Moscai selects 20 players for Hungarys OG preparations

← Previous Story Ostarcevic moves to Tremblay! Next Story → Women’s Junior WCh begins in Czech Republic! Lajos Mocsai selected 20 Hungarians for the preparations for the upcoming Olympic Games. From them, he will have to choose only 14 that will travel to London. The list is the following:Nándor FAZEKAS (Veszprém)Szilveszter LISZKAI (Veszprém)Roland MIKLER (Szeged) Hungarylondon 2012mocsaiolympic games Péter GULYÁS (Veszprém)Gergely HARSÁNYI (Tatabánya)Tamás IVÁNCSIK (Veszprém)Gábor ANCSIN (Szeged)Balázs LALUSKA (Veszprém)Tamás MOCSAI (Hannover)László NAGY (Barcelone)Gábor CSÁSZÁR (Veszprém)Máté LÉKAI (Szeged)Kornél NAGY (Dunkerque)Timuzsin SCHUCH (Veszprém)Szabolcs SZÖLLŐSI (Csurgó)Szabolcs ZUBAI (Szeged)Ferenc ILYÉS (Veszprém)Carlos PÉREZ (Veszprém)Barna PUTICS (Gummersbach)Gergő IVÁNCSIK (Veszprém)Attila VADKERTI (Szeged) read more

SNOW HANDBALL in Argentina is the handball story of October

← Previous Story ASOBAL: Perfect Barca – 10 games 10 victories! Next Story → Swiss Wacker Thun sign playmaker Nikola Dokic “SNOW HANDBALL” IN ARGENTINA (35%, 155 Votes)SKOPJE’S FORTRESS (21%, 93 Votes)HUNGARIAN OCTOBER (19%, 84 Votes)HOLLYWOOD IN KIELCE (14%, 64 Votes)UWE SAID “NO” TO KIEL AND BARCA (6%, 29 Votes)WCH 2019 TO DENMARK AND GERMANY (4%, 19 Votes)STARS TO MISS EHF EURO 2014 (1%, 4 Votes)Total Voters: 448 visitors voted for the “SNOW HANDBALL” in Argentina as the HANDBALL STORY of October. New discipline of handball invented in South America, hopefully, will get a lot of fans across the world in the upcoming years…HANDBALL STORY of October 2013? Argentina handballsnow handball read more


← Previous Story WORLD BEST YOUNG FEMALE LINE PLAYER 2013/2014 Next Story → New Challenge Cup winner to be decided in Sweden Following the huge success of the World Best Players and Handball PERSON contests and with the clear vision to praise and recognize the potential of some young – new forces in our sport, after WORLD BEST YOUNG MALE PLAYER, organize the voting Contest for the WORLD BEST YOUNG FEMALE PLAYER 2013/2014. Seven handball journalists from Norway, Denmark, Spain, France, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia made the nominations of 21 players (three per position). The last member of Jury are the visitors of, which votes will be included in the final result.Contest including the players born in 1992 and younger.Please vote for the WORLD BEST YOUNG until June 5:Goalkeepers: Jovana Risovic(ZRK Radnicki Kragujevac – Serbia), Cecilie Greve (HC Odense – Denmark), Marina Vukcevic (ZRK Buducnost Podgorica– Montenegro) VOTELeft wings: Sonja Frey (Thuringer – Austria), Fie Woller (Midtjylland – Denmark), Dorina Korsos (Gyor – Hungary) VOTELeft backs: Estavana Polman (Esbjerg – Netherlands), Kinga Klivinyi (ERD – Hungary), Lois Abbingh (Oldenburg – Netherlands) VOTEPlaymakers: Deborah Nunes  (Metodista Sao Bernardo – Brasil), Daria Dmitrieva (Dinamo Volgograd – Russia), Grace Zaadi  (Metz handball – France) VOTERight backs: Louise Burgaard  (Viborg HK – Denmark), Szimonetta Planéta (Győri Audi ETO KC – Hungary), Stine Skogrand (Tertnes – Norway) VOTERight wings: Anna Vyakhireva (Zvezda – Russia), Sara Ristovska (ZRK Metalurg – Macedonia),Marit Røsberg Jacobsen (Byasen – Norway) VOTELine-players: Katarina Jezic (ZRK Buducnost – Montenegro), Linn Blohm (IK Savehof – Sweden), Szederke Sirián  (Győri Audi ETO KC – Hungary) VOTEJury members:Zorica Radojkovic (, Serbia)Patrick Andersen (Denmark, Grcman (SIOL, Slovenia)Nicolas Chardon – ( TEAM (France)Jelena Bagaric ( – Croatia)Stig Nygard (TV 2, Norway)Ibolya Szekeres (Time Out Magazine, Hungary) read more

FTC smash Buducnost in one of the toughest night in Moraca hall

5. Thüringer HC7205178:195(-17)4 4. Metz Handball7304180:161(19)6 6. Astrakhanochka7007163:240(-77)0 1. HC Vardar7610219:180(39)13 2. FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria7511209:189(20)11 ← Previous Story Powerful SG Flensburg give no chance to Wisla in Plock! Next Story → VIDEO: Veszprem witnessed Ristovski’s “crazy mode” 3. Buducnost7403193:177(16)8 PHOTO: ZRK Buducnost One of the toughest places to play handball in women’s handball – “Moraca” hall in Podgorica, witnessed impressive night of Hungarian FTC who smashed domestic ZRK Buducnost 33:25 (19:9). Victory of Hungarian second best team had also historic context, as this is the third biggest home defeat ever in history of two times EHF Champions League winners led by coach Dragan Adzic.Zita Szuscsanszki and Katarina Bulatovic share the title of TOP scorer with seven goals for their teams.TOP 5 HOME DEFEATS OF ZRK BUDUCNOST PODGORICA:Valencia 26:40 (1997/98)Oltchim Valcea 21:32 (2007/2008)FTC 25:33 (16/17) and RK Krim Mercator 19:27 (2002/2003)Gyor 25:31 (2006/2007)Despite bad form, Montenegrian girls are on the good way to qualify for the 1/4 finals.STANDINGS: read more

Theyre back Here are 8 questions were asking ahead of the new

first_imgBE HONEST, YOU’VE missed the politicians over the summer haven’t you? What? No? Well tough because the Dáil and Seanad return this week and it’s promising to be a bumper term.Predicting what’s going to happen isn’t easy. There are known unknowns as one prominent US politician once said.This time last year who could have predicted that the case of Savita Halappanavar would lead to Ireland legislating for abortion for the first time?That’s why we’re certain there will be stories that break in the coming months that will reshape the government and the Dáil’s agenda but here are a few things we can expect and a few questions we’re asking ahead of the return of TDs and Senators on Wednesday.1. Will the Seanad be abolished?An early test for the government is of course the Seanad referendum on 4 October. Opinion polls indicate it could be a tight vote which is why Fianna Fáil is sure to hammering its message home while Sinn Féin forms an unusual and awkward alliance with the government.Of course expect the Seanad itself to spend a lot of time talking about its future during the free-f0r-all Order of Business where Senators will be making statements they hope can land them a few seconds on Oireachtas Report.It’s also worth remembering the other referendum, the one to establish a Court of Appeal. Given there is currently no vocal opposition to it it is inconceivable that the referendum won’t pass, but as the children’s referendum shows these things are often close-run affairs.Defeat on this would be disastrous for the government as would defeat in the Seanad referendum particularly given the resources Fine Gael in particular is ploughing into its campaign.2. What will Budget 2014 bring?Right after we decide the fate the Seanad we’ll be examining what pain the latest austerity budget is going to inflict. By the end of this month we should know the scale of the Budget adjustment but it seems likely it will now be less than the €3.1 billion that the Troika wants.Labour and Fine Gael are likely to be at odds over whether its closer to €2 billion or closer to €3 billion with various ministers scrapping over how much money they must take of their departments.There will be leaks, there will be calls from the opposition to stop the leaks, the government will say that nothing is decided until everything is decided and then come 15 October all will become clear.Don’t underestimate the possibility of a cut, hidden in the documentation, being so unpalatable that it is reversed.3. How will Labour cope with growing unease within the party?Divisions between Eamon Gilmore and Joan Burton were made clear in Pat Leahy’s new book ‘The Price of Power’ but with local elections looming Labour as a whole is clearly trying to distance itself from austerity. One must only look at the comments from the Tánaiste about “austerity hawks” last week.Though unlikely the possibility that the party might pull out of government cannot be ruled out entirely if it can’t agree on the Budget. Though that is not likely it is more realistic to think that the junior coalition partner, having lost TDs in each of the last two budgets, will lose more.It will also be interesting to observe how the party tries to distinguish itself from Fine Gael in the hope of avoiding a wipeout in the local and European elections next year.4. What impact will the Dáil reforms have?The government is hoping that by the first week of October the Dáil will be starting its business earlier and will be sitting for longer. Earlier starts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays will come in addition to other changes in the way legislation is considered.All going well, we could have our first Europe Week in November and members of the public will be giving their input to committees on proposed legislation. But the opposition is still likely to be complaining about the government’s control over the Dáil’s agenda.5. How vocal will the Reform Alliance be?The grouping of TDs and Senators expelled from the Fine Gael parliamentary party will have it tough just trying to have their voices heard in the Dáil chamber with no automatic speaking rights.Expect the Reform Alliance, as they’re calling themselves, to be more vocal outside of the Dáil than inside it.But it will be interesting to see generally how much of a problem they will pose to Fine Gael and the government. And with Brian Walsh already excluding himself from the group how allied will the alliance be by the end of the year?6. Will Leaders’ Questions be the same old, same old?While Leaders’ Questions mostly involves Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin having a go at the government while the government brings up Gerry Adams’s past and Fianna Fáil’s time in government in response, questions posed by Technical Group deputies have usually elicited the best responses from the Taoiseach and Tánaiste in recent months.With Wicklow independent Stephen Donnelly being one of the two to pose questions this term it will be interesting to see if he gets up the noses of government as much as he has done at finance questions.And what impact will the big clock have on curtailing TDs who go overtime?7. Will we exit the bailout and will there be another one?The State is on course to exit the bailout programme at the end of this year but there is still another Troika review where the same old problems of health overspending, high unemployment, and failure to implement reforms will probably come up.There’s no doubt that there has been progress made on a number of fronts by the government but will it be enough to satisfy our EU/IMF overlords?The likelihood is that Ireland will exit the bailout programme but enter some sort of agreement whereby it has access to a line of funding that would act as a safety net or overdraft in the event that we run into more economic difficulties.Expect Michael Noonan to inform the Dáil of the intricacies of all this and expect the opposition to complain about the lack of detail and/or not being informed earlier.8. Will a solution be found to the Priory Hall issue?The tragic suicide of Fiachra Daly has put the issue of Priory Hall firmly back on the agenda and with the Taoiseach promising to do something about it the families will hope that a solution comes in the next few months.We can be sure that the opposition parties will seek to make political hay out of the issue and raise it as much as possible in the Dáil.Pics: Photocall Ireland and Press AssociationLike politics? Then why not ‘Like’ Politics on Facebook to keep up to date with all that’s happening in and outside of Leinster House.Read: Here’s how the Dáil will pass legislation if the Seanad is abolishedRead: Government pledges that TDs will sit earlier and for longerAgainst the clock: Large screens to show TDs how long they can speak forlast_img read more

Facebook network can predict if youll get dumped within next 60 days

first_img Meet Ron Fisher, the SoftBank executive who awarded WeWork a $47 billion valuation months before it delayed its $10 billion IPO THIS IS EITHER useful or terrifying, depending on how the data affect you: Researchers at Facebook and Cornell University have figured out a formula that predicts whether a couple is likely to break up within the next 60 days.Jon Kleinberg, a computer scientist at Cornell, and Lars Backstrom, a senior engineer at Facebook, took a dataset of 1.3 million Facebook users who listed that they were in a relationship. They were actually looking for a formula that could predict which users were in relationships with each other.They found that the shape, or “dispersion,” of your friends network is the key. You might expect that a cluster of mutual friends indicates two people are in a relationship but the opposite is the case: You’re more likely to have cluster of mutual coworkers listing each other as friends than a couple.Instead, when two people have widely dispersed clusters that are linked mostly via the couple, that is the main predictor of whether you’re in a relationship. Here’s what it looks like:Cornell University LibraryIn this diagram, “you” are at the center. The two dense clusters of friends are coworkers and college friends. The blue dot in the lower left is the significant other — he or she is at a remove from most of your friends but has links to many of them.The dispersion formula makes it easier to guess who is in a relationship with whom.But when the formula guesses incorrectly, that means a couple is more likely to break up soon, the researchers say:We find that relationships on which recursive dispersion fails to correctly identify the partner are significantly more likely to transition to ‘single’ status over a 60- day period. This effect holds across all relationship ages and is particularly pronounced for relationships up to 12 months in age; here the transition probability is roughly 50% greater when recursive dispersion fails to recognise the partner.Here’s what that looks like in a chart:Cornell University LibraryThe red line shows incorrect guesses by the formula. When it fails to spot a couple based on dispersion, that couple has a much higher likelihood of breaking up within the next five months, the data suggest.- Jim Edwards“No-one gets married in a castle unless they own it”: Mother-in-law’s email goes viral>Hook-up app is back – under a new name>Column: Should you stay friends with your ex?> Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore brownface and a turban during an ‘Arabian Nights’ themed party in 2001 A major whistleblower complaint at the US’s top spy agency involves a Trump phone call with a ‘promise’ to a foreign leader Since right after World War II, the president’s national security adviser has an unparalleled ability to influence events worldwide last_img read more

Gilmore We were determined that Ireland would be Europes success story

first_imgTánaiste to meet Peter Robinson to discuss sport and peace>Gilmore: Vacant social housing stock is a problem, but we’re fixing it> TÁNAISTE EAMON GILMORE said today it is a “good time to have great hope and ambition for Ireland”.Speaking at SDLP Annual Conference he spoke about how the Troika had paid their final visit to Dublin this week, stating that the past two and a half years have been a “tough, exacting and, at times, frustrating”.He said:The economic collapse affected every person in the country. It affected employment, pay and services. It affected confidence. It affected Ireland’s reputation. It affected the capacity of the Government to make the level of investment in an all-island economy that we would have liked to make.Bright futureHe added:But we were determined – determined that Ireland would, once again, offer its people a secure future, a bright future.Determined that Ireland would be Europe’s success story. He said it was this drive to be a success story that the government took “decisive action to recapitalise and restructure our banks” and why they “insisted on re-writing the terms and conditions of our bail-out, and we tore up the Anglo Irish Bank promissory note”, he said.He added:That is why we have not shirked our deficit targets. That is why we instigated major reform of our welfare services, so that we do not have – as we did in the nineties – years of jobless growth.Gilmore said that the Ireland’s future was something to look forward to, stating: “This is a good time to have great hope and ambition for Ireland.”Northern IrelandThe Tánaiste also renewed the government’s commitment to reconcilition stating that at the 15th anniversary of the Agreement both sides need to “take stock of where we are in terms of peace and reconciliation, potential and prosperity a decade and a half after the transformational moment of the signing of the Agreement”.Gilmore said there had been “astounding progress” made in Northern Ireland since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement but said that it had been a “fraught year for community and political relations”. He added:It is now a time to have honest conversations about the causes of strains and stresses, about the ongoing hurt of so many and about the political and societal absences which confound matters at best and aggravate them at worst.… We need to reaffirm our commitment to fundamental principles on which the peace process was founded:  power-sharing, equality; ending division; human rights; parity of esteem; support for the rule of law and for the devolved institutions; and the continued shared responsibility of the two Governments to act as co-guarantors of the Good Friday Agreement.last_img read more

When Nelson Mandela danced to The Corrs in Galway video

first_imgIN 2003, NELSON Mandela visited Ireland when we hosted the Special Olympics.As part of his visit, he travelled to NUI Galway to receive an honorary degree.The Corrs played at an event after the ceremony. Nelson Mandela was, quite literally, first on the dancefloor.He rolled out his trademark dance – known as the Madiba Jive – for those in attendance. Source: rockartMEDIAHe wasn’t alone on the dancefloor for long.RIP Nelson Mandela.via RedditNelson Mandela’s funeral to be held December 15>‘We are in struggle because we value life and love all humanity’: Mandela’s address to the Dáil>last_img read more

People still joining credit unions but fewer are taking out loans

first_imgCREDIT UNIONS ARE still as popular as ever, adding more members and more deposits in the last year, but people are borrowing less.Yearly figures released by the Irish League of Credit Unions shows that membership of the league’s 380 institutions increased by about 20,000 this year.Deposits on hand also increased, with members saving over one per cent more in the year up until September. The movement now has €10.5 billion in assets.The good news was tempered by the figures that show loans – the primary money-maker for credit unions – are down.Year-on-year, lending is down 10.5 per cent, with €1.6 billion having been lent out in the year up to September.ILCU chief executive Kieron Brennan said that the drop in lending was a “general thing”.“In recession, people generally pull their horns in and notice where they are overexposed.”He said that last week’s survey on Christmas showed some recovery in the sector, with people set to borrow more in the run-up to the festive season.He added that the impact of the Personal Insolvency Scheme on credit unions was “overstated”, saying that many members would not carry enough debt to be written off by the service.Read: Over €31 million in deposits were taken from Newbridge CU in 18 monthsRead: Explainer: What is going on with the Credit Union?last_img read more

Lostprophets singer jailed for child sex crimes loses appeal bid

first_imgBRITISH ROCKER IAN Watkins of the band Lostprophets failed today in a bid to reduce his 35-year jail sentence for a string of child sex crimes including the attempted rape of a baby.Court of Appeal judges in Cardiff told the 37-year-old singer they would not grant leave for appeal.“These offences against children were of shocking depravity… a very lengthy prison sentence was demanded,” said Christopher Pitchford, one of the judges considering the bid. Court of Appeal judges (Left – right) Mr Justice Griffith Williams, Lord Justice Pitchford and Mrs Justice Simler as former Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins appeals his sentence.Last year, judge John Royce handed Watkins a 29-year jail term as well as an additional six years on licence after he admitted 13 offences, saying he had “plumbed new depths of depravity”.One of Watkins’ two female accomplices also had her appeal bid turned down.The singer, whose now-defunct band sold millions of albums around the world, plotted the abuse of two children with their own mothers in a series of text and Internet messages.After sexually touching one groupie’s 11-month-old baby son, the heavily-tattooed rocker then tried to have penetrative sex with the child.He also encouraged a second fan to abuse her female child during a webcam chat and secretly stashed child porn videos, some of which he had made himself.- © AFP, 2014Read: Ian Watkins sentenced to 35 years in prison for child sex abuse>Read: Lostprophets lead singer pleads guilty to attempted baby rape>last_img read more

Armed robbers hold GameStop staff at gunpoint make off with 100 copies

first_imgEveryone expected Activision’s latest Call of Duty title to launch big after the record-smashing success of Modern Warfare 2… but I’m not sure anyone expected the launch of Call Of Duty: Black Ops to be accompanied by real-life semi-automatic gunfire. But it did.The incident happened at Baltimore-area GameStop, when two men with semi-automatic weapons burst into the store and pointed their weapons at employees, looking to break street date on Black Ops.According to the Harford County, Maryland sheriff’s office, the heist happened on Saturday, and the robbers waited until closing in time to stick up the GameStop located at the Festival at Bel Air shopping center, about thirty miles northeast of Baltimore.Two customers who happened to wander into the store during the robbery were forced along with the employees into a storage area while the robbers made off with over one hundred copies of Black Ops and all the cash in the register.Luckily, no one has hurt, but there’s going to be 100 disappointed Black Ops pre-orderers in Bel Air this morning.Wondering if Black Ops is good enough to rob a joint for? Expect to see our review of Call of Duty: Black Ops soon.Read more at Gizmodolast_img read more

Get your own open source touchscreen device for 69

first_imgIt’s really easy to go out and spend a few hundred dollars buying yourself a personal media player (PMP). But why not build your own instead, save some money, and have a completely open platform to experiment on?That’s the offer Microtouch 2.4 is offering right now. It can’t do everything an iPod touch can do, like play MP3s, but it does have apps. The spec is pretty basic, although it does allow for gaming, picture viewing, and e-reading as well as anything else you care to develop for it.The spec includes:Atmega32u4 – 32KB of flash, 2.5K of RAM with USB bootloader2.8″ 320×240 16-bit color, TFT display with resistive touch screenLithium polymer battery charging via USB3-axis accelerometer, MMA7544 +-2g to +-8g resolutionMicro SD card slotBattery monitoring, backlight control and on/off switchThe basic kit for $69 includes the development board with display and the some apps preloaded. To that you need to add a lithium polymer battery (an extra $12) and a microSD card for storage.The apps already available for use with the device include:Image viewer built into the hardware core, you can plug in a microSD card with images, slide shows or animations that show up as ‘mini Apps’Calibrate Touch-screenDoomed a 3D rendering mazeAccelerate keep the ball in the center of the screen by tiltingPaint fingerpainting but without the cleanupFlip a Reversi gameMines like Minesweeper but without the hassle of installing Windows3D Icosohedron controllable by tilting the boardPacman a sprite animation demoLattice 3D lattice demoThe Microtouch is described as a step up from Arduino and requires C programming and experience working with microcontrollers to have any chance of developing it further. Still, even just using the basic apps and whatever the community produces could be a fun device for someone.Read more at Adafruit Industries and the Microtouch Introduction pageMatthew’s OpinionIf you’ve got a budding tinkerer and Arduino pro in the family this might be a nice next stage for them to develop their skill set. At $69, or $81 if you include the rechargeable battery, it’s not a huge investment of money and could make a nice gift for the right person.It’s also the kind of cheap device that can be used for experimentation when coming up with a marketable new handheld touchscreen device. Prove your apps on this, then port it over to better hardware including the much preferred capacitive touchscreen.last_img read more

LG wants sales of the PS3 banned in the US

first_imgIt’s a common enough story: one electronics company takes another to court over a patent dispute. In this case, the companies in question are LG and Sony, and as usual, the lawsuit filed by LG doesn’t have as much to do with LG thinking it’s in the right as it does with trying to test the validity of its patent portfolio.Like I said, a common enough tale, but what’s interesting about this lawsuit is that LG is asking the International Trade Commission to block the sale of the PlayStation 3, several Bravia televisions and a number of Blu-Ray players for violating four LG patents describing a “way of dealing with multiple data streams, such as different camera angles, as well as a system to reproduce data that’s stored on a read-only device.”In short, LG is going after any Sony product that can play Blu-Rays, and wants their sales banned until a verdict is in. LG will never get the ITC to agree with that, but it occurred to us that maybe, just maybe, it would be a good thing for Sony if such a ban did happen.Everyone knows that Sony’s got a mess on their hands after the release of the PS3 master key, which permanently allows any current PS3 to run unsigned code. Although Sony’s released a couple of firmware patches to try to keep a lid on the PS3 jailbreaking scene, everyone knows that existing PS3 hardware has been permanently compromised.Maybe, just maybe, then, Sony would actually benefit in the long run if there were a temporary ban on PS3 sales. That would allow them to change the hardware in their existing stock and all future models just enough to obviate the jailbreak exploit. Instead of admitting that hackers caused them to halt PS3 shipments and redesign the system, they could then blame a competitor’s litigiousness on the brief period where PS3s were off store shelves.The PS3 will never be banned by the ITC over a patent dispute, but there’s worse things that could happen to the thoroughly hacked console at this point.Read more at Kotakulast_img read more

Google gets Social Network parody

first_imgThe Social Network was a fine movie. Based on the story of CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the invention of Facebook, the film won three Academy Awards this year. However, the movie has been parodied beyond belief. The recipe for a good The Social Network parody is simple: Play the Scala version of Radiohead’s “Creep,” show actors being very dramatic and serious, even if the subject matter is not, and voila, you have a hilarious spoof. The latest mockery features none other than the most buzzed about Facebook competitor: Google+.Comedy group I Wear Your Shirt posted a YouTube video that shows “the nerdy enthusiasm of the early adopters,” to the “extreme confusion” of everyone else. It makes fun of the insanity that was, and still is, the massive amount of people looking for invites. It also pokes at Google+’s large male population. There are more women part of the site now, but it’s still largely male dominated.Google+, which is “new…er than Facebook” already has over 10 million users. However, as you may remember from when it first launched two weeks ago, the site only sent initial invites to members of the tech media, or, as the video says “just to the nerdiest people.”Though people are still getting the hang of Google+ and what it is exactly, the video pokes fun at the fact that not many people actually know what it is, but still want to be a part of it. “We don’t know that it can be different from Facebook, we don’t’ know that it will be better than Facebook,” Mark Shmuckerberg said in the video. “We just know that it’s cool to video conference with 10 strangers while we work.”Check out the video below and let us know what you think.last_img read more

Geek deals 250 off HP Pavilion performance desktop

first_imgOptions can be baffling. Laptop or desktop? 720p or 1080p display? Dual-core or quad-core? Hard drive or SSD? And that’s just the beginning of your spec comparisons. There’s a whole host of upgrades for personalization. Once you succumb to one attractive add-on, you may find yourself falling down the rabbit hole and filling your cart with additional drives, add-in cards, and peripherals that you don’t really need.That’s the beauty of a quickship item. Usually, more thought goes into these ready-made PCs — their pre-set builds can accommodate a wide variety of needs, so you needn’t mull over the importance of every spec decision before checking out. This is the case with our deal on a HP Pavilion HPE quick-ship item available today.Only $699 nets you this HP Pavilion HPE h8-1228 with a quad-core Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, a 1.5TB hard drive, and yes, even dedicated graphics that you know you want. There’s also a Blu-ray player/SuperMulti DVD burner and audio that’s capable of exporting 5.1 stereo surround sound. It has inputs to connect to the latest gadgetry, including HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort (VGA is only available with a dongle).It’s not gaming PC, per se (even though the red makes it look kind of Alienware-esque), but the Radeon 7570 graphics can still handle the rigors of most of today’s gaming. As you might recall, the HPE was introduced as HP’s top-shelf desktop, put it right below their bottom-of-the-line workstation, the Z200.All in all, it’s a good deal on a pre-configured desktop with excellent specs. And you won’t pull out your hair in the selection process. Just keep in mind that there is a reason why this deal is being offered… new Ivy Bridge gear from Intel is rumored to be available soon.Check out this deal at LogicBuy.last_img read more

Geek deals Xerox color laser printer for 299

first_imgThe maligned office printer: every hates it, but it’s a workplace necessity.  There’s the waiting, the failed jobs, the paper jams, and the smudgy prints. And they’re either the ancient kind that sucks up a ton of energy, or giant WiFi/Bluetooth-enabled space ships with too much unused functionality and little read-world practicality. Oh and the latter often sucks up serious energy, too.So where are the simple, easy-to-use printers that produce crisp text without taking up a whole room?You might be interested in the Xerox Phaser 6500N. This model is small. At 55lbs, it might not sound so slight, but it’s about an eighth of the size of those old copyroom behemoths. The Phaser is only about 16 inches high, deep, and wide, so you can easily tuck it in a corner or on a desk with tons of room to spare. And despite its small size, it packs a wallop — its 500-page capacity should keep you and your corner of the office printing for days, if not weeks. Its 24 page-per-minute print speed and 600×600 dpi keeps prints churning out at a fast pace and in clear detail. But take note: it’s not a multifunction printer.Keep in mind that you can’t scan or fax from it, but if you’re looking for a reliable, fast, and high-quality (albeit) garden-variety printer for your office, this is your guy. At this price, and considering that it’s color, it’ll work for SoHo environments well.Check out this deal at LogicBuy.last_img read more

Whats the range of the Wii Us gamepad

first_imgNintendo boss, Iwata, has interviewed his colleagues that made the gamepad possible, to give a better understanding of how it works and answer that all important question — what’s the range of the Wii U’s gamepad?The Wii U gamepad acts as a wireless receiver for images sent from the Wii U itself and therefore needs to receive the images in real time, without any latency issues. In fact, to get round these issues the people at Nintendo had to get outside help in order to achieve something no one else has before.There is no clear answer on the range of the Wii U’s gamepad, it entirely depends on how your house is built. In certain games, you can continue playing your game without the TV so if someone wants to watch something on TV, you can keep playing on your gamepad. However it is recommended that you continue playing in the same room with no other objects in your way to avoid the signal being interrupted.Iwata said it is possible to continue playing a game while having a wall in between the gamepad and the Wii U but it depends what that wall is made of. As the signals being sent from the Wii U to the gamepad are radio waves, these waves can be affected when they have to go through something such as water or steel but a single wall should be ok.Bill Trinen from Nintendo America recently suggested using the gamepad 24 feet away (8 meters) for the best performance but it is recommended you simply test how far you can take your gamepad, when you get a Wii U, without losing the signal.via Iwata Askslast_img read more

Fire Emblem Awakening is easily the best Fire Emblem to date

first_img 1 2 3 Though it wasn’t the first game in the genre, Fire Emblem was indeed one of the first, and is responsible for popularizing the strategy role-playing game. The first entry in the series, Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi, was released way back in 1990, but the series didn’t see a stateside release until 2003 on the Game Boy Advance, which was the seventh entry in the series. Since then, most — not all, unfortunately — entries in the series have received an English language release. Though usually well-made and extremely fun and addicting (if you dig the genre, that is), the series evolved very slowly, similar to another Nintendo stalwart, Pokémon. The newest entry in the series and the first 3DS iteration, Fire Emblem: Awakening, makes a giant evolutionary leap from past entries.For the uninitiated, most strategy role-playing games (SRPGs) have gameplay quite similar to the mechanics found in Fire Emblem. You control individual units that are spread around a field, and have to use them to defeat an opposing force. However, whereas a classic JRPG has characters line up on either side of the screen without any sort of movement involved, an SRPG usually turns the field into a grid, and characters have to move around said grid, positioning themselves to attack opponents based on the range of their weapons. If you have ever played a Final Fantasy Tactics, Shining Force, or even an Advanced Wars, you have Fire Emblem to thank.Developed by Intelligent Systems since roughly the dawn of time (1990) FE stories have always been entertaining and complex, but have largely been the same. A story about some sort of royalty getting into some sort of war with another kingdom or two, which it turns out was being controlled by some dark dragon or demon the whole time. As fond of FE as some of us may be, it’s difficult to, for example, make fun of Mario for having to fight Bowser ad infinitum when a large portion of FE games feature stories startlingly similar to one another. Luckily, the FE writing (at least since the series’ first US release) has been above par — so while you’re entrenched in yet another medieval war (with some magical element) between kingdoms and then ultimately a demon or dragon, reading through it all has always been a pleasant experience. That is no different this time around.The core gameplay also remains unchanged from previous installments. You select one of your many units — which are played by individual characters with their own stories, stats, skills, fighting styles, strengths, and weaknesses — then individually move them toward or away from an enemy or some other objective on the map, in the hopes of either attacking or defending, fleeing, recruiting a new character, talking to locals, or simply buying and selling items from a shop. Each successful attack (doesn’t miss the target) gains the attacker experience points, which are used to advance to the next level, and ultimately promote to an advanced character class that opens up new skills, stats, and equipment.What always set FE apart from most SRPGs is that the game employs a perma-death system; once a character dies in battle, they are gone forever, leaving you to move on through the story without any of the deceased character’s input, or reload from the save before the fatal mission took place. This always gave FE an edge, as it makes you take your time with your characters and really analyze your next move — an ideal reaction for genre that begins with the word “strategy.” This notion also makes you care more about your characters, as you’re putting a lot of thought into their existence, whereas in other SRPGs you can just cast a spell or use an item to resurrect characters so you don’t put as much effort into keeping them alive. Perhaps because the FE series has never quite been a killer app due to its somewhat hardcore strategic perma-death gameplay, Intelligent Systems has offered a Casual Mode with the game, where characters only get temporarily removed from a battle if they die, rather than removed from the game. Luckily for longtime FE  fans, Classic Mode and all of its perma-death glory remains, and you simply select which mode you’d prefer when starting a new campaign.This is where Fire Emblem: Awakening begins to diverge from the usual FE formula, and ends up as the best entry to date.last_img read more

Rockstar confirms Grand Theft Auto Online lets you buy cash for instant

first_imgRockstar has posted an update regarding the upcoming launch of Grand Theft Auto Online and what players can expect to experience from day one. There will be plenty of content to keep you busy, but also a warning about overloaded servers and the inherent issues and bugs that come with the launch of any online game.Rockstar has also confirmed a feature that was hinted at earlier this week in an XML document related to the game. Grand Theft Auto Online will contain microtransactions and the ability to use real-world money to buy in-game cash.The suggestion that Rockstar was going to do this didn’t exactly get a positive response from the gaming community. However, Rockstar has been quick to point out that you do not need to purchase GTA$ in order to enjoy the game. It is balanced in terms of the economy and gameplay design to never require you to purchase cash. You can make all you need from doing jobs, winning races, and stealing to name but a few ways to generate GTA$.If that’s the case then why include the ability to purchase cash at all? Rockstar says the microtransactions are there to allow players to “attain the cars, guns, clothes, flash and style of a high-roller in Los Santos” all the more quickly. It’s a shortcut. They also point out that generating cash in GTA Online will happen much more quickly than it currently does in GTA V.I don’t think it matters how much reassurance Rockstar offers that you don’t need to buy cash to enjoy the game. It is there to generate more real-world cash for the company, and therefore it is expected to be used by at least a subset of the people playing the game. There’s surely also going to be a certain amount of pressure to spend if you are working in a team with other players and could really do with a better gun, car, or whatever else in order to be more useful during missions.last_img read more