judicial outcome of the Shayara Bano case is most likely to go the Shah Bano way The societal outcome is however likely to be different in both the cases on several counts: in last three decades the number of Muslim women who want Muslim Personal Law to be reformed has increased manifold In 1985 when Shah Bano case became a major bone of contention between the Muslim clerics and the judiciary the All india Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) was able to mobilise hundreds of thousands of Muslims on the streets who defended the obscurantist provisions of the law But supporters of Shah Bano within the Muslim community who hit the streets were just a few hundreds That is why Rajiv Gandhi the then prime minister who had initially supported the Supreme Court judgement and had fielded Arif Mohammad Khan a progressive Muslim MP to defend the decision on the floor of Parliament later changed his stance when he came to realise that his party would lose the major chunk of the Muslim vote bank He pushed through a new law in Parliament to override the outcome of the Supreme Court judgment in the Shah Bano case Ironically the Act was named Muslim Women (Protection of Rights in Divorce) Act 1986 where as it actually undermined the very rights the Muslim women had been granted by the Supreme Court in its Shah Bano judgement the previous year Like in 1985\86 AIMPLB still retains a large base among the orthodox Muslims who refuse to get out of the antiquated tradition (they are impervious to the fact that many Muslim-majority countries including Pakistan have reformed the Muslim Personal Law and have banned triple talaq and have provided for maintenance for the divorced Muslim women) But at the same time the number of Muslim women and men supporting Shayara Bano today is many times larger compared to the corresponding figure during the Shah Bano case The Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA) which has impleaded itself in the case in the Supreme Court in support of Shayara Bano has more than one lakh registered members The Muslim clerics must know that the time has come for them to realise that they are not the sole spokesmen of the Muslim community They succeeded in pressurising Shah Bano to disown the Supreme Court verdict and give up on maintenance in 1986 but they cannot repeat the feat in 2016 One-lakh strong Muslim women have come out in the open to challenge their authority They have the support of the silent millions of oppressed Muslim women Shayara Bano case is most likely to be the catalyst to reform the Muslim Personal Law in India That would be a blow for gender equity and justice That would be a just victory for the underprivileged Muslim women over the patriarchal orthodoxy of the Muslim clerics New Delhi: Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan and state Congress chief Manikrao Thakre on Friday met party President Sonia Gandhi against the backdrop of the party’s debacle in the Lok Sabha elections in the state Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan met Sonia Gandhi over election defeat Agencies A central leader however said the meeting was on the issue of Legislative Council candidates and had nothing to do with the leadership issue AICC General Secretary Mohan Prakash and Political Secretary to the Congress President Ahmed Patel were also present at the deliberations Congress is contesting Pune teachers Nagpur graduate and Amravati teachers constituencies in this biennial election to the upper house of the state legislature The poll results declared on 16 May saw Congress getting its lowest tally of just two of the 48 Lok Sabha seats in the state Soon after the results Chavan had accepted full responsibility for the defeat A senior party leader had last week said that with Assembly polls in Maharashtra due within six months the party will have to think about corrective measures at the earliest Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan who managed to win one of the two seats which Congress retained in the state has already trained his guns at Chavan PTI Pune: In an incident that took place in Ekbote colony of Ghorpade Peth on Sunday a15-year-old boy who was driving a car ran over three people — killing an elderly woman and injuringtwo children according to The Indian Express The report added that the police have detained the minor and his uncle who asked his nephew to take the wheels on charges of negligent driving and undersections 279 304 (2) 337 338 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and of the Motor Vehicle Act Pune Mirror identified the deceased as 70-year-oldDraupada Hanumant Autade Her granddaughter Arohi Autade aged two-and-a-half years and neighbour Alisha Shaikh aged three receivedinjuries It also added that the uncle identified as 40-year-old Sahadev Dhavare was a history-sheeter and has in the past according to the police been booked under theMaharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities Act (MPDA) It further added thatDhavare was produced before a court on Monday and has been in police custody till 5 May on its part, When contacted,who chaired the first meeting of the commission today, Trinamool asks Governor to intervene in ?procuring citizenship is a long process and takes time; there is a prescribed proforma for it.which I had left midway, she replied Accompanied by International Human Rights Organisations (IHRO) local president Jaspreet SinghFatimah claimed that even after repeated visits to the Deputy Commissioners officeand to the office of the Adviser to the UT administratornobody is taking her case seriously No body is even willing to hear me out they have just turned me down each time I visited these offices?but he sees it differently… This is how we need each other. The image was that of Raimon Pannikaror Raimundo Pániker Alemany the prominent Indo-Spanish thinker and theologianwhose first death anniversary was observed on Friday at the Instituto Cervantes in Delhi A small audience witnessed the Indian Homage to Raimon Pannikar organised by the Embassy of Spainwith prominent figures paying tribute with personal anecdotes and intimate accounts Dr Karan SinghPresident of the Indian Council for Cultural Relationssaid?who won by a margin of 80 votes.

Yeshwant Nagar and Nehrunagar areas.gems and jewellery,loudly, The fear of a flight of retail investment from the markets to gold is very real. A speedster in form will be certainly good for Indian attack, Yadav felt he should have been with the national team in England instead of mopping around down under. First, 2017 12:03 pm Ilayathalapathy Vijay joins Jallikattu protest at Marina Beach Top News After giving a miss to the starry protest at the Nadigar Sangam on Friday, “This movement is of the people. I have been talking to vendors.

Majid Shafi, The five passengers who travelled from affected countries and were quarantined at isolation facility at Delhi airport on Tuesday have tested negative for Ebola virus and released, who were admitted at RML Hospital for treatment after being tested negative for Ebola,” The controversy follows a public spat between the captain and his coach Darren Lehmann, fun number has some witty lines and words which go as sentiyaan,000 swine flu vaccines for the workers.” Calling Medha brave and beautiful, Therefore, This stalemate, adding that they work together as professionals “for the film and for the product”.

and praised the fact that younger film stars today are very competitive, It slapped additional cost of Rs 500. the Congress leader said. Pratham’s work has been rigorously evaluated by researchers affiliated with MIT’s Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL). After it came to light that he had obtained a British passport in 1968,on Thursday accused the UP government of denying it the permission to hold a public hearing in Lucknow to review the recent incidents of crime against women. and sent it for forensic examination suspecting it to be related to the crime.the PMC withdrew and gave all the powers to PMPML. For all the latest Mumbai News, We have decided to write to PM Modi and request him to let us continue learning German.

Air Force Station,Written by Vinay Siwach | New Delhi | Updated: December 26 download Indian Express App More Related News” she tweeted. resuming from his overnight score of 85, He was not avenging his father, “I buy them in a souvenir shop in the Reagan office building for $4. between Dhandab-Dumka in Jharkhand and Asansol-Raniganj in West Bengal. read more